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11:30 AM on 08.12.2011

The Used Pass Finally Hits home...

(Sorry for lack of pictures, I honestly don't feel like doing that right now)

According to GameInformer (which cites Eurogamer as their source), Rage is using an online pass. No HUGE surprise, right? How about it locks out single player action? The article says that you lose out on "hatches" (I can't find out what they exactly do, house goodies or quests or something). Now a game that has a multi-player DISK (on 360) will lock out portions of single player?

A little Backstory:

I HATED the online passes when they came. I said I was going to boycott and hate and this and that, but I put up with it. I buy the games I want new, unless I wait for a used copy to try and return, in that case multiplayer isn't the reason I want the game. In fact, with the exception of NCAA (online dynasty with some buddies), I never buy a game for the multiplayer. In my favorite game this year, Mortal Kombat, I'm currently retired at 1-0. But I will tell you 'm worried about the Online Pass movement, and for a couple reasons.

Now I work at a Gamestop. And no, I don't eat babies, I'm just trying to make some money and I like games so why not. But there's some things that bother me about this online pass movement: It doesn't affect Gamestop. 1. Games with passes trade in for less and sell for less. No biggie there. 2. Game companies don't care. Once I found out this little tidbit, I was SUPRISED no one reported on it: WB games GAVE Gamestop online codes to give to customers when they bought used. For Mortal Kombat and Fear 3, a new online pass code would print out on the receipt. Now I am ignorant to the terms of the agreement, so I guess I shouldn't say WB gave them the codes, but I can't see gamestop needing the codes. Anyway, companies are making agreements with Gamestop, but they're continuing the codes, so this begs me to ask: Who are the codes really fighting? People who sell used games, or people who buy them?

NOW, Back to RAGE:

I can't wait for this game. This is the one game I no almost nothing about the plot, the gameplay looks a little bit like a faster paced Fallout, so I like that too, and I love Id. I don't understand why a game with some type of multiplayer component is choosing to lock out single player functionality. It looks like Rage isn't going to cripple single player functionality, which is good. But this is just the beginning. What happens if this works, and Call of Duty has the last level locked out? Madden has teams locked out?

My solution:

Honestly, I don't know. Cut the Bullshit, Videagames?

EDIT 1: I see Jim and others are saying it's a good thing. My official opinion is while I have games that use it, I don't like ANY pass. Any.

Please note that even though I am an employee of Gamestop, I am not their voice. Don't take my blog as me representation of any way to the company, just facts I see while on the job.   read

7:17 PM on 06.30.2009

Game Sequels that need to come out this generation. Part 1

It was before E3. I was reading the Dtoids and what-nots and was thinking about what games I want to see at E3. There's nothing more I like more than original IPs and all that Jazz, but the sequels and remakes and shit that is known is what sells. So I made a mental list of sequels that need to come out soon.

Rainbow Six.
BEfore Modern Warfare was a gernadefest, Rainbow six online had the crown. I didn't play Vegas online much, but I played 3 online alot, and it was GREAT. Competetive and fun. It was seemingly made for professional gamers. When Vegas came out, it did plenty good on its own. But then Vegas 2 came out. and didnt do much. At all. I mean, I paid the $60 for it. But I didnt care to beat it yet. And so far, nothings been announced. :-(

What it needs:

1. To be different than Vegas. After 2 (or 1.5, depending how you look at it) games in Vegas, the next game could use a change in location. Instead of the casinos of Vegas, Why not office buildings in NY? Chicago? Miami beaches? LA? I like LA. Needs to have the Staples Center. If its in a big city, there should be at least one Monument. YEah, that'd be cool.

2. Make a more emphasis on teamwork. Which will lead into Co-Op as a given. It needs to be 4 players, Crackdown style. But the only way for this to work right is if you dont play as a leader, but part of a team. You dont command, you brainstorm with your team to find the best way to complete the objectives. *shrug*

3. Environment. A game like this NEEDS envirnment. Can't find a door? Make one. The whole fucking team had pounds of C4, but couldnt get past a locked door. Too many enemies? Cut the power, disorient them, and take them out. Im talking elevator shafts. Vent shafts. Real Die Hard shit. Die Hard 2 shit. Maybe even Die hard with a Vengance shit.

Well guys thats all I can think of right now. I have other games in my mind right now, but I fear this will become Longblog if It was 5x as long. Or maybe I'll quit because no one likes it. I dont know...comment away.

Till then see you next time...with Black.   read

12:09 PM on 04.24.2009

The "My Setup" post about my setup. (LOTS O' PICs)

Well I recently moved into a house with my friend, so it's no longer my room...but my HOUSE I'l be snapping shots of. YAY!
First up-

Thats what you see when you first walk in..a 52 inch Samgsung Awesome. Im not sure what the name was (roomate bought it and such...but the Awesome sounds better). Note the PS3, 360(With HD-DVD player), and Wii (with blasters...and 360 game on it)

I like Godzilla.

Closer look at my systems...OMG IS that a GENESIS IN THE back? yep, with mutherfucking BATTLESHIP.

