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The Used Pass Finally Hits home...

(Sorry for lack of pictures, I honestly don't feel like doing that right now) According to GameInformer (which cites Eurogamer as their source), Rage is using an online pass. No HUGE surprise, right? How about it locks out...


Oh Noez, I joined the Dark side!

That's right! Dtoid Unknown member ZeejayTL went from Blockbuster to Gamestop! Blockbuster has been pissing me off lately (by lately, I mean for a year or so), so i decided to job hunting. One day I get my hair cut, I run i...


Steve Minor Owes me! >:-()

I've seen some shitty movies in my time. I'm a fucking horror fan, so I know alot of shitty movies. I've also put up with remakes. I've also taken some mean shits. Where does this all lead? Day of the Dead. Steve Minor ...


I'm not sure what to say...(King sized).

I was bored at work, so I did this... . I'm still bored, so I dont know what else to say. I just bought TOmb Raider: Anniversary at Circuit City for like $30. My Blockbuster didn't get CoD4 today, which Im just waiting ...


About ZeeJayTLone of us since 10:08 AM on 03.26.2007

Usually, I'm a big movie nut. Gaming is more of a hobby, but I've been a gamer my entire life, with the NES days. However, I grew up into games more in the PSX/N64 days, and remember them more. I was always Sonic > Mario.

I work for Satan (Gamestop) and do his bidding. I enjoy it *Shrug*

Currently Im playing through Fallout 3 again, waiting on Splinter Cell.

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