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Y0j1mb0 avatar 12:35 PM on 05.14.2010  (server time)
PS3 Friday Night Fights: Vin Diesel is gonna RAPE you Edition! Also, PRIZES.

It always surprises when a community member out of the goodness of their heart just out of the blue wants to do something for the Dtoid Community. It shouldn't surprise me because just about everybody here is awesome like that, yet every time it does happens I still get taken aback. Case in point community member garethxxgod's contest in which he is giving away these following prizes:

A sealed copy of Mystery Science Theater 3000 Volume 16! With a Tom Servo Toy!

And for all you Nintendo fanatics a full 46 pack box of Nintendo Game Packs! With 2 stickers per pack that's 92 stickers!

Not to mention a PS3 game that you should have in your collection because its kickass. All the info on that is on that there link above. The cliffnotes version, play The Chronicles Of Riddick: Assault On Dark Athena with him in multiplayer mode and beat him. Few things: The Chronicles Of Riddick: Assault On Dark Athena is an awesome game that retails under 20 bucks so pick it up and enjoy the game for what it is... a kick ass game with the added benefit of having a retouched HD Escape from Butcher Bay, then join us tonight to take garethxxgod's swag away from him. I would also like to express how generous and awesome he is for doing this for us. I would also like to thank him for the shirt he's sending my way too ( Wait, that hasn't happened yet :D ).

Now that that's out of the way let us get to our rotation of games and the hosts that will be doing their thing. It begins with...

[ The Chronicles Of Riddick: Assault On Dark Athena Time: 7pm EST Host: garethxxgod aka Papa_Chewie on PSN ]

It seems garethxxgod thinks he's Vin Diesel and he's going to rape you on this game. Show him the error of his logic. Show him how the power of greed for free swag overshadows and compensates for his proposed skill level in this game. See you in the dark.

Then after this is...

[ Lead & Gold: Gangs of the Old West - Host: Solgrim Time - 8PM to 9PM EST ]

It's time to throw down, boy! The antics of the wild west are in full force here. Stealing sacks of gold? Check. Throwing sticks of dynamite? Check. Shooting people's hats off their noggin'? Check. Insanely FUN multiplayer game to play with awesome like minded Dtoider? CHECK. Join us. Really. This game NEEDS to be played by the LOT of yous.

This is followed by The Game of Forever

[ SSFIV - Host: Nexus Time - 9PM to 10PM EST ]

Think I'm done flipping out over this game? Think again. If I didn't make myself clear before in days past, let me's awesome. Join Nexus & Co. on the PS3 and let's get ready to roll. Team Battle, Endless, name your pleasure and it will be accommodated.

After this is...

[ Battle Field Bad Company 2 - Host: SantanaClaus aka Moosehole Time - 10pm to 11PM EST System - PS3 ]

I LOVE this game. This game is kickass. I LOVE shooting people in this game. This game is kickass. I LOVE shooting an RPG into a building full of hiding snipers and leveling the building on them. This game is kickass. Join Moose & Dtoid Company as we bring the pain.

Then its time to enter...

[ Section 8 - Host: Me aka k0wb0y-b33b0p Time - 11PM EST System - PS3 ]

I picked this game up for 14.99 on the PSN Store. Guess what? It's a steal for that price. 32 player online, Clan support, varying classes, empathizes team work, deployable turrets, tanks, weapon depots, bot support, stat tracking, and jetpacks. This game has some MEAT on its bones. If you haven't given this game a shot yet, at this price point ( that will only last for a few days and then revert back to 30 bucks ), you need to. Join me Moose, Pikeman, Patmann and Co. as we show the competition what teamwork and winning is all about. Seriously if you even remotely like gameplay like that's found in Tribes, you'll be dig this.Highly Recommended at this price point. Join us!!

And finally for the nocturnal gamers out there...

[ SSFIV - Host: ME. or as I'm known on PSN:k0wb0y-b33b0p - 12PM to BEYOND ]

This shouldn't come as a surprise. For the nocturnal crowd who stay up later than most I'll be playing this again. Except I'll be there trying to kick your butt. I've been practicing. Not quite where I need to be but pretty proficient. Anybody want to take this old man down a peg. Looking at you Smokey. Tonight might be your best shot. Join me gentlemen.

TO EVERYONE: due to the possible overload of awesomeness that is SSFIV these lobbies may be filled. Leave your PSN/Gamertag below if you are willing to partake and be a stand by host.

Hope to see you Ladies & Gents online.

[ Blogger's Note: As typical MAG will be a thing that will happen. Due to teams, and or differing hosts, know that all you have to do is leave your PSN tag below and someone from the Dtoid MAG clan will present you with info and an invitation. Elsa is nice like that. Hopefully though, she'll be playing Battlefield Bad Company 2 with us tonight as she didn't the last time >:( ]

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