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Usually, I'm a big movie nut. Gaming is more of a hobby, but I've been a gamer my entire life, with the NES days. However, I grew up into games more in the PSX/N64 days, and remember them more. I was always Sonic > Mario.

I work for Satan (Gamestop) and do his bidding. I enjoy it *Shrug*

Currently Im playing through Fallout 3 again, waiting on Splinter Cell.
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(Sorry for lack of pictures, I honestly don't feel like doing that right now)

According to GameInformer (which cites Eurogamer as their source), Rage is using an online pass. No HUGE surprise, right? How about it locks out single player action? The article says that you lose out on "hatches" (I can't find out what they exactly do, house goodies or quests or something). Now a game that has a multi-player DISK (on 360) will lock out portions of single player?

A little Backstory:

I HATED the online passes when they came. I said I was going to boycott and hate and this and that, but I put up with it. I buy the games I want new, unless I wait for a used copy to try and return, in that case multiplayer isn't the reason I want the game. In fact, with the exception of NCAA (online dynasty with some buddies), I never buy a game for the multiplayer. In my favorite game this year, Mortal Kombat, I'm currently retired at 1-0. But I will tell you 'm worried about the Online Pass movement, and for a couple reasons.

Now I work at a Gamestop. And no, I don't eat babies, I'm just trying to make some money and I like games so why not. But there's some things that bother me about this online pass movement: It doesn't affect Gamestop. 1. Games with passes trade in for less and sell for less. No biggie there. 2. Game companies don't care. Once I found out this little tidbit, I was SUPRISED no one reported on it: WB games GAVE Gamestop online codes to give to customers when they bought used. For Mortal Kombat and Fear 3, a new online pass code would print out on the receipt. Now I am ignorant to the terms of the agreement, so I guess I shouldn't say WB gave them the codes, but I can't see gamestop needing the codes. Anyway, companies are making agreements with Gamestop, but they're continuing the codes, so this begs me to ask: Who are the codes really fighting? People who sell used games, or people who buy them?

NOW, Back to RAGE:

I can't wait for this game. This is the one game I no almost nothing about the plot, the gameplay looks a little bit like a faster paced Fallout, so I like that too, and I love Id. I don't understand why a game with some type of multiplayer component is choosing to lock out single player functionality. It looks like Rage isn't going to cripple single player functionality, which is good. But this is just the beginning. What happens if this works, and Call of Duty has the last level locked out? Madden has teams locked out?

My solution:

Honestly, I don't know. Cut the Bullshit, Videagames?

EDIT 1: I see Jim and others are saying it's a good thing. My official opinion is while I have games that use it, I don't like ANY pass. Any.

Please note that even though I am an employee of Gamestop, I am not their voice. Don't take my blog as me representation of any way to the company, just facts I see while on the job.

It was before E3. I was reading the Dtoids and what-nots and was thinking about what games I want to see at E3. There's nothing more I like more than original IPs and all that Jazz, but the sequels and remakes and shit that is known is what sells. So I made a mental list of sequels that need to come out soon.

Rainbow Six.
BEfore Modern Warfare was a gernadefest, Rainbow six online had the crown. I didn't play Vegas online much, but I played 3 online alot, and it was GREAT. Competetive and fun. It was seemingly made for professional gamers. When Vegas came out, it did plenty good on its own. But then Vegas 2 came out. and didnt do much. At all. I mean, I paid the $60 for it. But I didnt care to beat it yet. And so far, nothings been announced. :-(

What it needs:

1. To be different than Vegas. After 2 (or 1.5, depending how you look at it) games in Vegas, the next game could use a change in location. Instead of the casinos of Vegas, Why not office buildings in NY? Chicago? Miami beaches? LA? I like LA. Needs to have the Staples Center. If its in a big city, there should be at least one Monument. YEah, that'd be cool.

2. Make a more emphasis on teamwork. Which will lead into Co-Op as a given. It needs to be 4 players, Crackdown style. But the only way for this to work right is if you dont play as a leader, but part of a team. You dont command, you brainstorm with your team to find the best way to complete the objectives. *shrug*

3. Environment. A game like this NEEDS envirnment. Can't find a door? Make one. The whole fucking team had pounds of C4, but couldnt get past a locked door. Too many enemies? Cut the power, disorient them, and take them out. Im talking elevator shafts. Vent shafts. Real Die Hard shit. Die Hard 2 shit. Maybe even Die hard with a Vengance shit.

Well guys thats all I can think of right now. I have other games in my mind right now, but I fear this will become Longblog if It was 5x as long. Or maybe I'll quit because no one likes it. I dont know...comment away.

Till then see you next time...with Black.

Well I recently moved into a house with my friend, so it's no longer my room...but my HOUSE I'l be snapping shots of. YAY!
First up-

Thats what you see when you first walk in..a 52 inch Samgsung Awesome. Im not sure what the name was (roomate bought it and such...but the Awesome sounds better). Note the PS3, 360(With HD-DVD player), and Wii (with blasters...and 360 game on it)

I like Godzilla.

Closer look at my systems...OMG IS that a GENESIS IN THE back? yep, with mutherfucking BATTLESHIP.

GAmes. I took picutres of all three sides, but didnt want to overflow the Blog with pictures. Note the difference between 360 and Ps3........

Too much Win? No, Not enough win.

That's enough Win. Just enough..

Teh BluRayz and Genesis games =)

Couch= Comfy as shit.

Why the hell not... another TV shot..

Movies. I have them.

My Room. Things to note: Im still in the process of getting posters over here. Or another TV and mount it. I dont know how my blanket became twisted to hell like that. Pip-Boy sticker on Laptop.

Corner #2, with DS rack of stuff, more posters, and more blur.

Third and Final corner, with moar batman and bioshock.

Well that seems to be it. Hope ya'll enjoy.
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10. Well first and foremost is probably that I exist.
9. I thought I was being cool and Trendy by using the name ZeeJayTL.
I should have just used JayTL or The JayTL
8.I used to collect movie figures. I stopped because I ran out of room, but i still
have alot all over my room.
7. I still live at home with my mom, even though I make enough money to live on
my own. But I dont care.
6. I stopped renting games, and usually just buy games and trade them in for
whatever is coming out next.

5. I have a mini bobblehead collection-Featuring Iron-man, Darth Vader, and
Chad Michael Michaels.
4. I have 20 posters in my room..4 of which are for games, and 5 of which are
for the SAW movies
3. I have an M&M calendar for the year.
2. I have a ceramic Snowman as a tie holder. I havent worn a tie in about 5 years.

1. I own BloodRayne. The movie. Which I paid to own.

That's right! Dtoid Unknown member ZeejayTL went from Blockbuster to Gamestop! Blockbuster has been pissing me off lately (by lately, I mean for a year or so), so i decided to job hunting. One day I get my hair cut, I run into the District manager for Gamestop. We talk, I'm interested, he's interested..etc. So I apply, talk to a bunch of peeps, and start in a couple weeks. It's the same position I had at Blockbuster, but with more moneys. I weighed my options, and yeah...Gamestop is where Id rather be. With Blockbuster, I got free rentals (which i never used really..plus their game rental policy sucks)...but thats the only perk really. well that and getting Frito-Lay stuff 20% off.80 cents? YEs please

But I grew up, and know jobs aren't about perks, and more money helps. So I guess you can say I sold out. BUT I get more moneys!

Besides, I got everything I need from BB until December...

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