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4:13 AM on 04.17.2009

Dragonball Evolution: the aftermath

well this week i decided to go to a movie... and so i chose Dragonball Evolution, strictly due to the fact that the trailers had made the Movie seem like a complete flop, but then i saw a clip from the movie that made me curious, so i figured i got nothing better to do, and it is only 6 bucks, what the hell i will do it, worse case scenario it is a train wreck, best case it try to be 100% faithful.

well i went and i must say the movie is actually not bad, it never takes it's self seriously, and while it is missing some of the support charicters like Krillin, Tien, Chou Su, Puar, Ox King, Oolong, and Yajirobe, which were not really missed (even though Krillin was my favorite charicter in the sereis), personally i wished that they had left out Bulma, and Yamcha as their acting was horrible. Goku and Chi Chi do a great job of carrying the movie, playing out alot like the part of DBZ where Gohan tries wooing Videll. The best part of this movie, and most of its best moments came when Master Roshii (Played by Chow Yun Fat) is on screen, and his performance is show stealing, he clearly had the time of his life playing this role, and it shows on film it was almost the type of performance we have come to expect out of Jackie Chan in recent years.

all in all if you are looking for a fun movie to see, give it a shot, you could do a whole lot worse, just don't expect much for sticking to the cannon of the cartoon.   read

8:52 PM on 04.09.2009

My Top 50 RPG's

My Top 50 RPG's

#50. Ogre Battle, The Predecessor to Ogre Battle 64, and the originator of the battle style Strategy RPG, one of the main features was that you actually set and plotted a course for your troops and had to take into account not only the distance, but how long it would take for them to move to a destination, the terrain, and whether moving your troops was a good idea, like if they could not get to an area on time to make a difference, or if the losses would be acceptable if you made the move.

#49. Kingdom Hearts, Squaresoft's second attempt at blending universes this time though it was aimed more at Final Fantasy & Disney fans.... as long as you can suspend enough disbelief from the stories of classic Disney movies than you will have plenty to love here, though I would have like to see them travel to some of the Final Fantasy Worlds

#48.Balders Gate, One of the PC RPG experiences that helped to redefine what the PC RPG stood for, this game is so deep and layered that there is almost always something new to learn about the game and it’s play system every time you play it. be sure to play it if you can find a copy in the bargain bin so check it out

#47.Marvel Ultimate Alliance, what happens when you mix all of the great qualities that made you love the Xmen Legends series with many of the more popular heroes that make up Marvel’s Universe, and tighten up the game play? Greatness, and hours of multiplayer hack and slash fun.

#46. .(Dot) Hack (Infection , Mutation , Outbreak , Quarantine), A unique experience, you play in a RPG about an MMO, that doesn’t have any online what so ever, and to be honest I fully enjoyed my self, I just wish that they could have shrunk it to one or two volumes instead of four. You play as a new user to an MMO, and find that there may be more going on than simply going online to complete quests.

#45. Ultima Exodus, This game was awesome for the NES, I love this game, not only did I feel that it was deeper than much of the RPG competition on the NES, but it had many multiple classes for you to chooses your party from beyond what other games of it’s like did

#44. Final Fantasy X[/i], easily one of the best stories in the series, not to mention some of the best graphics on the PS2, and some of the best (and worst) characters (and lets not get started with the bad voice acting) in the series as well, if you haven’t played it by now you should.

#43.Tales of Symphonia, The First truly good Gamecube only RPG, what made this game special was not only that it had a great story and characters but it was also a JRPG that allowed you to have your friends join in on the fun, should they want to

#42. Ogre Battle 64, so that I don’t take up 2 pages, Ogre Battle 64 played almost exactly like the original. Just know that if you can find it buy it. One of the few hardcore strategy games to appear on the N64, Ogre battle 64 is a difficult and consuming strategy RPG that will eat away many of your hours, and is nigh impossible to find.

#41. Paper Mario, Mario's First RPG since the Super Mario RPG on the SNES, sporting a flat 2D style with the game often takes pokes fun at the concept that Mario is made of paper, too bad it took Nintendo till the end of the N64's Life cycle to release this Gem

#40. Vagrant Story, A cult favorite game for most of the RPG Fans, what sets this game apart is a unique presentation, since it blends a Comic Book look with the feel within the trappings of a Square RPG and it worked quite well.

