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Y0j1mb0 avatar 2:02 PM on 05.07.2010  (server time)
PS3 Friday Night Fights: EXPLOSION EDITION!

BOOM BABY. It's that time again my fellow gaming sophisticates. The fifth day of the week has arrived and we are once again using it as our foundation to cement all that is awesome about our community: that being getting together as one and the playing of videogames. Yes marvel and bathe in the camaraderie and fellowship as we climax together to reach the pinnacles of nerdgasm. There may be firsts for some. Maybe tonight will be the night where your combo you've been working on in SSFIV will actually come to pass in an actual fight against a fellow Dtoider, or perhaps you will get to play MAG with Elsa and witness the all mighty reprimand she will give you if you suck, or maybe...just maybe, if you're lucky, you'll get to hear my oh-so-velvety sexy voice online and leave your significant other to vie for my attention. All this awesomeness could happen, if you join us.

Lets begin with the rotation of games and the hosts that will be, them. Tonight's rotation is graced with the debut of Lead & Gold: Gangs of the Old West. A FANTASTIC downloadable game that can be had for a mere 14.99 on the PSN Store right now. If you want to know a bit more about it, head on to my mini review of the game right here, get it, then join us in that order. Where was I? Ahh, yes. The rotation. It begins with...

[ Lead & Gold: Gangs of the Old West - Host: Solgrim Time - 8PM to 9PM EST ]

It's time to throw down, boy! The antics of the wild west are in full force here. Stealing sacks of gold? Check. Throwing sticks of dynamite? Check. Shooting people's hats off their noggin'? Check. Insanely FUN multiplayer game to play with awesome like minded Dtoider? CHECK. Join us. Really. This game NEEDS to be played by the LOT of yous.

[ SSFIV - Host: Nexus Time - 9PM to 10PM EST ]

Think I'm done flipping out over this game? Think again. If I didn't make myself clear before in days past, let me's awesome. Join Nexus & Co. on the PS3 and let's get ready to roll. Team Battle, Endless, name your pleasure and it will be accommodated.

After this is...

[ Battle Field Bad Company 2 - Host: Takeshi aka Johanhin Time - 10pm to 12PM EST System - PS3 ]

I LOVE this game. This game is kickass. I LOVE shooting people in this game. This game is kickass. I LOVE shooting an RPG into a building full of hiding snipers and leveling the building on them. This game is kickass. Join Takeshi & Dtoid Company as we bring the pain.

Finally the night ends with wouldn't you know ...

[ SSFIV - Host: ME. or as I'm known on PSN:k0wb0y-b33b0p - 12PM to BEYOND ]

This shouldn't come as a surprise. For the nocturnal crowd who stay up later than most I'll be playing this again. Except I'll be there trying to kick your butt with Dudley. I've been practicing. Not quite there but pretty proficient. Anybody want to take this old man down a peg. Tonight might be your best shot. Join me gentlemen.

TO EVERYONE: due to the possible overload of awesomeness that is SSFIV these lobbies may be filled. Leave your PSN/Gamertag below if you are willing to partake and be a stand by host.

Hope to see you Ladies & Gents online.

[ [i]Blogger's Note: As typical MAG will be a thing that will happen. Due to teams, and or differing hosts, know that all you have to do is leave your PSN tag below and someone from the Dtoid MAG clan will present you with info and an invitation. Elsa is nice like that. Hopefully though, she'll be playing Battlefield Bad Company 2 with us tonight.]

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