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9:11 PM on 06.19.2010

Gamers Guide to Jailbreak- iPod Touch/iPhone/iPad

As gaming grows on Apple's iDevices (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad), we might see more and more DToiders picking up these devices. So, for those of you with them, and those of you planning to get one, here's some tips on jailbreaking your iDevice.

What is "jailbreak?"

Jailbreak means to allow your iDevice to run third party software; aka apps NOT from the app store. This can come MUCH in handy.

Why bother? The app store already gives me everything I need!

Sorry buddy, but it doesn't. For example, by default, the iDevices can't save videos from the YouTube app; you'd figure such a common feature now-a-days would be a shoo-in. Plus the fact that downloading it straight to the iDevice is much simpler than downloading it on your PC, converting it to the right type, THEEEN sending it over. Jailbreaking your iDevice doesn't necessarily mean you have to start stealing apps, it merely means you want more control over the device. It's simple to do, and makes your iDevice endlessly customizable. The first thing I've done to each one of my iPod Touches (multiple?! lolwut) is to jailbreak them, since it's so easy to do now.

Well, tell me how then!

First, go HERE. You can download the file you'll need there.

Stop looking at Batcat, go read that fucking page.

You read the page? Good. Now here's that info again.
[quote]What's Spirit?

* Spirit is an untethered jailbreak for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch on the latest firmwares.
* Spirit is not a carrier unlock.
* If you currently are using a tethered jailbreak, you have to restore to use Spirit. Do not upgrade if you use an unlock on an iPhone 3G or 3GS. (You can, however, restore to 3.1.2 if you have SHSH blobs for that version.)


* Any iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch on firmware 3.1.2, 3.1.3, or 3.2.
* An activated device: one not stuck on the Connect to iTunes or Emergency Call screen.
* Any version of iTunes 9 (including 9.1.1).
* Syncing with iTunes before trying this is highly recommended.

Note: On iPad, all this is still sort of beta. Some packages in Cydia, not designed for iPad, might screw up your system and require you to restore. Be careful. (And no, Cydia's appearance is not final.) [/quote]

That means IF YOU HAVE A TETHERED JAILBREAK, YOU WILL LOSE EVERYTHING. (If you don't know what tethered is, tethered jailbreak means every time you turn it OFF, the jailbreak is lost, so you can't use your device until you re-do it on a pc.)

Step 1:
Plug your iDevice into your computer.
Step 2:
Sync that shit.
Step 3:
After you sync it, open Spirit.exe. Wait for it to load, it'll tell you what device you have.
Click "Jailbreak."

Wait, what? That's it?

Yeah, that's it. You now have access to Cydia, which you can use to get tons of cool themes/add-ons for your iDevice. I generally don't use themes, but I always use SBSettings. It allows you to swipe your finger across the top of the screen to turn wifi/bluetooth/anything really on/off at a glance, as well as show your battery life as a percentage NEXT TO THE BATTERY SYMBOL.

So handy.

What you put on it now is up to you; don't worry though. You can still use the app store and iTunes as usual, so you can still buy apps or sync like nobodies business, no worries.

What I Recommend:
n64iphone - IF you have an iPhone 3GS OR iPod Touch 3rd gen, bigger than 8 gigs. (The 8 gigs are 2nd gen models)
Install0us - Lets you download app files (.ipa) from the internet and install them directly from your ipod
Rock App - Like Cydia; the main competition for it too. They each have exclusives, but both are handy.
Snes4iphone - SNES emu. Runs LTTP just fine, thats all I care about.
gb4iphone - GBC emu. Runs like shit. If you REALLY want it though, go for it.
gpSPhone - GBA emu. It.. it's weird. Runs some games perfect, others not so much.
Scrobbl - For you Last.FM users, this will Scrobbl every song you listen to straight to your account, so that you can constantly be showing your friends how "varied" your musical taste is.
Quake III - It's fuckin Quake III. So cash.

All in all, have fun with it, and don't be a filthy lil stealing bastard.

[NOTE: Earlier I mentioned having multiple iPod Touches, so lemme clarify on that. I own 4. An 8gb 2nd gen, which I gave to a friend because the accelerometer intermittently doesn't work. A 64gb 3rd gen, which my mother primarily uses, but I use it for some emus with the hope that it'll run more smoothly on a stronger processor. A 32gb 2nd gen, which I bought for myself because of the 1st iPod. I went 2nd gen because at the time 3rd gens were not jailbreakable; of course, a week later, they were. The fourth, is the DToid/Sega Alpha Protocol 8gb 2nd Gen iPod Touch I won from the Twitter contest. Since I don't have any extra cases or screen protectors, mostly it stays in it's packaging/in a plastic baggie. However, I tend to use it for testing out new programs from Cydia. Some apps seem shady, and I wouldn't wanna have to reinstall 10gb+ of music/apps on the 32gb. It's also the general music player for when I'm driving. anyway, there you go. You know how to jailbreak; any comments/questions, leave em in the comments, I always love to read em and hear from you guys. Have a good one!]   read

6:00 PM on 06.03.2010

My <3 for the 'Toid, and Alpha Protocol iPod arrival!

