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Zac Bentz
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Flower: ZB v. Dtoid

This post is a response to Topher's review of Flower. It's also about Anthony and Brad's review as well, but to a lesser extent. This could have just gone into the comments, but it ballooned in size pretty fast. Instead of ...


A cast of thousands: Brown (Rule of Rose)

When it comes to heroic characters in games, it's no surprise that they are almost always the main character in the game. Putting the player into the role of the hero is the main purpose of most games. We all want to be the...


Very cute Dhalsim and Blanka art

Andrew Fulton is an illustrator working in Australia. He creates all sorts of super cool and sometimes super cute pieces. I hesitate to call them "cartoons" or "strips," but I guess that's what they are. Sort of. Anyway, h...


Best Japanese Albums of 2008 (so far...)

Right now over on Japanator lives my glorious list of the The Best Japanese Albums of 2008...so far, that is. Why wait for the holidays when everyone has their heads firmly shoved up their materialistic/family-loving asses ...


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