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And we're back. Or specifically our glorious post is back on track. Let's just cut to the chase and simply state I've been a bit busy with a few things but all is back on track now. While we're at it one of the things I've been busy with is the phenomenal game called Scott Pilgrim Vs The World. Seriously I haven't even read a single Scott Pilgrim comic nor have seen the movie yet and I'm here to tell those who are in the same boat that the game is simply brilliant. A 2D masterpiece that is a loving tribute the oldheads and retro enthusiasts alike. Think River City Ransom to the 5th power and you're almost there. Also this is one of the few games on the PS3 that allows multiple PSN sign ins for local play. Hell yes.

But enough drooling over this game let's get to our rotation of games for tonight and the hosts that are, well hosting them. It begins with...

Game:Blazblue: Continuum Shift Time:8PM EST Host:Jack of Trades

Why not join Dtoiders Jack, Celis 777 with his ridiculous Carl, and Co. for the chaos and insanity that is BlazeBlue CS ? The netcode is brilliant, the fighting engine refined from the 1st game and it's still 2D bliss in motion. I'll see if I can wrangle control of my den to join the ruckus myself. My Haukumen needs practice.

After this is...

Game:Battlefield Bad Company 2 Time:10PM EST Host:Nexus

War never changes. But its participants do. Who will join us tonight in the jungles and snowy landscapes of Battlefield Bad Company 2 ? Haven't yet gotten all the Trophies this game dishes out for its multiplayer component? Haven't witnessed the almighty precision and power that only the Dtoid Company possesses? Then why not join us and show the competition what a real adversary looks like.

Then after that is...

Game:MAG Time:11:30PM EST Host:Elsa & The Dtoid MAG Clan

The ultimate teamwork simulator. Warring PMCs. Surgical strikes. The euphoria of a well implemented plan. Elsa screaming at you to shape up. Its all here folks and there is nothing quite like it on the PS3. Get your ass moving and join us spread the word that Raven isn't synonymous with a bird but a well oiled, deadly squadron whose footsteps usher in the opposition's demise.

And finally we wrap it up with...

Game:SSFIV Time:Midnight EST Host:Me aka K0wb0y-b33b0p on PSN

For the nocturnal crowd there is this. The game of forever. Anybody care to kick my ass on SSFIV? Do you have the reflexes of a cheetah? Would you love nothing more to show me and other Dtoiders how badass you are in this game? Then come on brother. Show us but don't be surprised if we send you packing sucking yo thumb back to yo momma.

There you have it folks. The games and times are set. All that is needed is you. Just leave your PSN ID below and let us know what game you want to roll with us. See you ladies and gents online.

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