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Y0j1mb0 avatar 8:13 PM on 04.13.2008  (server time)
PS3's POKER NIGHTS: Reserve your Table for Tomorrow!!

It isn't Monday night yet so why is this post here? To recruit more players for a fun filled Poker romp, that's why!! Last time we had an absolute blast as detailed here and tomorrow night is going to be even better. We got more people on tap this time around so we will have even more hi jinks. To make things even simpler I decided to make an impromptu checklist for maximum enjoyment getting.

Poker Checklist for Tomorrow Night:

1. Booze.

2. PS Eye. ( Not required but boy is it fun looking at drunk ass bastards falling on their faces! )

3. The PSN Poker Game... duh!

4. Your "A" game.

5. A day off from work Tuesday for the recovery of the prior drunken night.

Your pathetic attempt at a Poker face is quite amusing. You have nothing. All in Bitch!

Last week's winner got themselves a copy of The Mark of Kri and tomorrow night's winner will get their grubby hands on Odin Sphere.The cool kids in Destructoid say it's a pretty good game. So whats the hold up?? Bring your ass onto the festivities and try to beat us in Poker. I'm quite sure you guys think you can take me on, so bring it. Who knows. The planets may align tomorrow night , Hailey's comet may also fly across the sky and you may win.

Shipero, Ha-Puken, Takeshi and I are doing Tequila shots. Your chances of acquiring that copy of Odin Sphere are exceptionally good. Leave your PSN tag below if your interested and if you by chance aren't in any of our Dtoiders' Friend lists. Tomorrow I'll post the official post at about 6pm EST and let you know the 411 on how many Poker Tables there will be and who's hosting them.

Hope to see you Card Sharks there.

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