I've said it once, I'll say it again.

Thank you, Destructoid!

For years now I've been an avid reader here, and I've grown to love this community like family. From Elsa being the charming Aunt, to Yoj1mbo being the gambling third cousin, to Jim Sterling being the married-in Uncle everyone gives a second glance to. I've been PROUD to call myself a member of Destructoid, and have won a couple contests along the way. A Darksiders cloth map, Blur beta keys, and now an Alpha Protocol themed iPod Touch.

I'm lucky to have won it, and I'm even luckier to have found a great community like this one. But, you didn't come here to hear me spill <3's for DToid, you came for the pictures, didn't you? Naughty people!

I'm so sexy. So is it!

C'mon now, you couldn't have NOT expected me to represent. Did you even READ the above?

Again, and again, and again. Thank you Destructoid. To ALL of you. I love you guys <3   read

4:44 PM on 03.06.2010

You want more plastic instruments?

Well, for those of you who still love having plastic instruments, and demand even more, a visit to my local walmart today has ended in good news for you.

Apparently, walmart is running a sale on Rock Band 2 PS3 bundles. Tried to send this to the tips email, doesn't work for some reason. Anyway, for you new ps3 owners who demand more instruments, here you go!   read

10:30 PM on 02.21.2010

Is Zelda still relevant to current-gen gaming?

In my personal opinion as a long-time Zelda fan, the last classic Zelda was Wind Waker. The last GOOD Zelda, was Minish Cap. Not to imply that Wind Waker wasn't good, because it very much is, hence it's status in my personal opinion as a classic. Minish Cap, however, to me, was the most recently released Zelda game that didn't make me just think "why am I playing this?"

The Legend of Zelda has long been one of the footholds of gaming; ever since we were dropped into the shoes of our protagonist Link in 1987. Each new entry brought something new to the series; The Zelda series has been making huge leaps forward in gaming, and it's cultural relevance. From the ability to save your game, to that 3rd person camera angle, all the way to the expanses of puzzle rooms. If the Legend of Zelda didn't do it first, it sure as hell did it better than the competition.

In recent years, I haven't really seen the innovation I saw with the series. Phantom Hourglass, as good as it was, felt off. For that very same reason, I've stayed away from Spirit Tracks. I remember all the Zelda games for different reasons; the original for obvious reasons, Adventure of Link just because of how much it switched things up. A Link to the Past for not only bringing us a huge overworld with tons to explore, but for flipping it on its ass and giving us a whole new one mid-game. Link's Awakening let us conquer evil anywhere; on the bus, or on the can.

Many a boss were slain here.

Ocarina of Time is by far one of the most memorable Zelda games; from the sheer size of the game, to the fact that it took a 2d formula and brought it into the 3d realm seamlessly. Memorable music, challenging dungeons, and aspects of a Metroidvania abound. Ocarina of Time let you go anywhere you wanted, and when you thought you had explored the whole map, it would reveal a temple in a volcano; a temple under a lake, a cursed well, a temple at a childhood meeting place. For anyone who has played the game, there are memories about it throughout their mind, and with good reason.

Majora's Mask took many great aspects from Ocarina of Time, but opened up on exploration, and left things in plain sight for the player, within the 3-day system. For those of you who haven't played it, Majora's Mask had to be beaten in roughly 54 minutes, which translated from 72 hours in game. However, there were multiple tricks to this. One was that you could reset the time limit at any time, with a catch of course; you would lose any progress you had made on quest lines or dungeons. The game played mind games with you, in the fact that you could only do certain things on certain days, and that you had masks that turned you into different species. Zora, Goron, Deku, all had significantly different ups and downs that led to some extremely inventive puzzles.

Wind Waker totally reworked what we thought of when we heard "Overworld," by dumping traditional land travel, and replacing it with a vast ocean. Wind Waker single-handedly gave a meaning to "Sea to Shining Sea," as far as gaming goes. The graphical style caused a ton of controversy, but at the end of the day, the game still looks beautiful today, even in HD (as shown below.) If you're wondering where I'm going with this, I'm getting there. Just hold tight.


If you can help me with this, please do. But I cannot for the fucking life of me figure out what Twilight Princess brought to the table that I hadn't seen already. I got chills at every Ocarina of Time reference, but after the initial playthrough, I couldn't find the energy to put up with the game a second time. [i]Put up with[i]. To me, it was a good game, but that's just it. It was good. Nothing more, nothing less. It took the Zelda formula, and perfected it, minus one detail: massive overflow of creativity. Please, Nintendo, don't try to make me like your game because you referenced one of the most legendary games of all time in it; and for the love of God, don't try to make me feel like I'm playing that game again.

