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ZServ's blog

9:11 PM on 06.19.2010

Gamers Guide to Jailbreak- iPod Touch/iPhone/iPad

As gaming grows on Apple's iDevices (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad), we might see more and more DToiders picking up these devices. So, for those of you with them, and those of you planning to get one, here's some tips on jailbreak...   read

6:00 PM on 06.03.2010

My <3 for the 'Toid, and Alpha Protocol iPod arrival!

I've said it once, I'll say it again. Thank you, Destructoid! For years now I've been an avid reader here, and I've grown to love this community like family. From Elsa being the charming Aunt, to Yoj1mbo being the gambling ...   read

4:44 PM on 03.06.2010

You want more plastic instruments?

Well, for those of you who still love having plastic instruments, and demand even more, a visit to my local walmart today has ended in good news for you. Apparently, walmart is running a sale on Rock Band 2 PS3 bundles. Tried to send this to the tips email, doesn't work for some reason. Anyway, for you new ps3 owners who demand more instruments, here you go!   read

10:30 PM on 02.21.2010

Is Zelda still relevant to current-gen gaming?

In my personal opinion as a long-time Zelda fan, the last classic Zelda was Wind Waker. The last GOOD Zelda, was Minish Cap. Not to imply that Wind Waker wasn't good, because it very much is, hence it's status in my personal ...   read

1:49 AM on 12.12.2009

Introduction to the Fightan Gaemz

(Note: this series of blogs was written with Street Fighter IV in mind, so that will be the prime example used. Also, I am by NO MEANS an expert at these games, and in fact, suck at them. However, I'm sure the veterans would ...   read

8:37 AM on 08.26.2009

200 Review: Shadow Complex

Having picked up some Microsoft moon money a couple weeks back, I wasn't sure what to buy (though I did highly consider Burnout DLC). After trying the trial, I decided on Shadow Complex. Shadow Complex, as the official DTo...   read

5:33 AM on 07.11.2009

Battlefield: 1943 Review

Multiplayer gaming has recently become a big stable in what makes games 'good' or 'bad' in the general publics view; for some games, it's a good thing, for others, it's a bad. You still get games that are exclusively single p...   read

9:10 AM on 07.03.2009

(NVGR; shortblog) Here's your source of blogs:

Due to all the shit c-blogs recently, I did some matlockery for you guys. You can hate one of our very own editors for this shit; Matthew motherfucking Razak. His blog on Dtoid, look at his picture if you will. ...   read

10:49 PM on 06.26.2009

This is where I do my thing.

Well, I think it's just about time some DToiders get a look at my setup. Forgive me, my room is a mess, and on top of that, I only have a cell phone to take pictures with. I cried. First off, we have the ghetto setup. That...   read

10:24 PM on 06.12.2009

So, my mother now wants a garden.

"IM SCREWED. SCREWED SCREWED SCREWED. CMON DAMMIT I NEED MORE SUN. GOD DAMMIT! SHIT!" These are the general 4 phrases I've been hearing, for close to two hours now. Two hours ago, I presented a game to my mother; who has nev...   read

6:50 PM on 01.03.2009

I hugged a retard and...

He dedicated a video to me. I'm scared. hold me :[   read

9:19 PM on 12.01.2008

12/1/08 - IRC Shall Nevar Forget (pt 2 of 2)

Now, since the site cut off the end, part two! [18:27] <eternalplayer> so I don't need to see it [18:27] <DynastyNet-3A9F3> smith232: all I want is for this whole thing to be dropped!! what do you want me to do??...   read

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