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Zen Albatross avatar 12:28 PM on 02.13.2010  (server time)
Indie Love Bundle: Machinarium, And Yet It Moves, Osmos and more for only $20

Flowers, chocolates and poetry are all well and good, but nothing says ‘I love you’ quite like a bouquet of award-winning indie games. Fortunately for all you shortchanged cassanovas out there, the Indie Love Bundle is here with an affordable package of quality independent titles guaranteed to amplify the affections of your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day. Or to be enjoyed by yourself whilst stomping on rose petals and angrily expressing your disdain for the Hallmark card company.

The bundle gives you six amazing indie titles for PC, Mac and Linux: Robotic puzzle adventure Machinarium, serene biophysics engine Osmos, gravity-shifting platformer And Yet It Moves, side-scrolling action RPG Aztaka, abstract audiovisual reverie Auditorium and ambient space simulator Eufloria are all included. And of course, the best part is that you get all of this for only $20. It’s an absolute steal, but just like an alarmingly high percentage of marriages, it won’t last forever — You’ll only be able to snag the bundle up until the clock strikes midnight next week on February 19th, so get moving. Whether you’re lovestruck or loveless this year, don’t pass up this amazing opportunity to experience some of the most important independent games of the past few years.

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