Seriously, if you're going to do that, just remake the fucking thing. Revamp the graphics, include the dungeons you cut originally, and add an option for Master Quest at the main menu. You have every detail already, don't try to impress me by re-inventing a game that was out 12 years ago, okay? Twilight Princess brought new ways of thinking in the sense that items changed, but it wasn't nearly as inventive as the other games. The iron boots in the lava dungeon, woo, it's like how they were before, but upside down. The temple in the sky, yay, it's the hookshot but you die if you fuck up. Great, innovative, new ideas there guys.

The guys that made these games, came up with these classic items, where the hell did they go? I need some cool NEW ideas; or at least revamped ones. Wind Waker was great for THAT reason, not to mention in-fucking-genious level design. I saw nothing of the sort in Twilight Princess or Phantom Hourglass, and that disappoints me greatly. I have no memorable moments from those games; they are the most refined, but also the most unoriginal to me. At the end of the day, however, this is still my opinion, and nothing more. If you guys know of any good Zelda clones, please, let me know in the comments below. Any questions, or just saying my opinion is void is also appreciated. I won't bite, I only nibble!   read

1:49 AM on 12.12.2009

Introduction to the Fightan Gaemz

(Note: this series of blogs was written with Street Fighter IV in mind, so that will be the prime example used. Also, I am by NO MEANS an expert at these games, and in fact, suck at them. However, I'm sure the veterans would agree with the statements in this post.)

Fighting games of quality are far and few between now-a-days, meaning that if you're new to the genre you're in for an ass-kicking by veteran players. Does it have to be that way, though? Sort of, but there are some things you can do to become better at fighting games, and start woopin the other new players ;D.

Depending on what series you're using, some things may work differently, however, I'm going to guess that you're starting with the series I did: Street Fighter. I started with SSF2THDR, but SF4's an even better place to start if you can. As you can see, there's a ton of options in the game; knowing what can help and when can help you improve dramatically in a short amount of time. For example, see the term "Player Rank"? Whenever you do Tournament mode, you get faced up against people in similar ranks; G3 being the lowest tier. The secondary (the E, in this case) can be anything from A-E. If you do well, you may rank up. If you do poorly, you may drop. Once you surpass 'A' rank, you go up to G2, and so-forth. This system allows for you, the player, to start to get a pace that you're comfortable with.

A good place to start, however, is the challenge menu. In Street Fighter 4, Capcom was nice enough to add a 'trials' set of challenges, that puts you up against a training bot, in the hopes of doing the combos the ask you to. This helps you get used to your characters combos, and learn how to chain things together in the later trial challenges. But first, don't you need a character?

Choosing a character is single-handedly the most crucial part of whether or not someone enjoys a fighting game; including you. If you pick a character that doesn't fit your playing style, you'll get frustrated, and that will affect how well you play. It's suggested to most new players to pick up Ryu or Ken, as they're simple characters, but fairly effective as well. They introduce a lot of combos at a comfortable pace, and their non-special moves are fairly effective too. However, that may not be the right choice for everyone. Take some time to take some characters you think look neat into training mode and mess around with their combos. If you feel comfortable with that character, then stick with it and see how your playing is effected over a couple of hours.

You've got a character, you have some understanding of the ranking system, now all thats left is to practice! If you've got any friends who play fighting games as well, be it Street Fighter, BlazBlue, or King of Fighters, ask for some tips! You never know who might have some little secret to pulling out big hits. Capcom actually suggests thinking of it as controlling the space. There's a whole article on it in SSF2THDR's help menu! Hadokens, for example, control horizontal space. That forces your opponent to jump, or block. If they block, they recieve block damage. If they jump, it leaves them open for a vertical attack, or you for a cross-up (when an enemy attacks you from behind; IE: jumping over your shoulder into a punch in the back of your head). I went ahead and asked some fellow Dtoiders for some tips and hints, and here's what they said!

