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I love video games in almost every form, I suppose I am going to start blogging about that. *shrug*

So, the Xbox 180, an extremely appropriate name.  Not only because they flip flopped on their consumer unfriendly policies they have tried to shove down our throats for the last month or so but because they have really turned this thing around.  They might just not fail miserably.

I applaud them for realizing their errors and fixing them before it was far too late, although for some people the damage is already done.  Now I cannot honestly fault someone for choosing to purchase an Xbox One, it has gone from being an outright bad idea to a matter of preference.  I personally don't want the camera and I want nothing to do with it's gimmicks, let alone be required to have it.

The camera issue has evolved as well with the adaption of their new policies.  Considering you can take your console offline and keep it in that state, I am not concerned in the slightest with being spied upon and neither should you, to some extent anyway.  Problems with Kinect 2 lies elsewhere, with the simple fact that it exists.  Every developer making games for the Xbox One will have the ability to implement Kinext usage into their game without alienating any of their audience and I am sure that there will be some forced implementation from publishers and Microsoft themselves.  Also, there is the scary patent lurking around about forcing further payment for entertainment (movies/music, what have you) based on the number of people in the room.

Lastly, Microsoft needs to advertise that the One has a Bluray drive, they are really missing out on a market with that.  If they are pushing their machine as an all in one entertainment system to get non-gamers aboard they need to spend less time talking about TV and more time talking Bluray.  Speaking of TV, no DVR capabilities, really?

What I want to come of this is for Phil Spencer and Don Mattrick to publicly apologize for being terrible human beings.  Is it just me or do those two have the most punchable faces I have ever seen?  Also, Major Nelson, why are you?