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Because every game needs a pretty boy.

I'm not a gamer, I just happen to adore video games.

Currently Playing:
- Wow
- Skyrim
- BF3
- Yo momma

Need to finish
- Golden Sun
- Aquaria
- Bully
- Viva Pinata
- Tales of Vesperia
- Condemed 2
- Wow
- Skyrim

Currently Waiting for:
- Wow: Pandaland
- Diablo 3
- Starcraft: Heart of the Swarm
- LoL Graphical update
- Grimrock

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So I was cleaning my closet where I keep all my computer hardware boxes in case I need to build another box or i need them or some random purpose and look who I came across!

Merry Christmas to me!
Merry Christmas to me!
I broke Bayonettas street date!
And I'm so happy!

Merry Christmas Destructoid!

So I noticed a while back that my best buddy Senisan82 looks JUST LIKE Ice T. So I decided that we should have a Dtoid Look-a-Like contest(Where you win nothing)!

So to kick things off I'm going to post my Senisan82 and Ice T look-a-like picture. Enjoy!


3:10 AM on 07.01.2009

Hey there Dtoiders, oldfag 'shoki here with a lil'' somethin' somethin'

As some of you know I used to run a server for The Ship. A game developed by Outerlight and built on the Source engine that runs through the Steam platform.. If you've never played The Ship before it's basically Clue on a ship. You have someone to kill and so does everyone else. You walk around on a ship, (no shit) find weapons, and kill your target while avoiding your hunter. Just google it if you need more info. But trust me, this game is fun if you enjoy being paranoid.

So where's the survey? There isn't one, its more of a gauge to see how many of you would be interested to see a Ship server go up? One of my closest and dearest childhood friends PigguMasku asked if my server was still up. Sadly it's not but this can be changed quickly. If you're interested in a dedicated Dtoid server for The Ship post in this blog so that I can gauge how many people are willing to play on this server. This will 1) help me decide on actually putting it back up and 2) See how many slots I'll have to get.

I would also like to ask any of those who own The Ship to use up those free 3day passes so people can get a feel for the game to see if they'd like to purchase it for the pretty sweet price of 20 U.S smackers. I'm usually on Steam when I'm gaming so shoot me a message on Steam or join our Dtoid Steam Group. Thanks for helping me out and I'll see you on the high seas with mannequin arm in hand

Alex, i'm calling you out. I remember when you were just a spunk skoozie. Now you're just a busta. Straight

Now I see you spezzing out, toward it and out. Thats not cool bro, not cool. I'm here to tell you that me and
my crew are gonna save that church/swimming pool. The day of the YMCA dance off is almost here. Get
ready. Because you're cut. Voted off.

7:58 PM on 01.03.2009

Oh wait.... :(