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Y0j1mb0 avatar 2:01 PM on 04.09.2010  (server time)
PS3 Friday Night Fights!!

It's Friday which means only one thing. Getting drunk at a club and picking up hot people to get in their pants. If for whatever reason you can't get into people's pants today, worry not. We have this as an alternative. The playing of videogames with your Dtoid brethren. Who needs outrageous sexual escapades when you can play games online with us? Yeah. We're not losers, we're awesome and choose this lifestyle of social seclusion and nerdism.

It begins with...

SSF2 HD Remix Bitches. Time: What time you want to get yo ass kicked by me? [ 8pm EST ] Host: Solgrim

The clinic is gonna be open tonight. This aint SFIV come to save you scrub players with these fangled "focus" attacks or "Ultras". This here is old school I'm gonna kick yo ass and you better have some skill to stop me from doing it Super Street Fighter 2 HD Remix. The name to the game is long like our { fill in the blank }. Got what it takes? Join Solgrim tonight and let's see fool. Looking at you Crunshii, Nexus, Moosehole, Shinryu or any of yall who thinks you got what it takes.

Next up is...

Battlefield Bad Company 2. Time: [ 9pm EST ] Host: Moosehole

Apparently this game is supposed to be way better than MW2. It doesn't have online glitches, bratty 12 year olds who cuss like sailors, and aint afraid of anything. That and the grenades have smiley pins on them. That pretty much confirms this game is blatantly better than MW2. Join Jack and the rest of the Dtoiders in the trenches as they play soldiers and blow each other up to smithereens.

After this is...

Uncharted 2. Time: [ 10pm EST ] Host: IronPikeman

Like cracking necks in the single player campaign? It's even better with a friend. Join Pikeman and Co. as they play the Survival/Co op modes for the glory of loot, to level up our weapons even more. The new maps are gonna be played and they are sweet. They also had a new patch for the multiplayer adversarial modes so we might check that out too. Who knows, it might not be a grenade launcher fest.

And finally to top off the night...

SOCOM Cold Confrontation Time: [ 11pm EST ] Host: Me/k0wb0y-b33b0p & Moose.

But Jimbo, SOCOM sucks. The graphikz suck and so does the game. No. You just suck. If you want to play a game that doesn't hold your hand, give you a kill cam to show you where you got shot from and coincidentally destroy the purpose of sniping spots or stealth, then here's your game brother. Join us. The more the merrier and our Dtoid SOCOM clan will embrace you with open arms.

The games are set, the times solidified all we need is you. Pulse & your revenge against the gods can wait.

Also to MAG players, I'm sure the game will be played. Drop a comment below to let others know your intention of playing and the rest will follow suit. See you all online.

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