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Y0j1mb0 avatar 1:55 PM on 07.02.2010  (server time)
PS3 Friday Night Fights: TRANSFORM EDITION!

It was only a matter of time before this game made our rotation and the time is now. Reclusive Dtoider Liam requested this be on the lineup and I can't refuse anyone's request. I'm nice like that. Also I picked up the game recently and yes folks, this game is a blast to play. Now if only someone would just make an awesome Thundercats videogame and my life would be complete. But this isn't about my fantasies of being Lion-O...this is about Dtoid's premiere night for online shenanigans with one another. So sit back and relax as the line up of games is but a paragraph away. It begins with...

[ Game: BlazBlue Host: Jack of all Trades Time: 8PM EST till whenever you kiddies stop playing! ]

Once again Old Jacky boy has been itching to play BlazBlue again. It seems he thinks he can dominate all of ya'll with his Tager. Show him the error of his ways and let him know how foolish it is to underestimate the heart of a real champion. I may just dust off this game and activate my cybernetic Hakumen back into action.

After this will be...

[ Game: Transformers: War for Cybertron Host: Liam Time: 9PM EST till whenever you kiddies stop playing! ]

Let's see, there is 4 player co op aplenty, as well as the standard multiplayer matches which will net you precious XP to level up that class you're working on. Why not do it with a fellow Dtoider watching your robotic back? The more the more I always say. Anybody interested in playing this game leave your PSN tag below and like minded people will invite you to their game. I have Liam as a host but I may need additional hosts as well. Autobots...rollout.

[ Game: Battlefield Bad Company 2 Host: Moosehole Time: 9PM EST till whenever you kiddies stop playing! ]

For those not busy transforming there's this.Battlefield Bad Company 2. So the new Co op DLC dropped. You may want to get that and join our ragtag crew for some action. I hear you youngster love action. They'll also be playing the regular modes as well. Haven't played this yet with us online? Man are you missing hearing Takeshi cuss while playing. That alone is entertainment. Come join us soldiers and show the competition what boots are supposed to do...not to walk on but to place them on the neck of those who oppose us.

Then its on to...

[ Game: MAG Host: Dtoid Clan/Elsa Time: 11PM EST till whenever you kiddies stop playing! ]

I just recently purchased this. I just recently got addicted to this game. I just recently have come to the conclusion that Raven is better than all the others because they look cooler than the rest. LOGIC. Why not join Elsa and the Destructoid MAG Clan in the fusion of actual teamwork and strategy that is MAG. If you haven't giving this game a try yet, its time you should. Definitely a time to play this game Ladies & Gents.

And last but not least...

[ Game: Super Street Fighter IV Host: Me or as I'm known on PSN: k0wb0y-b33b0p Time: Midnight EST till whenever brother! ]

Yeah I don't tire of this game. Neither should you as this is the best fighting game on the planet. Seriously. You know that other game you think is better, yeah.. you're wrong. It's this one. Anybody willing to roll with me on this game? Bring it.

And that's it folks. Don't have a social life of any kind? Did your girlfriend break up with you? Dog or cat die on you? Then step right up and put that silly stuff aside and bask in the merriment that you can only get from our PS3 Friday Night Fights.

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