GAmes. I took picutres of all three sides, but didnt want to overflow the Blog with pictures. Note the difference between 360 and Ps3........

Too much Win? No, Not enough win.

That's enough Win. Just enough..

Teh BluRayz and Genesis games =)

Couch= Comfy as shit.

Why the hell not... another TV shot..

Movies. I have them.

My Room. Things to note: Im still in the process of getting posters over here. Or another TV and mount it. I dont know how my blanket became twisted to hell like that. Pip-Boy sticker on Laptop.

Corner #2, with DS rack of stuff, more posters, and more blur.

Third and Final corner, with moar batman and bioshock.

Well that seems to be it. Hope ya'll enjoy.   read

10:43 PM on 02.01.2009

10 (Embarrassing) things you don't know about ZeeJayTL

[size=12]10. Well first and foremost is probably that I exist.
9. I thought I was being cool and Trendy by using the name ZeeJayTL.
I should have just used JayTL or The JayTL
8.I used to collect movie figures. I stopped because I ran out of room, but i still
have alot all over my room.
7. I still live at home with my mom, even though I make enough money to live on
my own. But I dont care.
6. I stopped renting games, and usually just buy games and trade them in for
whatever is coming out next.[/size]
[size=18]5. I have a mini bobblehead collection-Featuring Iron-man, Darth Vader, and
Chad Michael Michaels.
4. I have 20 posters in my room..4 of which are for games, and 5 of which are
for the SAW movies[/size].
[size=24]3. I have an M&M calendar for the year.
2. I have a ceramic Snowman as a tie holder. I havent worn a tie in about 5 years.[/size]
1. I own BloodRayne. The movie. Which I paid to own.   read

11:48 AM on 10.11.2008

Oh Noez, I joined the Dark side!

That's right! Dtoid Unknown member ZeejayTL went from Blockbuster to Gamestop! Blockbuster has been pissing me off lately (by lately, I mean for a year or so), so i decided to job hunting. One day I get my hair cut, I run into the District manager for Gamestop. We talk, I'm interested, he's interested..etc. So I apply, talk to a bunch of peeps, and start in a couple weeks. It's the same position I had at Blockbuster, but with more moneys. I weighed my options, and yeah...Gamestop is where Id rather be. With Blockbuster, I got free rentals (which i never used their game rental policy sucks)...but thats the only perk really. well that and getting Frito-Lay stuff 20% off.80 cents? YEs please

But I grew up, and know jobs aren't about perks, and more money helps. So I guess you can say I sold out. BUT I get more moneys!

Besides, I got everything I need from BB until December...


2:22 AM on 09.30.2008

Amazon VG DotD: XBL points!!1

Amazon's VG deal of the day in the form of point cards

get 1600 for $16


4000 for $40

Exciting? possibly.   read

10:22 AM on 08.25.2008

Comic-con 2009 4-day passes..I has one. Also TF2

So I guess the passes for Comic-con went on sale 11 months before the event. I said fuck it, I have almost a year to save up for flight/lodging (living in New England..flight would be max $300 and lodging would suck, but thats why I got the passes save). Just wanted to give some people a heads up Maybe I can become kinda-known in that time and share some lodg'ems with a dtoider (as most of my friends have something better to do in that time frame)

Also, I bought the Orange box when it came out, and never played Team Fortress 2. I hear alot of people talking about it. My only fear of playing it now is me being manslaughtered by people who have been playing it for months and months. Is my fear real?   read

4:01 PM on 05.07.2008

Anyone's GTA (x360) freeze up all the time?

It's happened to me every day so far, and I switched the game out for new copies a few times. Is it a problem with my game orr system? and what do i do about it?   read

10:37 PM on 03.27.2008

Steve Minor Owes me! >:-()

I've seen some shitty movies in my time. I'm a fucking horror fan, so I know alot of shitty movies. I've also put up with remakes. I've also taken some mean shits. Where does this all lead? Day of the Dead. Steve Minor directed it, and he personally needs to come to my house to apologize. But that wont do it. He needs to come with a fork and bib, and he needs to come fucking hungry. You see, I've had to sit through the most painful shit by watching this movie. Now he needs to come here and eat a greasy-meatloaf Taco Bell inspired shit. Oh, there may be spoilers.

How much does it cost to put up a bounty?

