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Y0j1mb0 avatar 8:32 PM on 04.09.2008  (server time)

Destrutoid has it's fair share of gamers of all ages, races, sexual orientation, fan boys, geeks , nerds, old men, psychopathic serial killers and just general awesomeness. But there is a class amongst themselves that rise above the fray with their wit and intelligence. This blog is not about them.

This is about the sexiest women we stable here in our hallowed halls of Destructoid. Yes ladies and gentlemen, it's time for our long overdue Top Ten Sexiest Women of Destructoid. The list below you was compiled by our own fellow Dtoiders, they just didn't know it. Comments were picked up here and there, then scooped up by yours truly from members in different posts to be tallied and given shape into the list before you.

The list obviously is subjective but it's close to being a definitive one. So without further ado... may I present you with the eye-candy that is The Top Ten Sexiest Women of Destructoid.

10. Kacie 360

Any girl in a rock band automatically becomes sexy. That is the rule of thumb. Not only that but by her comments, she is insightful and opinionated. Not to mention her music rocks and can be downloaded free to boot and you got yourself a no brain-er of inclusion to being one of our Top Ten Sexiest Women here in Destructoid.

Kacie's Blogs

9. Miss Hinasaki

She may very well have a cock and she may not like the Playstation but those two things are too trivial to deny her a rightful place in the Top Ten Sexiest Women of Destructoid. With her youthful and sexy demeanor Miss Hinasaki takes the number nine spot with a wicked sense of humor, a maturity beyond her years and that smile. That evil sexy smile.

Miss Hinasaki's Blogs

8. Vixen

Say what you will about Vixen and her controversial blogs but there's one thing you can't deny. She's a looker and she knows it. With her long locks, pierced lip, and freak you all night eyes , Vixen is a force in the sexiness department. While even I have given her a hard time, there's no denying she's back on Destructoid with a different and welcomed voice. Did I mention she's a looker?

Vixen's Blogs that don't Exist Anymore

7. Sadie G

This is an amazing feat by Sadie G. To be in the Top Ten Sexiest Women on Destructoid without so much as a peek at her face. No pictures anywhere nor a glimmer of a description. Ultimately it matters not because her spunk, outcries of Shooting you in your fucking Face, and her new takes on blogs have cemented her a place in our Top Ten. Can usually be seen shooting people's faces off in UTIII on Sadistic & Sadie's Saturday Night Slaughter.

Sadie's Blogs

6. Fox News Girl

This Fox News Girl came and went like a thief in the night. Last seen on April Fool's Day on our own Foxtoid, her sexiness still stirs my loins. From her long feathered blonde hair to her erotic lamb chomp facial hair, down to her mouth teasingly shaped for fellatio. ..The Fox News Girl will live on in our Top Ten Sexiest Women of Destructoid.

Skank Whore's Blogs

5. Pinksage

I honestly don't know what's sexier..This woman's lips or her game collection that rivals most hardcore gamers. By the way did you know this gorgeous woman can draw her ass off. Her skillz with the pen are mighty indeed. And since I whore myself out with every artist in the place, I now do so here..if you ever have the chance..please ..a Bearded Samurai for old y0j1mb0. Beauty, hardcore gamer, artist..this assures Pinksage a number five spot on the Top Ten Sexiest Women of Destructoid.

Pinksage's Blogs

4. Rio McCarthy

Rio McCarthy? Really? Oh, yes I shit you not. Even though she looks almost suffocating cute, within her lies a sexy lioness bursting to get out. Not only that but she is definitely a hardcore gamer and can draw her ass off too. [ Inserting Plea for a Bearded Samurai Here.] My mother told me to find me a woman that can cook and sew. She's got one them mastered to a T. Rio can usually be found stalking Chad for babies to be put in her by him and creating some of the weirdest and coolest caps, Tshirts and custom thongs around. That alone solidifies her number four spot in the Top Ten Sexiest Women of Destructoid.

Rio's Blogs

3. Virtual Girl

If I have to explain to you folks why this woman needs to be in this list you are either blind, gay which you should still want her, or retarded. Virtual Girl had me at her Wonder Woman attire. She exudes lust with just an arch of her eyebrows. A talented writer, graphic designer and now working in the lands of Game Informer she seems to have it all. Truly sexiness is like a second skin for her and because of that she earns her place as number three in the Top Ten Sexiest Women of Destructoid.

Virtual Girl's Blogs

2. Atheistium

There's something about a redhead that makes me do a double take. With atheistium being one, then being a hardcore gamer, then add being from another country ( foreign booty rocks ), then being a fantastic blogger to boot ( ..her girl rant blog is one of my favorites ) .. it's REAL easy to see why she is number two. Just take a look at that pic above and the way she's smiling. She looks like she can take on all the Destructoid men at once and still look for more man meat. That look in her blue eyes lands her in the runner up position of number two in the Top Ten Sexiest Women of Destructoid.

Atheistium's Blogs

And now the coveted Number One spot. The woman that 99.9% of the men in Destructoid daydream about. The woman who's teeth have been fantasized biting on them. The woman with eyes as deep as an ocean. Who's every movement is but a small piece of music that is an accompanying piece to a larger symphony of seduction. May I present to you..

1. Colette Bennett

Didn't you already know when you read the title to this post who number one was going to be already ? Didn't you think to yourself: Colette better be number one !?? That Iconic Avatar has been the fixation of quite a few Dtoiders of the opposite sex and maybe a few of the same sex as well. There really isn't anything else for me to say about how sexy she is except to show you different looks of her. Here's to Colette Bennett: the NUMBER ONE woman on the Top Ten Sexiest Women of Destructoid.

Cheers Sexy.

Colette's Blogs


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