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11:03 PM on 11.19.2008

Games I can't play, but want to.

Theres titles to come out that we just missed for one reason or another. Maybe its cause its a PC game,
$100 bills dont grow on trees, and some are just to young to seek out older titles that rock. Weve all tried a
popular franchise but just couldnt get into it (for me every Tom Clancy Game) however classics and cult
classics have those labels for a reason. Its list time with games for one reason or another I cant play, but
want to.


Its scary. Thats enough reason for a horror fan boy like me.

Technically this one was played but not for long. The problem I had with the game is that I couldnt get past
the first hour or so because I simply suck at the controls. I just could not get my head around which way I
was walking in the old Silent Hill and Resident Evil franchises that used that control scheme and that fixed
camera that meant I had to adjust my direction on the fly when the camera cut. Now all I can hear about is
how the story in that game was a thing of psychological horror beauty. I dont feel to shitty about the reason I
cant play this one since other genres turn some gamers away with control and game play issues of their
own. Im talking to you JRPG Genre and FPS Genre.


Keeping my unintentional theme of horror games going, I hear its a smarter scarier BioShock.

My dumb a** really has no knowledge of how to do anything on a PC other than work a mouse. Now maybe
this reason isnt so out of reach. Im aware the system requirements on a game from 1999 arent high by
todays standards but spanish is supposed to be the easiest language to learn and the only spanish word I
can pronounce is no. I just barley have enough friends who play the same console titles I play so I have
zero friends into PC gaming with any know how. Of course at this point the game might be somewhat of
diminishing returns since much of it has been spoiled in my listening of various podcast. I could play and
think, oh this must be the part they were talking about... so not the way Id like to play or watch anything.
Still Ive heard so many good things about the villain Shodan I cant wait to meet her.


Its my favorite game with all the stuff I didnt get to play in the U.S. Version.

I suppose that Konamis decision to cut out some of the game events that take place in New York, New York
right after 9/11 was the right call. Some might argue that cutting scenes of destruction in a fictional game
would be appropriate others might say that it wasnt Konomis intention to make a game that reflected that
tragic day since they were working on the game years before September, 11th thus the fictional game was
just that. Fiction. Thats only half the barrier of entry to this title since the fact of the matter is I can import it,
however since I dont speak or write in japanese I could have some trouble playing it. Oh sure life will go on
and who needs to have more story points from the Metal Gear Series, but Im a fan damnit! I brought a PS2
for MGS 3 (I played and finished MGS 2 on a friends PS2 and the bastard wouldnt share when MGS 3 rolled
around). I got a PSP for MGS Portable Ops and this summer brought a PS3 for MGS4. Im the dude theyre
talking about when they call a game a system seller! So while my other reasons for not playing SH 2 and SS
2 (damn I got issues with sequels) might over lap into the excuse column, the MGS 2 reason for not playing
is much closer to a legit reasoning of why I cant play it but want to.


Honorable mention to Sonic CD but that's one I care about but I don't have that much care about it. Any
franchises anyone else wants to give a go but can't for whatever reason?   read

6:13 PM on 08.31.2008

Hey Halo Movie! Why Not Be Indy?

Other than seeking out gaming news almost everyday. I’m also looking into the goings on
of the film world. Talk of a Halo Movie won’t die and go away. Just thinking and blogging on
this one, hear me out.

When I say the Halo movie should be indy I don’t mean it should
“nuke the fridge”, but be an independent film. If for what ever reason Microsoft can’t
come to terms with a studio then why not make one of the largest independent movies
since Star Wars? It’s easy to forget that no studio owns Star Wars as an Intellectual
Property instead it’s always belonged to George Lucas. Certainly at the highest end of the
“indy” spectrum with the flicks costing over $120 Million a pop to make it does set a
precedent for Microsoft to go by. If they’re so bent on having Neil Blomkamp direct the
flick, which is rumored to be one the many hang ups, then just come out of pocket and buy
who ever for whatever job they want to use them for. That’s exactly what Marvel Studios is
doing calling the shots, using the “Big Studio Machine” solely as distributors all while making
their own internal decisions for this year’s Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk.

Some say “Well George Lucas was already in to film and Marvel is just now taking more
control of their own properties...” Last time I checked in America you can buy some one
for whatever the hell you want, that includes making movies. Get an experienced film
producer on your payroll to handle the shit you know nothing about like the actual movie
making part. Step in where ever and when ever. For better or worse the director’s gonna
be Blomkamp. Done. Microsoft’s bean counters can probably figure away to make this
thing a $200 million dollar tax write off if it turns out to be complete and total shit. Just say
it’s a contribution to independent cinema and higher learning in film schools or something.

Just musing here. Halo’s not my favorite series but ranks high enough. The fav has to
be Metal Gear I already watched the CG Movie of that while I played the game and feel no
need for a live action flick to even bother trying to touch any of that wacky Hideo
Kojima nonsense. Any thoughts?

