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Y0j1mb0 avatar 10:25 AM on 02.21.2010  (server time)
The Hypocrisy of Gamers

Seems a lot of people were dismayed by our own resident weekend editor Matt 'Cowzilla' Razak's placement of this iconic Vietnam war picture he used for a header regarding a rumor for a Vietnam war game. Many saying it was in bad taste, that it was posted as a joke, that it made light of the events that happened then because it was used for a videogame post. Quite a few expressed disappointment at Matt and Destructoid as well for having it there. Some said something else could of been used in its place instead of that. Something lighter that still conveyed the Vietnam war and not the obvious gimmick Matt used to garner hits to his post. I mean, I'm quite sure Matt in his nefarious and tasteless ways chose that specific picture for its shock attention values, am I right?

He could have used something less provocative in a snapshot. Something that clearly should have been more palpable for a videogame post about the Vietnam war. Something like this:

Maybe something with no guns in the picture:

Then again this could have worked:

Damn, for whatever reason I can't find one picture of the Vietnam war where there's cats with fatigues prancing around with a silly caption above their heads. Or half naked chicks with thongs on a chopper surveying a war torn land. Maybe I should of specified in my search query a cartoon picture because we gamers, who go up in arms about censorship in games and how as a whole our genre of gaming should be taken more seriously, know that using a picture for a game blog header ( even if it correlates to the topic at hand ), needs to be those things in order to resonate and not disappoint with us mature adult gamers.

Matt you should of known better. I am disappointed.

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