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11:07 PM on 05.02.2012

Street Fighter II - Ryu's Special Attacks Revealed!

I found an epic scrap of paper from 1991, so I scanned it and made this nifty graphic of my discovery for my website (>-'.'-)> blog and dtoid blog:


10:20 PM on 09.16.2011

Nintendo 3DS Streetpass as Political Activism

Two things bring people people of all cultures together in harmony. One is politics. The other, is the universally popular smash hit: the Nintendo 3DS, and it's Streetpass feature.

I made this video to show that this platform is perhaps the most promising of any in the world, to help raise the tone of political discourse, in Amurica and elsewhere. You're welcome, Earth.

It says I can embed a video, but I suspect that is a trick designed to make me waste 5 hours looking around the site, so unless anybody knows a way to do it, I have to just provide a link to the actual video. It's only 59 seconds. 59 sweet, luscious seconds.   read

12:15 AM on 11.02.2010

Super Scribblenauts Police Brutality Makes God Angry


I was playing Super Scribblenauts one day, and I thought to "What better way to thoughtfully examine the role of law enforcement in a modern civil society than through this game?"  This is video of the horrific results.   read

5:04 PM on 12.18.2007

Christmas Comes To Pac-Land

I remember when the big bang happened about 14 billion years ago, and I was all, "Dude, this is the most rad thing I'll ever see", And it was, until this year when I saw the "Christmas Comes to Pac-Land" cartoon special on YouTube.

There's a scene in it that I enjoyed even more than the SFII baby kick remix or the big bang: Santa's sleigh crash lands, and the way Santa takes care of his wounded reindeer is.. something I'll never forget. YouTube pulled the video, but before they did, I saved that one scene. Here it is:


I don't know if the whole movie is available anywhere else online, but I imagine so.

Also, this morning I went to the post office. There was a little basket of holiday candy stting near the edge of the counter to sample from. Sounds good so far, right? Right, but it was behind an inch of bullet proof glass. Was I supposed to ask her to slide me some candy?! LA is so gross.   read

12:20 PM on 12.16.2007

Leaderboard Rank #15668 / 17596 / Awesome / Testing

Destructoid Score: 14771 <--am i doing it right?

This website and its blogging technology iz way to interwebsy for me to understand. Videos I did:

This is a dramatic performance I gave for a little "perform a quote from somewhere" type contest on youtube.


bold text, I guess. I like how there's some weird background noise that sounds like a film projector.

This video has radical opening music:


The guy who did that arangement is Brian Davis, and if he's never been in some way featured on Destructoid before, he should be. I've heard a zillion band-version and arranged game score music-type things over the last decade, and this guy is my FAVORITE. Fo realz. Really really sharp, subtle stuff.

Here's where I got the Ninja Gaiden music (it also has Zombies ate my neighbors!!):

here's his myspace:   read

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