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Y0j1mb0 avatar 6:25 PM on 05.16.2008  (server time)

[ Late post is late. My apologies..went to take my boys to see the new Narnia. Great movie BTW. ]

Friday!! YES!! Which means quite a few things on Destructoid. Topher has his legendary Friday Post, We usually have some cool ass art show up on the front page, something will piss Jim Sterling off and he'll write about it ( Yeah! ), and PS3 Friday Night Fights is in full effect.

For this PS3 Friday Night Fights We'll continue the Tekken Online from last week as it was popular but let me know if you guys want a change for the next time. Would love to rock Hot Shots Golf.

I've been brushing up my skills with this game with my fellow Dtoiders for awhile now on the side and I've been getting deadlier and deadlier. Do I have any takers tonight??

So making it official for one more Friday Night Fights again just gives me a nice warm feeling. Can't wait to really kick some people's asses in this game. Anybody think they can take my Kick boxer extraordinaire Bruce or Powerhouse Paul Phoenix? Then step right up chumps. Prove it.

On to the Times and Games for tonight.

@ 9pm EST/ The Tekken Online Experiment will begin. Anybody think they can play that game come and join us for a rude awakening. Takeshi will be your host and all you have to do is start your game and look for our invite. To make it easy on him , send him a friend request so he doesn't have to manually type your name for an invite. Lazy Bastard. So those who want a kick to the face leave your PSN tag below. We will contact you.

@ 10pm EST/ Call of Duty 4 will continue the online shenanigans. Yours truly, y0j1mb0 aka k0wb0y-b33bop, will be hosting. Commandos and Devil Dogs needed. Let's rank up together and destroy the competition. Or each other. Either way we win.

and finally @ 11pm we visit Liberty City. The original Sin City. Shipero will be hosting. Just wait for his call on your in game celly. Care for Cop n Crooks? Or Team Deathmatch? Or Races? Or Coop? He's got a sweet new game he whipperd up in Freemode you may want to try. lol. Whatever you want it'll be there for the taking.

Keep in mind that Shipero will most likely be playing ROCKBAND before he starts hosting GTA IV as well.

The only thing we need are men of action .. and great deeds. Are you one of them? Come join us. Join our Dtoid PS3 Team and let's rule the online world. Interested PSN members leave your name below. Hope to see the lot of you guys there.

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