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Y0j1mb0 avatar 11:43 PM on 04.16.2013  (server time)
The Playstation Store sucks balls.

I've stated before that as a father of three, I have levels of patience and tolerance that normal people without children ( or superpowers ) do not possess. Meaning that I usually let things slide off my person, no matter how irritated I may be by whatever action is causing discomfort. Typically it's just not worth the effort to address but occasionally something will penetrate my wall of Zen clean through to the point where the only way to mend it is to grudgingly air out my grievances. Consider what I'm writing now a grievance that has been chipping at my wall for quite a while now and one I am forced to not just mend, but eradicate the source causing it altogether.

Now I know there has been a swelling of support for the Playstation brand in general due to folks either warming up to their PS3s or their enthusiastic anticipation of the PS4 with the bells, whistles and kitchen sink in tow. The new system has gobs of memory, indie developers apparently are ejaculating to Sony's warm embrace of them, and it has been said on the down low that it even spoon feeds you nachos while you play it. While all of that sounds peachy, here's something Sony may want to not replicate that their PS3 does do and that's having a broken store to download shit from.

Pure and simple as the eloquent title to this post has clued you in on, the store sucks balls. Not little marble sized ones...we're talking massive elephant ones here brother. The problem? The Playstation store updates are unbelievably inconsistent. You know when Nintendo's digital store has got you beat you got issues. Iím going to post a question/comment that I would love for someone in the know in their camp would try to respond to ( which they wont ) and here it is: Why the heck are the store updates so sporadic when they are actually done? Anyone? After 8pm EST, really? Seriously? Sometimes itís 4pm, sometimes 6pm, other times earlier or as is the case today ( well, tonight really ) the time that it still hasn't happened. For your information it is after midnight. Exactly forty-five minutes after midnight. That is now the next day... and still no store update.

Is it really that complicated of an operation to actually release the store update on a CONSISTENT basis? Is there some form of nuclear physics that must be taken into consideration of said operation that makes it so difficult for this to be accomplished? I donít get it. You know what is going up in the store and the dateÖ I donít comprehend how knowing those two factors you canít consistently get the update done in a timely fashion. Heck I would take a late update every time if it meant counting on a specific time, every time, it would be done.Perhaps it is my impatience but certainly I canít be the only multiple console owning chap here. I prefer my digital downloads on my PS3 because Iím somewhat of a Trophy whore and I genuinely prefer playing on my PS3, but really why should I wait til whenever you guys decide to get off of your incompetent duffs to actually implement it when I can just go somewhere else and download said game I want ( if it's on multiple platforms )? Or wait all frigginí day to download a full retail game digitally when I can just go to Gamestop or Walmart and pick up a copy? What is the deterrent for me to say "fuck it" and not buy anything? Eventually even the most fervent of fans start to question stupidity. Ask some of those gamers who paid for Xbox Live and got tired of defending the cost. Now Iím not a business expert or analyst with sales stats pertaining to your digital sales but Iíll wager you guys are losing a LOT of lost sales because of you folks not getting your ducks in a row when it comes to this.

I know this hasn't been talked about from game sites, probably cause they just get their download code for their review copy all easy-peasy early but for the rest of us peons who actually pay for their shit and expect you know, a reliable service this has been an ongoing issue for a while now. If Sony is even remotely eyeballing climbing back in the ranks of the console leaderboards, before worrying about graphics, memory, or courting indie devs they may want to start from the basics first. You gotta take baby steps before you can run dog.

Again, could someone sincerely take me through the process of the store update? Maybe it is a herculean chore. Then again, how come all of your competition can do it consistently on a set time?




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