"I think for newbs, first, pay close attention to the basic attacks. Those are REALLY important, as important, if not more important than the special moves. So learn those well, which to use, their distances, and when to use them. Oh, and if you want to be a douche, pick Noel [when playing BlazBlue]." - Tactix
"Beat the game never using a special or super on normal. If you only know the special moves YOU DON'T KNOW SHIT. The controller is to facilitate your strategy, not formulate it. If you're using a charge character, ALWAYS be charging. If you jump in, jump and IMMEDIATELY pull back to charge again while in the air." - Detry
"Follow the flow chart(linktoflowchart). The flow chart is your GOD!" - CrocBox (WARNING: Sarcasm detected; it should also be noted that CrocBox loves Noel.)
"I Agree with Detry, normals are the best thing to learn. Don't be afraid to lose to someone better than you. In fact, look for people who are better than you to play against. If you can find the strategy of someone quickly, and find a way to beat it on a regular basis they aren't worth playing. Learn strategy over spamming specials." - [Slime]

If you want my tips, don't be an asshole. If you get KO'd by someone 'cheaply', its simply because you have a lack of execution. They executed better. Don't complain, take it like a man. When you lose, accept it. When you win, do whatever you want with that fact. You want to be taken seriously? Win. Study this strategy guide. If you lose, learn from it. Don't complain if someone beats you by 'spamming'; obviously it worked, so obviously you let it. It's not a 'win' button, you had every chance to learn to counter it, or fight against it efficiently.


One thing to keep in mind, is that there's a lot of fighting games out there. Everything from Street Fighter, Guilty Gear, BlazBlue, to King of Fighters. There's a LOT of games out there; if you don't like one, don't rule out the entire genre. Different games play differently; it's insane how much. King of Fighters XII plays so drastically different from Street Fighter, or Marvel Vs. Capcom 2. It's crazy the difference in styles, but it's what gives the games personality. Some games suite people differently, but the same basics apply to all fighters. Apply pressure, punish your opponent, and plan to win. Part 1 taught you the mindset, and the basics. Part 2, we'll introduce some more ideas to help you understand the complexity of the genre. In the meantime, go get some practice. Watch matches on YouTube. Maybe some tutorials; but most importantly, have fun with it. At the end of the day, a game is still a game.   read

8:37 AM on 08.26.2009

200 Review: Shadow Complex

Having picked up some Microsoft moon money a couple weeks back, I wasn't sure what to buy (though I did highly consider Burnout DLC). After trying the trial, I decided on Shadow Complex.

Shadow Complex, as the official DToid review states, is freakin' fantastic. Having gotten 200 gamerscore on it after 2-3 days of playing, I can honestly say at 1,200 MS moon dollars, this game is a STEAL. My first play through was on Normal difficulty; getting all 100% of the map and items, I clocked in at a little bit over 10 hours. Mind you, I'm not good at Metroidvanias, but still. 10 hours. A buddy of mine who is a huge nut for Metroidvania's finished in just under 8 hours, so I wasn't far behind. Honestly, This is my favorite arcade game of all time!

As far as gameplay goes, Shadow Complex doesn't do anything to revolutionize the genre; however, it does have some nice little advantages to being 3D. Think of Shadow Complex being like LittleBigPlanet in a sense; all the enemies can be on different 'planes' in a sense, so you end up shooting at enemies in the background. It's also the only fault I found in the game; Sometimes, because of the way the aiming system is set up, you'll think you should be shooting someone, but you're not. Or, you have a guy across the room you wanna shoot first, but instead you end up capping some random bystander in the background. It's not very often that it happens to not work, but its annoying as shit when it doesn't. However, it also brings another nice aspect, being that there are 2-3 times during the game where you go into an 'FPS' mode, almost. For example, one of the boss battles is getting on a turret and blowing the shit up out of some mechanized walkers and a virtual fuckton of guys. It's so amazing.

The game offers a HUGE map to explore and conquer, and honestly has an intensely old-school feel to it. What I mean by that, is that there are a lot of areas that you can get to by 'alternative' methods. For example, if there's an area you technically shouldn't be able to reach because of a character limitation, by working your way around certain ways, and using your items to your advantage, you can sometimes reach them. It allows the newer players to search their hearts out for that item to get there, and the classic players to put their thinking caps on. All in all, I've played through Shadow Complex 4 times already, and even having 200 gamerscore on it, this is by far my favorite arcade game of all time. EVERYONE who liked ANY Metroid game EVER or Castlevania should try this, because it's mind blowingly good. I have no more fears about how 3D will work for Metroid: Other M.

[for you number fags: 11/10]   read

5:33 AM on 07.11.2009

Battlefield: 1943 Review

Multiplayer gaming has recently become a big stable in what makes games 'good' or 'bad' in the general publics view; for some games, it's a good thing, for others, it's a bad. You still get games that are exclusively single player, so it's only common that you would get games that are strictly multiplayer.

When you take a franchise like Battlefield, and want to add to it, you have a huge fan-base to deliver to, and they aren't the people you want to cross; which thankfully DiCE doesn't have to worry about. With their most recent multiplayer exclusive title, Battlefield 1943, they deliver a great package that really stands on it's own two legs. Well, when you can get into a game anyway. 1943 has very little to it, and seems to like the number 'three' a lot. There are 3 maps, 3 classes, and 3 different vehicles. However, if you think that having that little an amount of things is going to impair the experience, you're deeply mistaken. The FrostBite engine, which was also used for Battlefield: Bad Company, is back and we see the improvements they made for Bad Company 2 in this title. Buildings are tougher to destroy, but most of them can be fully decimated now. Really, if it has four walls and a ceiling, you can destroy it. (If anyone points out the Lighthouse on Iwo Jima, in my defense that has one wall.)

