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Y0j1mb0 avatar 4:03 PM on 09.28.2010  (server time)
Why DESTRUCTOID ROCKS Reason # 1,545: Funktastic Edition.

[ Blogger's note: I was going to wait to post this tomorrow seeing as Tony had a similar post but then I thought: Hell no. This is what Destructoid is all about and the more attention Dtoid and it's ridiculously giving community gets, the better. ]

I think that everybody in our glorious community can pretty much write a blog on a daily basis of why Destructoid as a whole rocks and we would never run out of reasons. That's how rich Destructoid is with it's undeniable love for everybody that frequents here, especially it's community members. I can pretty much testify that I have never seen this amount of joy and love shared among people in any other place. This is yet another example of a community member unprovoked being awesome to another here... specifically me.

In our last episode of Why DESTRUCTOID ROCKS, Ckarasu bestowed upon my person much free swag. And life for me was good. So what could possibly make me create another post of why Destructoid and its community rocks. Why simple. More generosity. Take a gander at this my fellow colleagues and bathe in the feeling of fellowship.

It all began like any other day, except it was two days after my 39th birthday. I felt old, cranky and hoping kids would get on my lawn so I could tell them to get off it. Even watching a good movie wasn't peeling my cantankerous exterior. Then it happened...

Hmmm...who could this be? I mean I live in the country where they make Friday the 13th movies and my closest neighbor is quite a bit away. The mailman, eh? And with a package for me. Oh boy, was it the the truckload of blu-rays I ordered? Can't be, I just ordered them yesterday. No, it was much better than that.

It was from fellow Dtoider and all around cool cat Funktastic. Opening the package I was greeted with his manifesto, really a touching long letter wishing me a Happy Birthday and a few other things like me drawing him something. I gotta tell you, for the longest time he has wanted a drawing of a Domo from me, why I don't know, as my artistic skills are not things to write home about. But I have been working on one for my Canadian friend and soon I'll be able to unveil it and send it his way. Trust me Funk, it will be worth the wait. In the letter he also told me I was finally old enough to see this movie which he sent my way. How on earth he knew this was on top of my Netflix queue is beyond me...

Now let's see what else is in that there picnic basket.

UFC shirt? I'm digging it. Actually I'm a t shirt whore so I dig all shirts and there were quite a bit more he sent.


Fun fact: I LOVE wearing t shirts from shitty games. It's the ultimate fashion statement for the game rebels out in the world.

Nice. But wait, there's even more.

I'm actually interested in this upcoming The Hunted game. Cool yet it's the next shirt that I lost it over.

Wow. Thank you Funk!! I've been meaning to get one of these just haven't gotten to it yet and now I have this in my grubby hands. This is beyond appreciated and more than enough to rinse my foul mood I was experiencing earlier away...but there's more still. What I'm about to show you may not mean much to some but to me couldn't have been a better gift to me. If you know anything about me it's that I am obsessed with collecting a certain thing. To the point of having over 45 different ones in my collection. For Funktastic to remember this little factoid about me and actually contribute to my obsession has made me at a loss for words. Have a look at what else he sent.





I absolutely love these man. The first one he bought when he was at Greece. It's a travel chess set but surprisingly solid with weight as well as quality. The chess pieces are styled after the Greek gods. Chad may like the fact that the pawn pieces are dolphins frozen jumping in the air. The second one is much bigger, folds in for you to store the chess pieces and looks to have like an Inca design to it. On one side the knights are llamas and on the other side is traditional horses. I love the style of this one a lot. The little board is gorgeous. Can you believe that there is one more thing to show as well? Inside the fold out chess set, this was in it:

Seriously Jonathan, I can't even begin to thank you enough for all of this. Much love brother. The surreal thing is that this is indicative as a whole of just about all the Dtoiders here. Giving, selfless, and just plain awesome. Here's another special thank you to Jonathan/Funktastic. Thanks dude, you're the tits. You will be getting that Samurai Domo drawing very very soon and I'll make sure to post it in a blog before I send it out. People of Destructoid show him some love. And also a thank you to Destructoid as a whole for having the BEST DAMN COMMUNITY EVER.

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