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Yukai's blog

9:49 AM on 08.13.2009

WipEout HD has once again swallowed my life.

There has been a serious lack of updating round these parts! Blame it on building a new pc and working too many hours.

Anyhoo down to the serious stuff...

anti gravity racing.

I started getting into Wipeout around the time Wipeout 2097 was released. For me, the series still stands up as one of the most entertaining and addictive racers around.

I'm still suprised the level of detail they managed to fit into Wipeout HD considering it's a downloadable title. The tracks and ships may be copied from pulse and pure, but the sheer amount of attention to detail and polish shows how much time and effort studio liverpool put in to make Wipeout HD visually stunning.

And seeing as it's so pretty, I thought i'd share with you all some photos I took while racing around at retina searingly fast speeds.

I know this is a brief post, i'm working on something a lot more substantial to be posted in the next few weeks.

It's good to be back.   read

7:11 AM on 04.24.2009

I'm NAT very amused.

Living with your beloved sometimes has it's downsides. These downsides can be so mind numbingly infuriating that you may end up tearing all your hair out and going on a murderous rampage, slaughtering hundreds of innocent bystanders.

What could possibly be that annoying?

Yup, NAT issues! We have 2 xbox 360 consoles hooked up directly to our router, and only one of us can ever get an open NAT. The other console will always show up as moderate. This always leads to a headache when playing Halo 3 or Gears 2.

I checked first for a list of compatible routers in the UK and get this.

I called up Xbox customer service to try and get some resolution on this issue with utterly no success. I was told to port foward all the standard xbox live ports on both consoles to start with. When I explained we'd done that before and it made things worse I got put on hold for ages. My "helpful" advisor put me through to the technical team and I explained our current setup, for anyone interested.. here it is:

My 360 IP address is in the DMZ
Other 360 has all the relevant ports fowarded to it.
Upnp is disabled.
MTU is set to auto (1500)

The tech team rep put me on hold and then the line went dead.
Thanks Microsoft, i'll just go back to paying a gold subscription for some reason. :)   read

2:34 PM on 03.03.2009

The rise of digital distribution, the fall of something beautiful.

I'm not too sure if i'm the last of a dying breed, but quite a few of my friends don't seem to bothered by the topic i'm about to discuss.

This is something that adds to the gaming experience and that digitally distributed titles simply lack.

The thing i'm talking about?

The feeling of holding a new game in your hands and then after playing, adding it to an ever growing shelf of games for you to look at fondly.

Downloading a title doesn't have the same feelings for me as purchasing a boxed copy. I enjoy looking over the box while reading the blurb and looking at the shiny screenshots.Thumbing through the manual and taking in the artwork and layout, looking at the shiny disc and savouring the anticipation as I stick it in the console for the very first time.

I remember picking up Metal Gear Solid for the playstation in my local gaming store and then legging it home as fast as possible to look over my latest acquisition. I took every last little detail in, from the awesomely stylish logo on the box to the fold out mini poster inside the manual. I must of spent a good 20/30 minutes just reading that manual before I even stuck disc 1 into my console.

Looking back on it, I think it made me appreciate the whole experience so much more.

And with the rise in broadband speeds and the advent of services such as Steam and Direct2drive, all of the packaging is cut out and all we have to mark our new purchase is a file stored on our hard drives and the game itself.

The packaging for games is one of the only types of packaging that isn't overly intrusive and wasteful and adds to the overal completeness of the product that it contains.

The professional designers and artists who create this material lose somewhere to showcase the talent and creativity that is so apparant in some titles available for purchase.

And one day in the not too distant future, a whole generation of young gamers will miss out on something that in my eyes, made gaming all the more special.   read

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