#39. Phantasy Star Collection, Just because Phantasy Stars 1, 2, and 3 are all together in all their classic glory in this GBA port, separately they are amazing games, but compiled together you get to see the grand scale of the 3 games as they play off one another as one grand over-arching story, and that is how I first experienced the games anyway

#38. Persona, Another Shin Megami Tensei Game with all of the stylized beauty we have come to expect from the series and one of the first RPG’s to get released on the PS1, what made it unique was the whole having to choose a god aspect of the game, and then trying to plant him as the Supreme Being.

#37. Chrono Cross, The Sequel to Chrono Trigger, I Never did beat this game because the second disk of my copy was bad.... and by the time I got it back from being repaired, I had moved on to other RPG's, though some day I would like to finish it, as what I played I loved.

#36. Suikoden 3, makes this list because of a great story told from the point of view of 3 characters rather than just one, and you get to choose which one to make the hero, this game is an amazing game that I enjoyed immensely

#35. Xenogears, much has been made about the similarities between this game and the Anime, Evangelion since they were released in Japan at almost the same time, and feature oddly similar stories, still this is a lot of fun to play and if you can find a copy it’s recommended that you should check this out

#34. Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga[/i], I would say that Luigi is the star of this game more than Mario, especially since the game features an interesting sense of humor, and Luigi has always had more of a sense of humor than Mario, the game is odd and kooky and fun all at the same time yet retains the feel of what makes a Mario game a Mario game.

#33. Golden Sun, Camelot made a game that is still one of the most beautiful games released on the GBA, and a highly engaging RPG on its own merits the game was meant to be part one of a series of games, sadly we have only seen 2 of those games, and the third game doesn’t appear to be coming any time soon

#32. Diablo, The Original Dungeon Crawling Hack, and Slash RPG absolutely has to make the list, I just like the additions brought to the series in its sequel better especially the ability to run from point to point, and the skill tree system, still you can not slight the greatness of this Classic.

#31. Mass Effect, is an interesting take on the RPG from the creators of “Knights of the old Republic”, retaining a sci-fi setting and classic feel of the Bioware style RPG that most have come to expect, but taking a more cinematic approach to the game to make it feel like more a movie, or a interactive choose your own story book, but this game has a more infamous standing within my group of friends, thanks to all of the media focus about the sex scene in it, one night one of my friends got drunk and started shouting “Push the Sex Button” for the entire night…… to say the least it has quickly become a rallying cry for my friends

#30. Dragon Quest VIII, How this game got overlooked by the mainstream RPG fan here in the USA is well beyond me, great characterization, far deeper story than I expected with some nice twists will keep you locked deep into this game for a long time to come.

#29. Phantasy Star Online, is the original MMORPG (especially for the console). The game it’s self can be played fully online or played offline by your self and with friends. And what was better this version was free to play online (that changed with Version 2 that is why the 2nd version is not on my list). You haven't lived until you are dungeon crawling with Germans at 3 in the morning, discussing current politics while killing the bosses.

#28. Phantom Brave, from the people that brought you Disgaea, Phantom Brave is a strategy RPG in the same mold but what sets this one apart is the fact that the movement grid is gone replaced buy a movement area, a radius of area on the map that your characters can move in

#27. Secret of Mana, this game was full out action multiplayer RPG Goodness, one of the first RPG’s to allow more than one player at a time to play, if not the first. The first time I played it I thought it and this surreal look that I didn’t like but I found also strangely compelling, and I found my self really enjoying my self. Besides how many other games before or since allowed you to beat up Santa?

#26. Dragon Quest, a blast from the past, it is nice to know that the old style of game play has not changed established in the original game in the series hasn’t changed much since the NES days, even in it’s more modern incarnations.
#25. Final Fantasy[/i], The first game in the Final Fantasy Series, and the savior of Squaresoft for without it Square would not have been around to produce the rest of the series. To be honest I tired it because I loved Final Fantasy 3(6) and I borrowed my friends copy for the NES just to see where the series came from

#24. . Neverwinter Nights, Think Baldur's Gate except fully realized in 3d! Add in a quest editor so you can create your own role playing adventures and share them with your friends either online or over a LAN. Another amazing game on the PC and a must own for D&D fans, even if the quest editor is a little broken

#23. Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga 1 & 2, I can’t believe I almost forgot this game.... shame on me; this game breaks Cliché’s that are common with most JRPG’s, like staring adults rather than children. With a compelling story and interesting characters this game has a completely unique feel even though many fans of the Shin Megami Tensei series consider this game to be too easy by comparison to the rest of the series.

