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YaMissed2 avatar 4:32 AM on 12.22.2009  (server time)
Happy Birthday to me... and my year in games

That is right today is December 22 2009 and I am officially 32 years old, life has been really busy so keeping up with making posts on my blog has proven tiring to nigh impossible to be honest, sadly it seems like it almost takes a month to get a review to the quality I demand of it anymore, and same goes for my top 20 lists of games, and while normally I do something big and formal for my games of the year i don't have the energy nor the time to make it properly like I would like to do, so i am going to break from format this year, and maybe forever, and instead talk about the games that really stood out to me as a gamer this year and a few of my disappointments.

On the 360 front the games that kept me hooked included Batman:Arkham Asylum this was a genuine surprise not only in quality but in cost, I was able to get it at launch for $40 and to be honest I felt it was easily the most fun, interesting, and well places uses of my time in a single player game that I played at all this year; Dragon Age Origins, was hands down the best RPG I played this year, I haven't been this immersed in a RPG since Fallout 3 though something tells me it may not have the longevity with me that Fallout 3 and it's expansions did. Speaking of expansions GTA 4 had some excellent DLC this year with ballad of gay Tony and the lost and the damned, and Borderlands is my current addiction

Wii wise, Metroid Prime Trilogy, which includes all three classic Metroid Prime games on one disc, including one game that had already been previously released on the Wii kept me quite entertained until Batman came and stole it's thunder from my attention; New Super Mario Bros. Wii, classic Mario game play and my other current addiction but playing this game makes me realize what I missed in the original on the DS and this new incarnation on the Wii, the ability to fly. when it comes to Mario games exploration is one of the keys to game play, and without flight a lot of that is taken away, that said i am hooked like a fish and will be playing this well into the new year, at least until mass effect 2 comes out: sadly in the flood of game that came out this year i also purchased Mad World but wasnít terribly impressed by it, as well as House of the Dead Overkill, which is a must own title on the Wii, and Muramasa the demon blade which has sadly gotten lost in the shuffle at this minute and I havenít gotten around to yet.

PSP had a largely quiet year this year in my opinion but there were a couple games that stood out to me, Disgaea 2 Dark Hero Days, this PSP remake of the PS2 original was one of the highlights for the system this year, and seems to have been overlooked by many looking for game of the year nods on portable systems; Shin Megami Tensei Persona is another example of a great game remade for the PSP that I felt got overlooked by many other reviewers, still a fun and functional remake of the original PS1 game, re-crafted to be more familiar to the fans of the more recent entries of the Persona series

Mario & Luigi: Bowser's inside story, another great title in the Mario & Luigi series has me hooked though to be honest I keep tossing between this Scribblenauts, Harry Hatsworth, Pokemon Platinum, and Shin Megami Tensi Devil Survivor for playtime dominance on my DS this year and all make it hard to just shut up and say that one was really superior to another

Biggest disappointment this year for me was Modern Warfare 2, seriously i fell asleep playing this snooze fest and I am not dumb enough to play this on line, i mean how much fun can you have getting killed as soon as you spawn for hours upon hours on end. close second was Brutal Legend, i really enjoyed the single player mode of this title but it ended too soon and the broken rts elements ultimately ruin this game that was full of so much promise, still it is extremely funny and worth a rental, [Prototype] looked so awesome, sadly was repetitive, and frustrating. And last but not least Left 4 Dead 2: I like the characters in this version more and it is more to love but the lack of help from the AI in single player is frustrating and annoying and leaves me not wanting to play it offline

in case you were wondering what about the PC and PS3, donít own them so i cant state for the games on those 2 platforms, and i think it would be best not too

as for next year goals, a new PC, so i can play games on it and maybe a PS3 finally, but time will tell, and maybe a Gamefly subscription to sublet costs, and coming soon to this blog I am half done rewriting my top 20 Genesis games, and in the middle of a review so keep your eyes peeled!

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