Honestly, gameplay is incredibly smooth. You can choose to fight as a riflemen, infantry, or sniper unit. Riflemen for mid-long range, infantry for CQC, and sniper for (obviously) LOOOONG range combat. Except, it doesn't really work how its intended. Over my massive amounts of play time since release, 90% of the time I've played riflemen, simply because its.. the most efficient. With an M1 Garand, you really can't go wrong. The accuracy is deadly, the recoil is easily swooned to the side, and the whole one-shot-at-a-time dealio with it actually works quite well for once. With a 3 bullet kill-range for it, I'm okay with that. The infantry units carry SMG's, which don't really do much. The reload time on them is a bit on the long side, and the fact of the matter is: they're just too damn inaccurate. You can literally put an entire clip into someone and have them not die. Of course, sometimes 3 bullets kills them, sometimes 20 doesn't. It's just a bugger to deal with and infantry just isnt useful for a whole lot of situations. The ones it IS useful for though, it works excellently. Besides, who plays Battlefield for the gunplay?

Plain and simple: the 3 vehicles fit the game excellently, and are freakin' awesome. All of them. You can choose to drive a jeep through your mortar-shot-pit filled field of death, you could also decide to blow some infantry to hell with a tank. Or you could take the high-road (quite literally) with a plane. Oh, and did I mention the planes have bombs you can drop? Yeah, it's awesome. The greatest thing about the vehicles though is, the classes are balanced with them perfectly. It doesn't matter if you're a sniper and you have a tank tailing you, or a riflemen with a plane trying to bomb you. You can destroy them very easily. Every class has a type of explosives meant for dealing out damage to vehicles; riflemen have grenade-launchers on their rifles, snipers carry around blocks of c4 that can be detonated whenever they feel like it, and infantry have rocket launchers. However, it should be noted that rocket launchers and grenade-launchers both have pitch affects on them (IE: over distance they curve towards the ground), so you need to actually think before shooting the things off. If you feel that the enemy has too much control of the sky though, feel free to jump on an anti-air gun. There are PLENTY of them across the maps, so really planes can be kept in check by units on the ground, and in the sky.

There're a couple of things I've noticed when playing though, that really stood out to me on a large scale; spawn areas, and air-strikes. On 2 of the 3 maps, both teams start off on a giant-ass battleship (AWESOME!) which have planes (AWESOME!) and infantry-boats (AWESOME!) on them. The boats have a whopping 6 seats per boat, and with 4 of them you can get quite the ground game on the maps. Your teams will move into an island (no inland maps, all are islands surrounded by ocean. Yes, awesome again) and capture all the points there (via Conquest, the classic BF gametype) and have to hold control of them. However, while on these battleships; you earn no points. Meaning, if you've got a pesky enemy plane dropping bombs on you while you spawn, he won't get any points for it. Which means, he won't try it again. However, this works both ways. You don't get points for killing enemies while in your spawn either, (sorry, snipers) so the game does encourage you to get inland and take the fight to the enemy. The other thing I've noticed, the air-strikes, is awesome. Basically, Each island has one base that both teams will constantly fight for, because of one reason; it has the air-raid room. It's a small little indestructible building that you can use to call in 3 fighter-pilots that will drop bombs anywhere on the map; the catch is, planes can shoot down the bombers (not difficult in the slightest, surprisingly), A.A. guns affect them, and infantry can take them down as well (if they have the accuracy). Another thing is, you really have to think about it, because there's a two minute spawn cycle on it, which results in people 'camping' the area.

Battlefield 1943 is a game that you can't play by yourself. It begs to be played with a team effort; I can't tell you how many games me and a single other buddy have been able to turn around, just by working together. It's such a blast playing with friends, and you can really have some amazing fun with it. With a 4th air-only map coming whenever the system community of your choice gets 43 million kills, you can be sure there's more fun to be had then what's already here: which is a hell of a lot. This game out-shines every other XBLA/PSN game I can think of, and for $15, it's a steal. If you like FPS, if you like Battlefield, if you even like games that require you to think in a manner where you look at the big picture instead of the small one, you owe it to yourself to buy this game as soon as you can.

