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Zen Albatross avatar 7:19 AM on 11.13.2009  (server time)
8STATIC show this weekend in Philly | Trash80 • glomag • Animal Style • enso

Philadelphia’s premiere chipmusic showcase, 8static returns to Studio 34 tomorrow night with one heck of a lineup:

From New York City, the bardic melodies of glomag will rock your soul and warm your heart. And they’ll probably make you want to dance too.

Philly’s own Animal Style returns to the stage once more. Armed with a guitar, keyboards and a hacked Sega Genesis, Animal Style’s music is a chiptune tour de force that will literally melt your brain. Literally. (Please bring a reflective head covering to prevent actual brain-melting)

And finally, chipmusic legend and recent Data Beez performer Trash80 is bringing some West Coast style so fresh that it might help Philadelphia forget about losing the World Series this year. HEY-OOOO! (Just kidding, I don’t actually care about Baseball)

All of this will be accompanied by live visuals courtesy of Dan Winckler and enso.

Come early for Open Mic and an OpenEmu workshop, presented by Dan Winckler. I'll be there, and so should you! Visit for more info.

8static 0C
@Studio 34
4522 Baltimore Ave
Philadelphia, PA
$5 w/flyer, $8 without

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