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Y0j1mb0 avatar 2:10 PM on 12.15.2009  (server time)
Why DESTRUCTOID ROCKS: #1,544: Wry Guy Edition!!

I think that everybody in our glorious community can pretty much write a blog on a daily basis of why Destructoid as a whole rocks and we would never run out of reasons. That's how rich Destructoid is with it's undeniable love for everybody that frequents here, especially it's community members. I can pretty much testify that I have never seen this amount of joy and love shared among people in any other place. This is yet another example of a member unprovoked being awesome to another here... specifically me.

In our last episode of Why DESTRUCTOID Rocks, Counting Conflict bestowed upon my person much free swag. And life for me was good. So what could possibly make me create another post of why Destructoid and its community rocks. Why simple. More generosity. Take a gander at this my fellow colleagues and bathe in the feeling of fellowship.

Well well well. A package and a hefty one at that. I wonder from who? Wry Guy? Ok.

Oh my. That's a lot of swag.

A Super Mario Bros t shirt? Hell yeah. And the size is just right. Large.

What else? A Fairy tale Nights shirt as well? I haven't played the game but I LOVE the art in this shirt.

Ghostbusters shirt too? YES. I am a huge Ghostbusters fan.

A Beatles RockBand/GameStop shirt? Haha. I actually dig it.

OMG. This Metroid shirt is KICKASS. wow.

Some accessories too? Ghostbusters and Mario Bomb belt buckles? SWEET.

Seriously I was good with all that but he had to throw a Demon's Souls poster too... awesome.

Wow. Even more? A Silent Hill 4 strategy guide to top it all off. ( We traded some games awhile back and that was one of the ones he gave me. )

Know that I didn't have a clue he would send me any of this stuff. He just did out of the blue. The surreal thing is that this is indicative as a whole of just about all the Dtoiders here. Giving, selfless, and just plain awesome. Here's a special thank you to Wry Guy. Thanks dude, you're the tits. I'm beginning to see why your blog banner says you're too cool to have a banner because well you are. People show him some love. And also a thank you to Destructoid as a whole for having the BEST DAMN COMMUNITY EVER.

Happy Holidays kids. Hope you get all those games you wanted and get all the time in the world to play them!

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