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Z80 avatar 3:25 PM on 04.10.2010  (server time)
Super Mario 64 isn't Third Person

You've played Super Mario 64. Everyone's played Super Mario 64. One would assume that the plot is driven by one Mario Mario, house plumber of the Mushroom Kingdom Royal Association. This is certainly correct, but Mario is not the storyteller. No, cats (and also kittens), that would be Lakitu. Yes, the weird creature flying about in its silky cloud is the one relating all of the events. At the game's start, a mysterious, invisible camera zooms into Lakitu's handy camera-on-a-rod. From that point on, everything is being displayed from Lakitu's perspective.
Now, I admit that it is true that the feed comes from Lakitu's camera. However, films such as Cloverfield would be considered from the cameraman's perspective, as an inanimate object cannot tell a story. The same applies to Lakitu in Super Mario 64.

So, my friends, if this famed game is not third person, what person is it? Well, I'm glad you asked! And angered if you didn't. My friends, it is second person. This perspective is commonly seen in interactive fiction (text adventures to the layman) wherein a narrator refers to "you," the player. While you are driving the story, the narrator is relating the events.

I am done rambling now.

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