I can't help but feel that DiCE will release DLC for this one somewhere down the line, and even if they don't, this game will last you. The trophies/achievements will come easily with time, as they're more about working as a team, and doing stunts that you would do anyway (jumping out of a plane, parachuting into an enemy base, and ripping them a new one. That's everyones dream in reality), there really ISN'T an excuse to not own this. The only true flaw, is that it's TOO popular. Server's were iffy for a couple days, but they've added more, and will continue to. If you have to, wait a week, then buy it. Whatever you do, make sure to pick this one up somewhere down the line, because as for WW2 shooters; this is as good as they get.   read

9:10 AM on 07.03.2009

(NVGR; shortblog) Here's your source of blogs:

Due to all the shit c-blogs recently, I did some matlockery for you guys. You can hate one of our very own editors for this shit; Matthew motherfucking Razak.

His blog on Dtoid, look at his picture if you will.

Mother fucker.

So, not really matlockery to the highest degree. But, Matt, your articles are interesting, and you're an editor here. Somewhat. Don't ruin our cblogs by telling your friends to post their shitty blogs here. >:|   read

10:49 PM on 06.26.2009

This is where I do my thing.

Well, I think it's just about time some DToiders get a look at my setup. Forgive me, my room is a mess, and on top of that, I only have a cell phone to take pictures with. I cried.

First off, we have the ghetto setup. That's a storage bin, with a Guitar Hero 2 box on it for a table. I'm awesome, I know. That's also my 2 most precious items; the PS3 (Henceforth named Sexy McShigglefix), and Rudolph. Not the 360. Because that thing sounds like a jet engine. Rudolph fucking sings. It's incredible.


Not mine, but that's what it does. It's incredible.

This is the setup for my SNES, and N64 (which isn't in the picture, my mom's playing it). That's a tiiiiiny 13 inch tv. But it has a vcr, so we're cool. Also, in the background is my stereo.

This man is my hero. I don't give a shit if he isn't survivorman. He's fucking Bear Grylls.

This is where the games and accessories go. In the drawers. What? I have a closet for my clothes, i needed the space for games!

This is where I sleep. Oh, and some of my stuff. My PSP slim, and DS phat. Do note, that I have a slim psp, and a fat one. And a DS lite and DS phat. The third handheld is a Dell Axim X51, basically a pocketpc. Nifty for some weird ass indy games or emulators. I also have the Twilight Princess collectors Sword/Shield set. It's bad ass. Before you think to ask, yes. Those are pokemon sheets. And Yes. That is indeed a Zelda pillow. :]

Some more of my stuff. Gold carts for both NES Zelda's, as well as a Gold cart for Ocarina of Time, and the holographic cart for Majora's Mask. Yes, That's an ocarina. I got the Zelda sweatband at hot topic, like. 5 years ago. That's my old GBC (still works to this day), and pokemon crystal is in the back.

This is my true pride and joy right here. This is my monitor. I use it for gaming on PS3/360, and most importantly, PC. My pc's in the back, but you can see it does things very cutely. 22 inches, and I love all 22 of 'em.

Just showing some DToid love here. <3 Don't think that this is all of my stuff though. I've got a lot more, but I need to reorganize a lot before I can show it ALL off. So expect another post for that stuff whenever. :)

For the record;
XBox Live: ZServ
Steam ID: ZServ
PSN: ZServ

I'm pretty linear. And Don't worry, I don't watch tv on the 13 incher. I've got a 27 inch SD for cable tv.   read

10:24 PM on 06.12.2009

So, my mother now wants a garden.


These are the general 4 phrases I've been hearing, for close to two hours now. Two hours ago, I presented a game to my mother; who has never been big on gaming. The game in question? Popcap's Plants Vs. Zombies, of course!

To get the record straight, my mom doesn't hate gaming, very much the opposite. She just can't do it. Her reflexes are near non-existant. She can play games, just not many. Turn-based RPG's, and point-n-click adventures. She prefers the latter. I decided Plants Vs. Zombies would be perfect for her, because there isn't a whole lot to keep track of, but it does require some reflex, and makes you think on your feet at times. When I had her start, she wasn't too sure if she'd enjoy it, but soon enough she would find herself enjoying a goofy smile. As she watched her peashooters spit peas at zombie after zombie, her wall-nuts go from happy-go-lucky nuts to depressive broken down shells, she became more and more focused on ridding her yard of those awful zombies.

After two and a half hours, she's become fairly addicted to it. I think it's safe to say that Plants Vs. Zombies may just be the best game of all time. It's got plants, zombies, it will makes you laugh, cry, and maybe. Just maybe. Learn a little something about yourself. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go to Home Depot to buy life-fucking-saving plants, because I refuse to let the damn zombies have my brain.   read

6:50 PM on 01.03.2009

I hugged a retard and...

He dedicated a video to me.

I'm scared. hold me :[   read

9:19 PM on 12.01.2008

12/1/08 - IRC Shall Nevar Forget (pt 2 of 2)

Now, since the site cut off the end, part two!

