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Y0j1mb0 avatar 3:06 PM on 04.30.2010  (server time)

It had to take The Game of FOREVER to do the impossible. For me to post my first Friday Night Fights without a specific console name before the title. There are no boundaries to be enforced tonight. Be it 360 or PS3, tonight we all rub elbows together and fight as one! Whatever system you roll with know that what we are playing with is the greatest game of forever...Super Street Fighter IV. Don't have it? Go buy it because as you'll see from our rotation, you may need it.

It begins with...

[ SSFIV - Host: Moosehole Time - 8PM to 9PM EST System - PS3 ]

Have I said this game is awesome? If I didn't make myself's awesome. Join Moose & Co. on the PS3 and let's get ready to roll. Team Battle, Endless, name your pleasure and it will be accommodated.

At the same time is...

[ SSFIV - Host: de BLOO Time - 8PM to 9PM EST System - 360 ]

The rumor is that Cataract is unstoppable on the 360 side. Perhaps if you join them in their fisticuffs you can show him the meaning of pain or be his latest victim. Oh, yeah I heard this de BLOO guy thinks he's good with Guy. Who knows? He may be a challenge.

After this is...

[ SSFIV - Host: IronPikeman Time - 9pm to 11PM EST System - PS3 ]

There seems to be a trend occurring here. A trend I love. Join Iron "Guy" Pikeman ( Does everybody love guy? ) and the other Dtoiders and let's rock this up. No need for quarters when all you have to do is press start yet again. Have I said how much I love this game yet? I love this game.

Coincidentally at the same time as this is...

[ SSFIV - Host: KD Alpha Time - 9pm to 11PM EST System - 360 ]

Remember when I said Cataract was supposed to be unstoppable? Yeah I meant KD Alpha. Join him and learn the ways of Street Fighter Kung Fu. Who will be there with him? Maybe RAB or Shin Oni? Who knows? Maybe you.

And finally for the nocturnal gamers...

[ SSFIV - Host: ME. or as I'm known on PSN:k0wb0y-b33b0p - 11PM to BEYOND System - PS3 ]

This shouldn't come as a surprise. Except I'll be there trying to kick your butt with Dudley. I've been practicing. Not quite there but pretty proficient. Anybody want to take this old man down a peg. Tonight might be your best shot. Join me gentlemen.

TO EVERYONE: due to the possible overload of awesomeness that is SSFIV these lobbies may be filled. Leave your PSN/Gamertag below if you are willing to partake and be a stand by host. See you in the streets.

[ Bloggers note: I have taken some liberties with the 360 crowd as far as hosts but I can pretty much assure you all of them will be playing SSFIV tonight. Also I'm quite sure Elsa will be playing MAG and strange people who don't know better will be playing something else like Battlefield Bad Company 2. If that interests you, leave a comment below so like minded individuals see it and play with you. Weirdos. ]

This FNF post was brought to you by Podsumaki. The premiere podcast of all things Super Street Fighter IV and beyond. Listen to this shit now.

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