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Y0j1mb0 avatar 1:50 AM on 04.07.2008  (server time)

Are you tired of playing FPS all the time online? Do you yearn for a game that will exercise that noggin' more than it's being used? Do you wanna play a game where the bullshit you spew may actually help you win a game? What about a game that let's you eat that roast beef sandwich in peace as you play and drink beer? If you said yes to at least two of these then step right up to our new PS3 Brainchild. That's right..we can't get enough playtime here folks. May I introduce...

From this day forth Monday Nights will be PS3 Poker Nights. No need to leave the comforts of your home for a boys night out. Cause we're bringing the boys night out to YOU. You think you can play Poker? You think you can take me on online as well as my PS3 Poker aficionados? Well bring it bitch! Just don't cry when we take all your moniez away from you. I'm quite sure your wondering what game in question we will be playing. To make it easier financially we are doing this down loadable poker game from the PSN Store. It's only 9.99 and just received it's video/chat patch. Needless to say I and a bunch of Dtoiders took it for a test run and we can assure you it was a blast to play. As a matter of fact I'll just show you some of our shenanigans with it right now.

Here are some snippets. Notice our poker wear in the video shots to the right of the pics.

Also notice that even my on screen avatar has an Epic Beard.

All in Bitch!! Come on..Gimme your Moniez!!

We had a blast tonight doing our test run of it. Anybody interested in joining our Poker Night leave your PSN tag. If you got that new PS EYE you can show us how good your poker face really is. The time for the games will be at 10pm EST. Till whenever you lose all your loot to us or you get so drunk you pass out. And if that happens we will not take pictures of your video, and we will not blog about it to our fellow Dtoiders to try to embarrass you. Nuh uh!

To all who are interested download the Poker Game in question from the PSN's cheap, only ten bucks ( Just don't get that SuperSize Mc Rib Meal with the Large Shake you fat bastard and you'll have the money ), and it's worth it as it's as fun as World Series Of Poker without the additional 29.99 more you would pay for that. Oh and it's the only poker game to download so you wont have trouble locating it.

Also since it's our debut tomorrow I'll throw in a prize your way. Nothing too special but hey!, free shit is free shit. The Dtoider with the most wins I'll toss then this:

You should have this in your collection if your a real gamer but if not it can be yours if you can best us in cards. This is one of my Favorite games. If you haven't noticed from the picture I took, it's still sealed. Not even opened. Just waiting on your grubby hands to dive into it's video game goodness. And from my personal collection to boot!! ( Don't fret..I have another. ) So to all who are interested for tomorrow's debut..let me know something..Oh and it's a BYOB event. Hope to see some Dtoiders tomorow night!!

PS3'S POKER NIGHTS!! Bring your Drunk Ass and Play some Cards with US!!

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