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Thank god it's friday night fights!

Sorry I've been slacking, work and school have been kicking my ass, but I'm ready to play some more Ship with you guys. Before we start, just a quick note

This is a dedicated server, so that means it's up 24/7. Feel free to hop into the server if you have any friends that might want to play as well at any time of the week.

Quickly some copy pasta.

Info is as follows:

Time: 7PST/10EST

Server Name: [Dtoid Community] Erimination Onry Prz
Password: Server will be locked depending on use, in case it is locked the password will be "Dtoid".

Note: Since The Ship does currently not have any voice support many of us will be chatting it up in the Destructoid Ventrillo

Port: 3790
The only password you'll need is to get into the social lounge which is the root of all the channels. Just put in the password "ftw" when prompted and drop down into "The Ship" channel under PC Gaming

The Ship

If you've never played The Ship before think of it as Clue meets The Sims. The idea of the game is that you're on a ship with many other passengers and everyone has someone that they must murder. The twist is that you also have someone looking to kill you. You must tend to your needs such as eating, sleeping, going to the restroom and showering; all of which are designed to distract you while your murderer hunts you down.

You can find various weapons in the game such as emergency flares, syringes, and mannequin arms. You find these by searching every nook and cranny of the boat.

If you're interested, you can buy The Ship for 14.99 through the Steam platform. Just hop into the server, connect to the ventrilo, and you're all set.

Hard Mode

Usually you have to have two people witness your crime before you're sent to jail (aside from cameras) this time you'll only need one. I've also lowered the timer for the witness meter down to two seconds. So if you're caught with your weapon out by one person you have two seconds. The more people, the less time. That means You'll have to kill people from behind, or do it before the witness timer goes off

Aside from that, happy hunting and I'll see you at 7PM PST on the server.
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