Okay, there was a point of the movie I had to rewind and watch again. There's this scene at a hospital and some guy is infected and on the verge of death. Camera zooms into his eye and to his brain, where you see the flu kill his brain. Zoom out of his eye, and you see his eye get cloudy and zombie like...and the Motherfucking dead guy just ROTS IN LIKE FIVE FUCKING SECONDS!!!! he fucking rots...which takes years, in fucking seconds. Thats one fucking aggressive virus. Which the movie calls an aggressive flu virus. Yes, the FUCKING FLU IS ZOMBIE-FYING THE WORLD!. It's fucking hyper-aggressive, yet fucking 5 people in the most contaminated area and all over town don't get one sniffle! Now that could be sarcastic, but people were held at knifepoint asking who had a nosebleed-a sure sign that one will become a zombie. Steve Minor owes me a major apology. But he isn't at all to blame...who wrote this shit? *IMDB*

Jeffery Reddick fucking owes me too. I don't want to say I'm an aspiring writer, but I have movies in my head I want to write. I dont have a page down on paper, and I dont plan on it until I get time or something, but Jeffery needs to go to hell. QUIT! How can someone watch the original day of the dead and come up with a DTV SHITFEST like this one? A FUCKING VEGETARIAN ZOMBIE WHO WONT EAT?? YOU need to come over my house, get raped in the ass by Steve Minor while he eats shit off the top of your head. I love Halloween, but hated the remake. I love One missed call and hated the remake. This list can go on, but I have NEVER seen a movie offend me as much as this has. I've seen my share of shitty zombie movies. I probably own some shitty Zombie movies. But this movie must be the shittiest of shit movies I have ever seen in my life, remake or not. But it is a remake. I urge all of you to find Steve Minor and stone him. cut out his eyes like I wanted to do to myself. God knows I'm about to buy a pair of boots that will only be worn to connect to his nuts. Oh, did I mention that Nick Cannon stars in the movie as THE FUCKING BADASS????

On the Next "The JayTL Bloggems": Where the fuck was The JayTL?   read

8:04 PM on 11.08.2007

I'm not sure what to say...(King sized).

I was bored at work, so I did this...
. I'm still bored, so I dont know what else to say. I just bought TOmb Raider: Anniversary at Circuit City for like $30. My Blockbuster didn't get CoD4 today, which Im just waiting for. I didnt play the beta, but Im hearing great things about it. I traded in Madden for $35, so I can get it for like $30, so why not? I'd rather get that than Mass Effect and Assassin's Creed. I may get Mass Effect later, once reviews come rolling in. *shrug*. I'm just really bored. Sorry :-P   read

11:21 PM on 10.31.2007

..Meh, ranked Infection blows (A.K.A. my first Blog part II)(With Hair!)

If you read my first/last blog, you know that I was just doing it to waste time to play special Halloween edition Halo ranked Infection etc. The attention quickly diverted to my Over the Hedge poster. Regardless, I'm blogging about Infection, not my choice of animated cartoon animals. So I waste some time browsing the internets, and 3:00 hits. I load up my Halos, and take the gimmick for a spin.

It made me realize a few things. Ranked Infection is retarded. The way the scoring was set up, the weapons (Laser? wtf?) etc. etc. I just didnt like it. The problem with ranked games is that is where everyone is going at it and giving it their all...not much fun too it, but it can be a blast. Infection is just fun to play. Mixing the two is like keeping score at recess playing kickball or something. People were taking it too seriously. That is justified because it was indeed ranked. Also, none of my buddies were online, and playing it with strangers was also weird. My friends and I would hole up in some room and keep our backs to the wall and never go from there. In this version, you wanted everyone to lose, so I was giving some cheapshots here and there, messing up people's grav lifts, etc. It was cheap and stupid, but I wanted to win damnit. Every man for himself is not how to play infection, damnit! I ended up getting tired after about an hour and gave up. I might go back to it later before it's gone, but it wouldnt bother me if I dont. Besides, I need to 5 star some songs in Guitar Hero 3.

Anyway, so how was Halloween for you guys? I ended up working most of the day, and later during night, went to see Nightmare before Christmas in 3-D. I almost fell asleep. I wanted to see Night of the Living Dead in a theater like an hour drive away, but teh girlfriend did not. It being at like 10 and me being tired sucked as well. so I sat home and watched Shrek the Third..*shrug*

And now...a picture of TEH HAIRZ!!!


11:04 PM on 10.30.2007

Is it 3:00 AM yet? (A.K.A. My First Blog)

So here it first bloggems on the dtoid. Why am I doing so? well for a couple reasons:

1. i'm wasting time for the infection to get on my 'teh halos' (my favorite gametype and ranked ftw)

2. God told me to.

I also win at life

3. Just cause. I guess its a good way to meet other people.

So...well here's me:

If you couldnt tell(which you can't, as my head is blocking half my collection)...i like movies. But thats a tale for another blog for another website ;-). I'm 360 exclusive (only because I got it before the other two came out and have just been investing in it). I'm in a limbo period between games right now (I took a break at halo...and suddenly i suck). I'm about to seriously play through Half-Life 2 from my orange box. Only problem is that I love movies...and have a job. And a serious relationship with this girl....friend. Im hoping to get Virtua Fighter 5 soon. I had VF4: Evo for the PS2 and I loved it. I don't know enough about Mass effect or Assassin's Creed to warrant a purchase. i have a bad feeling about AC. Two and a ha;f more hours to kill before I zombie kill people. Fuck it, i'm just going to watch a couple movies. (I'm in the Zombie mood, so i'm thinking the original Dawn of the dead)

So long,

The JayTL   read

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