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To be completely honest I am a little disappointed with this years E3 event, but for a good reason. E3 is now a business summit meaning that everyone watching who matters is in it mostly for business. Companies are putting this shit out there for potential investors to buy up. So what we get is half-gamer conference and half-business conference. I would like E3 to really focus on one and just become a total business summit. We have so many more events that companies can attend such as 'E for All', 'PAX' just to name a couple. So why have one that can't do either right?

Hopefully in the coming years E3 will become a more business oriented event where we can hear just what makes the industry tick. And hopefully with no PR bullshit (while highly unlikely, it would be nice)

That being said, I'm glad the big 3 finished so that now we can get some good gameplay videos and hands-on posts :D

P.S To anybody who wins the Soul Calibur swag: I will give you my left nut for it.

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