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Y0j1mb0 avatar 6:57 PM on 10.18.2010  (server time)

It would seem that I was a bit premature in proclaiming the demise of my Y0j1mb0 persona as lo and behold, I am before you yet again in our glorious C Blogs doing what I attempting to blog for the masses. I just wanted to drop in and let those among you that don't know, Destructoid's sister site Flixist is up and operational. What is Flixist? Why it is the swankiest site about movies in the known universe. Why not enrich your lives by shooting over there and checking out what is on tap way yonder. I hear that doing the miniscule feat of clicking on over there will net you these amazing things.

The magnetic power of attracting the opposite sex like never before.

Beard growth will spontaneously appear on your babyface.

If you happen to be a woman, your breasts will become a work of art.

If you happen to be a man, you will be privy to said works of art.

Another excuse from playing actual videogames aside from blogging about them.

Jim Sterling didn't give that shitty game you like a 2.0 rat
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