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ZargonX's blog

5:24 PM on 12.11.2008

Moral Choice In Gaming

Several recent games have really gotten me to thinking about how ethics and moral choices have been played out in games over the years, so I decided to write a whole series about it! Part I is up now, covering the games from...   read

5:30 PM on 10.07.2008

80 Hours of FFTA2 Later...

And I'm finally done with the game, and thus finally ready to give my review. Better late than never, right?   read

12:07 PM on 06.09.2008

The Start of the Affair: The Treasure of Tarmin

In the far-off mists of time, in a distant land known as the early 80's, a mighty beast strode the realm of home videogaming, crushing others beneath its feet. That beast, as you know, was the Atari 2600 (and its related kin)...   read

6:53 PM on 06.07.2008

The Playback Machine: An Apology

Just wanted to quickly apologize to my no-doubt numerous fans wondering what happened to the Playback Machine, eager to find out what happens next. I've been busy the past many weeks getting myself married and traipsing off ...   read

9:18 AM on 04.23.2008

The Playback Machine: An Adventure in Orkogre Castle

When last we left off, the party was leaving New City for the first time and heading into the wilderness in search of Orkogre Castle, home of the Gorn. With a message of utmost importance to the king, speed is off the essenc...   read

3:40 PM on 04.10.2008

The Playback Machine: Prison Break (and someone dies...)

Ok, if you recall, I ended last time by saying there was a lot of Old City left to explore. This, it turns out, was a total lie. There was actually very little of Old City left to explore; simply a few more hallways, with n...   read

8:08 PM on 04.06.2008

The Playback Machine: Old City, Part I

When we left last time, we were descending into the musty halls of Old City to see what we could see! We make our way through the narrow corridors, following the fairly straight path before us. The first few encounters let ...   read

11:01 AM on 03.22.2008

The Playback Machine: New City

With the dank halls of the Starter Dungeon behind us, the party emerges back to the surface world. Before heading into the city, we take a quick detour down a forest path that leads to some tasty treasure. Liam tries his han...   read

4:09 PM on 03.13.2008

The Playback Machine: Starter Dungeon

The adventure begins! After landing on the strange new world of Guardia, our bold party decides to do what every proper RPG party does: go cruise through the starter dungeon. Breathing in the deep, wild air of this new worl...   read

7:15 PM on 03.11.2008

The Playback Machine: Intro

I've got the party fully assembled, and we're ready to begin the adventure! To save the time of me laying the groundwork of the story, I'll let the game speak for itself... (No, that isn't our party, but the intro is the ...   read

2:39 PM on 03.09.2008

The Playback Machine: Part I

In an effort to enrich the knowledge of others, as well as give myself an excuse to play more games, I've decided to embark on an adventure of playing through some of my favorite old games that I haven't played in a while, an...   read

11:02 AM on 03.07.2008

And The Gamers Who Play Them: Something a little different...

With a topic such as this, it would be easy to quickly slip into tried-and-true negative territory and launch into a spirited discussion of how Halo 3 players are frat boys or how turn-based strategy gamers all live in their ...   read

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