[18:27] <eternalplayer> so I don't need to see it
[18:27] <DynastyNet-3A9F3> smith232: all I want is for this whole thing to be dropped!! what do you want me to do???
[18:27] <DynastyNet-3A9F3> WHAT SHOULD I DO
[18:27] <Cheezeitz> Ann Haro
[18:27] <The_Young_Scot> make him make a youtube video apologizing to IRC
[18:27] <eternalplayer> Tell him to write a public apology
[18:27] <eternalplayer> Yes
[18:27] <MasonRhade> hahaha
[18:27] <KingZServ> lemon; tell him his parents have to visit to submit the forms to drop charges
[18:28] <MasonRhade> oh shit
[18:28] <njsykora> tell him to sign up to Destructoid and write a c-blog publically apologising for his actions
[18:28] <The_Young_Scot> haha
[18:28] <DynastyNet-3A9F3> no, it's got to be epic, dude.
[18:28] <Aerox> Tell him he has to take a video of him shoving a plate of dog poop in his face
[18:28] <DynastyNet-3A9F3> Okay, epic but sensible.
[18:28] <MasonRhade> um, you guys do realize that smith could report lemon for impersonating a dynasty official
[18:28] <MasonRhade> and we'd all be in serious shit
[18:28] <THREEvbo> DAMNIT
[18:28] <DynastyNet-3A9F3> No he can't.
[18:28] <DynastyNet-3A9F3> I didn't impersonate shit.
[18:28] <eternalplayer> Tell him to make the apology in a dress
[18:28] <THREEvbo> I gotta go to a meeting
[18:28] <njsykora> he's not in a position to report anyone
[18:28] <KingZServ> mason; nope
[18:29] <KingZServ> as far as they know he's just another user
[18:29] <KingZServ> he assumed he was an official
[18:29] <KingZServ> he never said he was, thus cant be held for charges in a legal sense
[18:29] <MasonRhade> hmm
[18:29] <MasonRhade> nevemind then
[18:29] <KingZServ> I should so be a lawyer
[18:29] <DynastyNet-3A9F3> I never said "I'm a dynastynet official".
[18:29] <Ub3rSlug> Ideas, guys
[18:29] <eternalplayer> Plus if you ask him to do anything to drastic his folks might catch on
[18:29] <Ub3rSlug> What should Lemon have him do/
[18:29] <Aerox> Well, impersonating DynastyNet staff isn't illegal anyway
[18:30] <njsykora> i'm all for a grovelling apology, in addition to something else
[18:30] <MasonRhade> what did smith do to piss everyone off?
[18:30] <Aerox> I would like to see ZServ - Internet Lawyer though
[18:30] <KingZServ> aerox; not legal legal
[18:30] <KingZServ> but server legal
[18:30] <DynastyNet-3A9F3> This dude is waiting for me to say what he should do to repeal his ban.
[18:30] <Aerox> I think that would make a great webisode series
[18:30] <The_Young_Scot> YOU TUBE VIDEO
[18:30] <The_Young_Scot> WITH HIS PARENTS
[18:30] <Aerox> Tell him to post a public apology on craigslist
[18:30] <DynastyNet-3A9F3> O/B/JECTION
[18:30] <DynastyNet-3A9F3> no, The_Young_Scot.
[18:30] <DynastyNet-3A9F3> PUBLIC APOLOGY!
[18:30] <The_Young_Scot> aww
[18:30] <DynastyNet-3A9F3> YES!
[18:30] * Dyn_User8155604 is now known as thef1sh
[18:30] * RonBurgandy2010 ([email protected]) has joined #destructoid
[18:30] <DynastyNet-3A9F3> Okay.
[18:30] <eternalplayer> Do it in front of his class
[18:30] <DynastyNet-3A9F3> Everyone.
[18:30] <RonBurgandy2010> hi
[18:30] <DynastyNet-3A9F3> Calm down in here.
[18:30] <eternalplayer> Ron
[18:30] <RonBurgandy2010> eternal!
[18:31] <KingZServ> SHH hes coming back
[18:31] <Peronthious> now this is epic
[18:31] <DynastyNet-3A9F3> I'm going to ask him to come into here and ask him to issue a public apology for 'offending you all'.
[18:31] <Peronthious>
[18:31] <RonBurgandy2010> who's that?
[18:31] <DynastyNet-3A9F3> But you HAVE TO BE SERIOUS.
[18:31] <DynastyNet-3A9F3> SHH.
[18:31] <njsykora> ok, we're listening
[18:31] <eternalplayer> ron play along
[18:31] <RonBurgandy2010> O.o
[18:31] * The_Young_Scot is serious
[18:31] * eternalplayer eats serious for breakfast
[18:31] * The_Young_Scot has a serious face
[18:31] <KingZServ> Serious ZServ is serious
[18:31] <Aerox> WHY SO SERIOUS?
[18:31] * Gemsi puts on his serious hat

