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Zen Albatross's blog

8:44 AM on 12.04.2009

Countdown to Blip Festival 2009

It’s spreading. Slowly but surely, it’s infecting all of us. Can you feel it? No, not that weird rash on your inner thigh. That’s gross. In fact, you should probably get that checked out. I’m talking about Blip Fever, a hig...   read

7:30 PM on 12.03.2009

Free 'Autumntunes' chip compo now available on Ubiktune

The holidays are almost upon us, but before you deck the halls and bust out the egg nog, why not spend the last few days of Autumn reflecting on brisk winds and golden brown falling leaves with 'Autumntunes,' a seasonal chi...   read

9:09 PM on 11.23.2009

Twitter-trending for fun and profit: #stackyourgadgets for great justice

Earlier today, I started an experiment of sorts. I wanted to see what all the gadgets I carry around look like when they're stacked on top of each other. It looked like this: From top to bottom: * HTC Droid Eris *...   read

5:11 PM on 11.22.2009

Get to know your Blip Fest '09 performers, hear free samples

New York’s Blip Festival is bringing us one heck of a lineup this year. But if you’re new to 8-bit music (or even if you aren’t), you might be feeling a bit lost at this point. Just who are these talented weirdos making all...   read

7:19 AM on 11.13.2009

8STATIC show this weekend in Philly | Trash80 • glomag • Animal Style • enso

Philadelphia’s premiere chipmusic showcase, 8static returns to Studio 34 tomorrow night with one heck of a lineup: From New York City, the bardic melodies of glomag will rock your soul and warm your heart. And they’ll prob...   read

5:57 PM on 11.11.2009

Hidden Gems: The Best Undiscovered Game Boy/GBC Games

Every videogame console has them: Under-appreciated, neglected games that otherwise would have fallen into the dark abyss of obscurity were it not for a small group of dedicated (and sometimes borderline-fanatical) fans. Wi...   read

3:38 PM on 11.07.2009

Indie Quickie: 'How Many Stars' was made in a day

How Many Stars is a game made by intrepid programmer and Destructoid community member Pixelpunx (High Strangeness, STFUAJPGM) in 24 hours. The music is by Rich Vreeland (aka Disasterpeace), and was written within the same timeframe. Download it for free! (PC Only) Download: How Many Stars   read

7:21 PM on 11.03.2009

Quite possibly the best Amazon customer review ever (Borderlands)

“i got game n kil rat mutate over n over untl bad dude kil me ouch. i like game lot n rats r cool n stuff wen thety mutate n try to kill me daed ouch! It ok to play n shoot bad dude n i get game n tell u to get game to kil ...   read

1:28 PM on 11.01.2009

Giant Robot & Attract Mode hosting West Coast Chiptunes Micro Tour

Evidence found on ancient stones suggests that the rivalry between the East and West Coast chipmusic scenes dates back to primordial days, when Game Boys were made of rocks and used as weapons against hungry Velociraptors. ...   read

10:06 PM on 10.31.2009

Happy Halloween! OCRemix releases Castlevania: Sonata of the Damned

Since everyone I know had their awesome Halloween parties yesterday, I'm currently cooped up in my quaint Brooklyn apartment, still hung over from last night, watching horror movies and slowly working my way towards a candy...   read

6:38 PM on 10.27.2009

Machinima series This Spartan Life needs your help!

Created in 2005 by Chris Burke (also known by his chipmusic alias Glomag), This Spartan Life is a talk show set inside an unpredictable (and generally explodey) game of Halo. TSL regularly hosts a variety of segments includ...   read

12:43 PM on 10.25.2009

Xenogears remix album 'Humans + Gears' now available

The good ol' folks at OverClocked ReMix are at it again, and this time they're paying tribute to one of the industry's greatest composers, Yasunori Mitsuda, with this fantastic re-envisioning of the music from the 1998 Squa...   read

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