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Favorite Games: Okami, Streets of Rage 2, StreetFighter 3 3rd strike/Marvel vs Capcom2,Devil May Cry 3,The entire Metroid Series, Halo 1/2/3, Gears of War, Breakdown, JetSetRadio: Future, Sonic 3 & Knuckles, Link'a Awakening.....

FanboyClass: I play everything on every console I own a 360 and Wii only a short time before I add PS3 to that list.

I don't know this one isn't clicking for me, it isn't the "must play all day, all night" experience I had with Halo 2. Even with all the gameplay refinements I just get the feeling that I've done it all before.

There are 9 maps and since I played the Beta and experienced 3 of those 9 I those maps already feel stale. I guess I need something to really get excited about. There are still balancing issues in my opinion (Something about melee timing seems off, as well as melees doing entirely to much damage [an entire bar]) and matchmaking seems to give the worst matches possible (All Swords, Shotty Snipers).

I've gotten all the achievements, played in forge, completed the campaign. Now, I'm just left with the question of what comes next. With the other stream of Shooters and quality games coming out I'm more excited about those titles than Halo. I guess what I'm trying to say is anyone else feeling this way? I really enjoy Halo and they ironed out all the problems I had with Halo 2 but its still just more of the same.

Well as of last monday I've been 360less as I sent it in to be serviced for Disk Drive errors (getting "Disk unplayable" on all my games & DVDs. So now I sit on the sidelines hoping, praying, pleading that I see the console returned to me in time for Halo 3.

All that is left of my 360 is the cords to hook it up a ethernet cord and a controller. It ran out faster than the then your first one night stand.