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YoungCovii avatar 8:23 PM on 05.15.2013  (server time)
Why am I the Internet's Next Top Streamer

I've been playing video games for as long as I could remember. All the way back to the original PlayStation and Nintendo Gameboy. I have tried to buy every console and handheld device that I could, but sadly money was a huge issue (as it is now). As of now I own an Xbox and Ps3, and recently, however, my Ps3 went corrupt and I lost about 3 years of data and memories. I try again and again to fix it and regain all the memory, but sadly, with no success. I've always had the means to bring entertainment to others but have never been able to do so. Many times I try to save up for a capture card, but something always comes up that stops me.
   The current classes that I am enrolled in do not allow me to play daily, but i always love to resort to video games as my own little getaway and safe haven. I can always be me while playing and can just have fun, with or without friends. I am decently good at multilayer and am looking to expand my rpg arsenal. Being able to stream means me being able to bring my entertainment, joy, and passion to others out there. I may not be the greatest gamer, but I know how to play the game with a passion.
   So, why do I deserve the beautiful video capture kit? To help me achieve my dream of bringing entertainment to others at the expense of my own fun. Everything I've always done has been for others. All I want is to reach out and entertain even more people. I do not have any way to do so now, but with this, I am able to do what I love and bring content out to those who love doing it with me. Help me preserve new memories, and achieve his dream of bringing his fun to others
    Thank you for the consideration,

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