#22. Shenmue, it took me a while to get started into this game, but when I started I couldn't stop playing it. Shenmue uses a different setting, story, and even play mechanics to convey its tale of revenge, just be warned that you need to be patient to enjoy this game and love it or hate it you get to thank this game for the return of context sensitive sections in games.
#21. Baldurs Gate 2[/i], This Game features a Barbarian who talks to his pet rat do I need to give you any other reason to play this game? In all honesty this is my favorite D&D based game, oh and another great game from the folks at Bioware.

#20. Paper Mario 2: the Thousand Year Door, is The Sequel to the much loved Paper Mario for the 64, Paper Mario Returns on the Gamecube to save the princess from Aliens. The Thousand Year Door took the paper gimmick to new levels allowing Mario’s paper form to open up new game play gimmicks.

#19. Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne[/i], if you can find this game then you must play; I think that the easiest way to classify this game would be to call it a evil version of Pokemon, with demons, very pretty people, and much steeper learning curve, much much steeper. This game is hard, crazy hard, but the rewards are great and totally worth it, and the special guest is a lot of fun too.... Now where is that yellow rat I have wanted to kill for way too long
#18. Disgaea~Hour of Darkness[/i], sporting a retro SNES, early PS1 look, Disgaea easily has one of the best storylines of ay game on the PS2, which is not only kooky and weird, but funny, and charming as well, and can now be enjoyed on the PSP and DS as well.

#17. Final Fantasy Tactics, the first tactical rendition of the popular Final Fantasy series, and make by the creator of Tactics Ogre, this was many peoples first foray into the strategy RPG genre, and unlocking the game’s hidden guest stars was an extra cool bonus.

#16. Super Mario RPG, Mario's first RPG, and first foray into 3d rendering, and believe it or not the first Mario game to have a story, brought to us by the fine folks at Squaresoft, this was also the first time you could play as Bowser which was always cool, but that wasn’t what made this game really cool, a cool cast an action based RPG using much of Mario’s core game play gimmicks as the RPG’s battle system with the tried and true results.

#15, Pokemon Red/Blue, I got hooked on this game while watching my former Boy Scout troop. Up until my boys let me play it I had no desire to look at, let alone play this game, due to the lame anime, and kiddy look. Needless to say I was hooked instantly, I had to go get a Gameboy again, and for renewing my love of the Gameboy it grabs a spot on the list

#14. Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4, The follow up to the highly successful Persona 3, took a new direction from the 3rd game and moved the setting to the country, and involving a new cast of characters while refining the game play that made the 3rd game such a hit making this probably the last truly great RPG released on the PS2.

#13. Lunar: Silver Star Story, Where do I Begin with Lunar, this was the first RPG to use Video to help convey a story, introduced a unique battle system, and had enduring characters, even the minor characters in Lunar were enduring, Engaging story, and amazing soundtrack, the whole game sucked you in and just never let go.

#12. Tactics Ogre: The Knights of Lodis, One of the hidden gems of the Gameboy Advance, and the sequel to the original fantasy based tactical RPG, and the first great strategy RPG on the GBA, this game has the distinction of being the game that got me interested in SRPG’s in the first place as I didn’t get into final fantasy tactics till much later

#11. Final Fantasy 4, Just re-released for the GBA and Remade for the DS in full 3D, this game help spark me into game collecting, when I found a copy for the SNES with Super Metroid at a garage sale for $5, and one of the RPG’s that helped to spark interest in the genre with an amazing story

#10. Skies of Arcadia / Skies of Arcadia Legends, I put both up here because they are the same game essentially, and I gave them the same score when I reviewed them. Excellent characters, amazing graphics, air navel battle system, and unique level design, and was the first RPG so show the characters facial expressions reacting to the comments of the other members of your party. Easily one of the best RPG's of it's time, and easily holds it's own against the Final Fantasy Series.

#9. Diablo 2, is the sequel to the Original Dungeon crawling Hack and Slash PC game. This game is 5 years old, but has held the test of time extremely well, and I am eagerly awaiting the third game in the series which hopes to see release soon

#8 The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion, This game is about as close to playing a game of D & D as one can get, even more so than Neverwinter Nights, the life like graphics, and massive world, make you fell less like you are playing a game and more like you are actually living your created characters life! Do what you want to; be who you want to, but you must earn your way in the world of Tamriel to complete the daunting task of closing the gates to the demon world of Oblivion.