[18:31] <Aerox> God I'm clever
[18:31] <eternalplayer> lol aerox
[18:31] <The_Young_Scot> aerox, fuck
[18:31] <The_Young_Scot> wow
[18:31] <Wedge_Antilles> Damn, wish my chat history went back further
[18:32] <RonBurgandy2010> ?
[18:32] <KingZServ> wedge; im gonna post logs later
[18:32] <DynastyNet-3A9F3> HE'S COMING BACK.
[18:32] <DynastyNet-3A9F3> SHH
[18:32] <Wedge_Antilles> APOLOGIZE DYS
[18:32] <dyslixec> BAM hells yah
[18:32] <dyslixec> :D
[18:32] <Aerox> Jesus, on this woman's questionnaire when asked what religion she belongs to
[18:32] <Wedge_Antilles> Oh wait
[18:32] <Aerox> She wrote
[18:32] <Aerox> "All"
[18:32] <DynastyNet-3A9F3> DynastyNet-3A9F3:
[18:32] <DynastyNet-3A9F3> I've discussed user Zserv's complaint, and it seems you were being offensive, and also impersonating a federal officer.
[18:32] <DynastyNet-3A9F3> DynastyNet-3A9F3:
[18:32] <DynastyNet-3A9F3> However, he has agreed to repeal the charges if you issue a public apology.
[18:32] <DynastyNet-3A9F3> DynastyNet-3A9F3:
[18:32] <DynastyNet-3A9F3> Please return to #destructoid and apologize to all of the users in the room for impersonating an officer.
[18:32] <Ub3rSlug> Burgandy, just be quiet for a sec, yes?
[18:32] <DynastyNet-3A9F3> :D
[18:32] <CronosBlade> hey, the more gods the better Aerox
[18:32] <Aerox> Apparently Sarah Palin snuck into our research group
[18:32] * smith232 ([email protected]) has joined #destructoid
[18:33] <DynastyNet-3A9F3> Everyone please pay attention to user smith232.
[18:33] * Ub3rSlug sits down.
[18:33] <DynastyNet-3A9F3> He has been advised to issue a public apology on his own behalf.
[18:33] <DynastyNet-3A9F3> Continue, smith232.
[18:33] * RonBurgandy2010 is confused
[18:33] * Ub3rSlug listens
[18:33] * eternalplayer jion Ub3r
[18:33] * The_Young_Scot waits
[18:33] * KingZServ sits next to a hungry lion.
[18:33] * RonBurgandy2010 is still confused
[18:33] <DynastyNet-3A9F3> Smith?
[18:33] * Aerox is now known as AHungryLion
[18:34] <RonBurgandy2010> ?
[18:34] <smith232> Hello once again everyone. I have returned to offer a public aplogy to the whole room regarding my recent actions and deceptions in this room. I was not thinking about what I was doing at the time, but I now realise that this was an extremley inappropite way to behave
[18:34] <smith232> For this reason, I am truly sorry for any hassle i may have caused anyone in this room
[18:34] <RonBurgandy2010> what the hell do you people do when I'm not here?
[18:34] <njsykora> quiet Ron
[18:34] <DynastyNet-3A9F3> Quiet, RonBurgandy2010.
[18:34] <DynastyNet-3A9F3> Please.
[18:34] <DynastyNet-3A9F3> Thank you, smith232.
[18:34] * AHungryLion is now known as Aerox
[18:34] <DynastyNet-3A9F3> Zserv, I believe that at this point, the issue has been resolved.
[18:34] <DynastyNet-3A9F3> You may go on your way, smith232.
[18:34] <smith232> ok
[18:35] <DynastyNet-3A9F3> But for the time being, it's probably best that you're removed from this room.
[18:35] <smith232> thank you for your understanding
[18:35] <DynastyNet-3A9F3> You may return in one hour.
[18:35] <DynastyNet-3A9F3> No problem.
[18:35] * DynastyNet-3A9F3 sets mode: +b *!*
[18:35] * smith232 was kicked by DynastyNet-3A9F3 (DynastyNet-3A9F3)
[18:35] <KingZServ> I'd still feed him to the lions but that's me
[18:35] <DynastyNet-3A9F3> HAHAHAHAHAHAHHA
[18:35] <dyslixec> LOL
[18:35] <Wedge_Antilles> Lulululululul
[18:35] <Cheezeitz> ....
[18:35] <KingZServ> rofl
[18:35] <eternalplayer> AHHAHA
[18:35] <The_Young_Scot> BHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
[18:35] <dyslixec> oh god
[18:35] <Ub3rSlug> CBLOG THIS SHIT NOW
[18:35] <KingZServ> oh jesus
[18:35] <Cheezeitz> Hahahahahahaha.   read

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