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YeagerMeister's blog

11:03 PM on 11.19.2008

Games I can't play, but want to.

Theres titles to come out that we just missed for one reason or another. Maybe its cause its a PC game, $100 bills dont grow on trees, and some are just to young to seek out older titles that rock. Weve all tried a ...   read

6:13 PM on 08.31.2008

Hey Halo Movie! Why Not Be Indy?

Other than seeking out gaming news almost everyday. I’m also looking into the goings on of the film world. Talk of a Halo Movie won’t die and go away. Just thinking and blogging on this one, hear me out. When I say t...   read

1:42 PM on 08.20.2008

Bionic Commando Rearmed and DLC- Last Call

Every now and then in the calendar year I get to say, “I can really get behind that finally after not being such a big fan of a particular thing.” In 2005 God of War made me a fan of puzzles in action games. Which I wa...   read

11:50 PM on 08.12.2008

Hardcore Or Casual-Depends Who's Saying It...

Don’t get me wrong on the following rant like blog, but some labels are OK. Take for example male and female. If it’s a blind date the word female will go a long way in determining if I wash, shave, and crack open my ...   read

12:29 PM on 05.11.2008

Are Video Games Scarier Than Movies?

Its 2004 and Im a complete hype whore, and what I fall to this time...A little game called Halo 2. Microsofts FlagShip Title for their Xbox gaming console. Its a FPS. F is for First. P is for Person. S is for...   read

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