(BELOW) Video used to drum up interest in the HALO MOVIE back when
people were getting off their asses to get a movie done.
[embed]101787:14161[/embed]   read

1:42 PM on 08.20.2008

Bionic Commando Rearmed and DLC- Last Call

Every now and then in the calendar year I get to say, “I can really get behind that finally
after not being such a big fan of a particular thing.” In 2005 God of War made me a fan of
puzzles in action games. Which I was either not good at and/or didn’t have much of an
understanding of how they can really go along way in creating a great pace in a campaign.
2007 the “right” Role Playing Game (RPG) came along in Bioware’s Mass Effect. Always a
lover of huge stories in the genre, a gateway was needed for me when the strategize and
wait my turn based JRPG’s just didn’t give me the game play I wanted on a console.
Published by Capcom and developed by Grin the release of Bionic Commando Rearmed
(BCR) on Sony’s Playstation Network and Microsoft’s Xbox Live Arcade finally I can really
get behind full games as Down Loadable Content (DLC).

The game stops just short of making me say thank you to Capcom for a $10.00 price
point for such a high quality title. That coming from someone who completely missed the
20 year old original NES Bionic Commando that BCR is based on. While the updated visuals
really catch the eye it was the remixed music heard in the first announcement trailer that
really got my attention. The music soundtrack is good enough to warrant a purchase of a
few tracks in the iTunes Music Store going pass lame techno beats while playing up the
nostalgia of the original. Two -player co-op, leader boards, and challenge levels flush out
the 200 plus meg download. Like some of everything I find great. The sum is greater than
the parts. One part in-particular that’s not so hot is the use of the d-pad to direct your
bionic arm can be hit or miss no overused tired pun intended. Honest. The underwhelming
3-D block puzzles would of been perfect for my taste years ago before the afore mentioned
God of War ,but even this bite sized smaller scale title could of used way more variations to
the puzzles.

PSN and XBLA for me personally are slowly getting better with age. Being over 20
minutes away from the nearest Blockbuster and not really in need of a Netflix Membership
every month. Downloading a movie through both of services is really cost effective when
factoring gas prices and time. Almost everyone can agree that Microsoft points is the
digital equivalent of a Carnival Ticket Point Scale where the amount you buy almost always
means you’ll be left with some unused points. Plus buying this mystical currency in packs
for one download is flat out annoying. The main reason I picked up BCR on XBLA
stemmed from having unused Microsoft Points from last fucking year! User generated
content across these services seems like the next step, though my guess is that it’s not
going to take off overnight. At the risk of sounding like a guy who cheers for Sony and
Microsoft to make more money the revenue stream provided by DLC was and is much
needed. Just look at it from the stand point of the starving artist or small developer that
really needs every cent to keep the power on in the work place. How did The Joker say it
in The Dark Knight? “If you’re good at something don’t do it for free...” Getting back to the
topic there is room for more community participation when not in a game. The Fall Update
on Live and Home on PSN hopefully will address that. As for today my personal favorite
thing has always been demos to upcoming games. My biggest question and concern might
be will and how much longer will Live charge Gold members to play? The obvious flip side is
will and how much longer will Playstation remain free?

BCR is enduring and charming. DLC despite a few missteps are going in the right
direction. In 2008 it’s time to say, “I can--no I am really behind this now!”   read

11:50 PM on 08.12.2008

Hardcore Or Casual-Depends Who's Saying It...

Don’t get me wrong on the following rant like blog, but some labels are OK. Take for
example male and female. If it’s a blind date the word female will go a long way in
determining if I wash, shave, and crack open my piggy bank to take out said female. I
would love to have the label of millionaire attached to my name, but since I haven’t won
the lottery, own a successful business, or done anything that gets one that particular title to
the next tax bracket I’m great with just being a gamer.

Gamer. That can apply to “casual” and “hardcore”. Yes, No, or, Maybe I don’t think
there is an official rule book on the when, where, to whom, and how to on using these
words, maybe if you had more background info on a certain person in a certain situation
that could be a factor in to which side of the casual or hardcore fence they fall on. I’ll use
myself here please just bare with me I’m going to get to the part where “I Mr. Fuck a term”
had to stop dead in my tracks and readjust my thought process a lil’ bit. I’ve subscribed to
five gaming magazines a month. Listen to ten or more video game podcast a week. Pre-
ordered my 360 and PS3. Buy special editions and rent games almost monthly (remember
that last part; I rent almost monthly). Picks what games to play in part because of the
developer. Idolize Hideo Kojima. Write about video games on my own websight and am a member of the destruictoid hardcore gamer
community. Those are just a few facts on my “gaming resumé” that should be enough to
get me into the “hardcore gamer category.”

