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4:54 PM on 10.23.2010

KILLZONE 3 (Short story of my fandom)

I love Killzone.


Ever since the first game, I've loved this series.  Despite the hate that the first game got, I still managed to enjoy it, sure it had some flaws, but overall it was a very nice experience that took many hours from my life.

When the second game was announced, I didn't really care that much. I wasn't really into the PS3 because of the lack of games from the first years, but after it came out it really grew on me. I wanted a PS3 now, just for that game (and FFvsXIII). The game had some problems and I missed a lot of stuff from the first one (like secondary fire, the melee system and the multiple characters), KZ2 was the first game I played online on my PS3 and I played it on a daily basis.

Months later, earlier this year, I found about the leaked KZ3 scans. Oh boy! I was so frickin' excited! Every time I know about that game it keeps looking better and better.

I hope at least I can get in the beta :'3. I've read the controls are fixed now (I wasn't a fan of KZ2's controls but I didn't hate them either). And I'm getting this DAY ONE.

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