#7. Fallout 3, taking the post apocalyptic world setting from the original 2 games, and molding it in to the same engine that Oblivion used, along with allowing the player to choose how they wanted to fight weather in a targeting mode called the Vats, or as a First Person Shooter make no mistake about it this is a Grand RPG and if for nothing else.

#6. Grandia, Epic scale and beautiful graphics put this Saturn/PSX RPG in the list as well as great characters, and unique battle system that allowed its players to choose their spots on that battle field for tactical purposes and party survival

#5. Final Fantasy 7, The First fully 3d Final Fantasy, this game had some of the best cinematic scenes of its time. So what made Final Fantasy 7so great? After the SNES era we were all used to 2d and sprites in our games, and even most of the RPG’s released on the Playstation before this looked like SNES games ported over with some tweaks and the occasional 3d moment, but Final Fantasy 7 blew everyone away in not only look but by the sheer scope of the game. As a humongous fan of Final Fantasy 6 I had to play this so bad that I bought a Playstation the second I heard it was going to be on that platform. This game dropped in ranking simply because the ending was, in my opinion, the worst in the series. But even then it does not detract from the great game that Final Fantasy 7 is.

#4. Grandia 2, one of the best RPG's of last Generation, let alone on the Dreamcast, they butchered the PS2 remake of this game graphically so the Dreamcast version of this classic was the only really decent version released on US soil. Great characters, a dynamic storyline and unique fighting system that didn’t veer off from the standard set in the original helped make this game feel special, tied in with an amazing and dynamic ending and you will find yourself fully enamored with this game and the characters was well.

#3. Shin Megami Tensei Persona 3 (and FES), lets get one thing straight this game is absolutely not for everyone due to much of the subject matter, this game has adult imagery, and content, and that is what makes it stand out, much like the other games in the Shin Megami Tensei series it uses characters from most major world religions present and past, the Occult, and built a great and interesting story around that, on it’s own this game is a 60+ hour RPG, you add the extra content on the FES disk and you get another 30 hours of game play. This is one game that keeps you coming back time and time again to try to unlock all of the Social links and unlock all of the Potential Personas, this game might not only make you think but will keep you coming back for more multiple times.

#2. Final Fantasy 6, was my first RPG, technically speaking as it was the first one I enjoyed, and in my mind the best in the Final Fantasy series. So why else does this deserve this ranking in my list? 6 was the only game in the Final Fantasy series to star a female lead character until Final Fantasy X2, and not only her but all of the characters were great and memorable Characters, The Soundtrack was Epic, the game was properly paced, and featured the truly greatest villain of the Final Fantasy series, Kefka. While Seperoth may have killed a main character in Final Fantasy 7, he wasn’t the first to do so in the series, In Final Fantasy 6 Kefka poisoned a city’s water supply and killed everyone in a city, and then successfully brought about the apocalypse wiping out almost everyone in the world, and in the Esper World just to satiate his power lust. To be honest I feel that in my opinion this was the last game in the series that really had a complete and lasting storyline, as well as set the standard for quality in the series that we have come to expect.

#1. Chrono Trigger, if you know me you had to know that this one had to be my number one, 10+ endings over 60 hors of game play, one of the best storylines in any RPG that not only spanned many unique locals and time eras that when it was originally released was an unheard of concept, character design by the creator of Dragon Ball, and the character designer for Dragon Quest series, and one of the most memorable soundtracks of all time, all of which may be standard in many modern RPG’s now, but this is the first to do it and do it right. No random battles, you can actually see your enemies on screen, and avoid fights if you want too, and speaking of main characters dying, the party leader dies off and has to be resurrected, an major enemy early on can be converted to an ally, and becomes a team leader, and the rest of the party is represent different time periods. On top of that the game was recently remade for the DS so now all of you can experience it for your self, and as a testament to this games greatness the remake is on average one of Metacritic’s highest rated games for the DS with a 92 out of 100

5 games that can’t make the list because I haven’t played them yet

Suikoden 2

Dragon Quest 5

Final Fantasy 9

Lost Odyssey

Earthbound (mother 2)

Honorable Mentions

Shadow Hearts series

Suikoden 5

Atilier Iris series

Valkyrie Profile series   read

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