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Hey Yo,
I'm an Australian gamer, living in Melbourne.
I got into gaming at around 6 and haven't stopped!
I like to think all my bias and fanboyish charm has worn off now, but i may still have some in there, which could be why i don't own a PS3.
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So i have a son. He's seven. One thing i get sick sick pleasure out of is watching him absolutely shit himself (not literally) whilst watching me play L4D on 360. Yeah, i mean i may let the zombies run that little bit closer just so they're right in my face, but he's terrified.

To the point that he cant look away.

People say to me, "I cant believe to make him watch that!"

Make him? Oh no. There is no "make". When it gets to, "Hey kid, your getting too scared, go play with your LEGO," and even though he is on the other side of the room, he still tries to watch. That enters the realm of independent choice, so I'm off the hook, he brings it on himself. I ask him, "Why do you keep watching when your so scared, that you physically shake? So scared that sometimes, you get up and hide behind furniture?"
Reply: "I just like watching you play games. Mostly scary games."

Then, why is the witch smiling?

He brought this home from school. Oh there's others, but this one is the best IMO.

According to him:
"The witch isn't smiling, shes screaming!"
"The guy in the left is the brown guy" Oh yeah, he said that.
"Louis isn't scared. Hes angry"


When asked why is L4D good: "You get to shoot lots of zombies that are really tough. Some are weak. Thats why." He then turned away and added, "And mostly because its a shooting game."

Point: Isn't that what kids should be able to say about all games?

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