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A fantasy Crysis 2 Dev interview

[This is a work of fiction, designed to get some of the gripes I have about crysis 2 off my chest and to provide whoever reads it with a laugh, and hopefully a bit of an insight into the direction crytek went with their lates...


Better late than never? (intro blog)

While I'd love to put some sort of disclaimer about possible suckage of this cblog or something about how I've been a long time lurker and gush about my undying love for dtoid its not quite that simple. Plus, frankly, I cant ...


About Zenithone of us since 8:12 PM on 11.02.2007

Born in the 80's in a place called Britain.
Games never featured heavily in my life until the time we got our first pc.
Around age 8 I was introduced to the likes of Quake 2, Mdk and POD.
Since then I haven't really looked back and while I'm primarily a pc gamer, Christmas 09, I decided to treat myself to a Playstation 3 and I'm enjoying the hell out of it so far. I primarily play Shooters and any game that has some depth and can capture and fuel my imagination.
I currently work in an optical lab in Norwich.

Favourite games:
Deus Ex
Just cause 2
Fallout 2
Cod 4
Armoured core
PSO (gc version)
Uncharted series
Max Payne 2

Favourite books:
The woman in white (V. old book, still awesome)
Brave new world (weird book)
World war Z (utterly, unbelievably, awesome)
Movies in fifteen minutes

Favourite everything else:
Genuinely nice teammates on games
My Charmingly, lovely girlfriend
Cycling in nice weather (or in general)

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