Well as the title suggest guess it depends on who’s saying it. Here’s where my entire
blogging rant stems from, one day talking about what games we’re playing amongst a
coworker we went over the games played this past Christmas Holiday season. I mentioned
I mostly rent games with last years embarrassment of riches like the Orange Box, Halo,
and Mass Effect I easily named eight titles in just two months that I played. Then he told
me in that same time frame that he’d brought Call of Duty 4 one of my favorites and his of
the past year. Things took a turn once he started “bragging” (don’t know what else to call it
when one says, “no team can beat my team cause they know we’re that good.”) referring
to the multi-player element. I personally don’t have anything against multi-player it’s just I
simply like the single player story line of my games more. After stating that last sentence
aloud to my coworker he assumed I hated multiplayer. Which is another topic and rant on
how people misinterpret a damn simple statement of “I like both of these and this is my
favorite out the group”. Which in their clouded brain turns in to--”I like this one part, fuck
your part and/or what I don’t feel the same as you about. Hahahaha Damn every ounce of
your being!” Another rant for my Social Studies Blog, Anyway I was then a little startled to
be told that I was a “Casual Gamer” because I didn’t stick with one game and for lack of a
better phrase-- try to master it. My eyes widened in shock but then I thought to myself,
“Well if I keep several fuck buddies then casual sex would apply so I guess I can’t really
argue that one.” It sort of gets into the territory of was it a good throw from the
quarterback or a good catch by the receiver it can be looked at in different ways. I
mentioned sometimes making choices of what games to put in my console by developer if it
comes from Valve I’m for it. Some of my PC people may insist that I’m not really that into
Half-Life cause I’ve only played on console and never with a keyboard and mouse. That’s
just because of lack of know how and money though, still I shouldn’t get a black mesa
bumper sticker cause I’m not hardcore or what hardcore is in their eyes.

So if it depends on who’s saying what then I say some labels are appropriate and know
exactly what they represent leaving little room for error other labels seem to have multiple
personality disorder in no small part due to the fact that a lot of personalities for better or
worse can make what they want out of a term leaving it tailor fit and or seemingly fit for
whatever person, place, or thing. If anyone cares I did go on blind date once-- it didn’t
work out because she tried to put labels on me all damn night long...

Thanks for 99% positive comments just having some discussion rocks.
-Yeag[/url][color=darkred][/color]   read

12:29 PM on 05.11.2008

Are Video Games Scarier Than Movies?

Its 2004 and Im a complete hype whore, and what I fall to this time...A little game
called Halo 2. Microsofts FlagShip Title for their Xbox gaming console. Its a FPS. F is
for First. P is for Person. S is for shooter. Think of an FPS as a genre which for most
of the game in this you play from the perspective of the character you control seeing
almost everything through said characters eyes, litterly. More on that last sentence in a bit.
Its worth noting that I never liked the FPS genre I actually quit playing the original Halo
because I lost interest saying, that the control was to awkward and I could never get a
sense of direction. Now fast forward to Halo 2 which is arguably more polished then its
predecessor (sorry Halo 1 fans who regularly still play the game six years later!) and all of
a sudden I was moving along pretty well. Before I knew it duel wielding with a weapon in
both hands felt as if I just put on glasses for the first time and saw what Id been missing in
the genre. However, the biggest factor was not the story, the graphics, nor the game play.
It was the point when I realized that I was on the edge of my seat when the game started
to play on straight up horror tactics. When coupled with a five speaker surround sound
system only hearing the pitta pater of feat from and the monstrous tiger growl of an enemy
before seeing what I had to shoot began to create genuine tension in my neck and
shoulders and a sense of being on edge that I didnt know was possible in video games.
With all due respect to games in the horror genre such as Resident Evil and Silent Hill, what
I touched on earlier in this article about the games being played mostly through the main
characters eyes literally creates a sense of immersion that no other story telling method
can do. First person has been done in film and other visual mediums, but when youre in
control from that perspective and all hell is breaking loose, when done well it is second to
none in terms of putting you right smack dad in the middle of the action. Cliche aside
when the story gives you enough reason to care, the music sets the mood, and the
characters are creepy enough you will have a reaction to it.

Its nothing new. Not if youve watched a movie in the last one hundred years. Not even
to video games going back to Sega Genesis days Slaughter House and later FPS like Doom
and System Shock. Movies have had time to hone in techniques used to scare audiences
but the very same technics a loud noise here and a jump their can be applied effectively for
a cheap scare in games. Both mediums share that but its also has to be noted that the
sophistication of the audience keeps going up and never goes down. The cheap scares
can only take you so far. There almost has to be something going on beneath the surface
this days to hold your attention long enough in each medium. Nice examples to point to at
doing a good job at this are 28 Weeks Later and BioShock. Neither one re-invented the
wheel but they did make the wheel ride a lot better.

Its the bottom line at the end of the day is that these are two different mediums, and it
has that old comparing apples to oranges thing. It is worth mentioning that there is a
difference between horror movie fans wholl seek out horror stories in the movies tav dvds
etc... and the horror story fans wholl sit around a camp fire to get their horror stories. It
separates the the horror story lover from the horror movie lover. From first hand
knowledge I personally told anyone remotely interested in horror about 30 Days of Night
from writer Steve Niles when it came out as a three part comic a few years back, fast
forward to it being a Hollywood movie starring Josh Hartnett and now its story worth
checking out by those same people. Absolutely nothing wrong with that at all. As long as
you have somewhere to get your scares from you have nothing to fear.   read

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