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Y0UN6R3493R avatar 12:55 PM on 12.29.2012  (server time)
Dota 2 - first Blog !!!

Hi, I have spent about 25 hours in total playing DOTA2 and so far it has been interesting. After transferring to this from League of Legends it has been much of the same although different.
I this because although the structure of the game is the same the pace is far faster than LOL as animations seems to be a bit more fluent. this makes for fast paced encounters and quick thinking.

Ive had a play or two in the traditional game mode but these can drag out and since there is a festival event, it takes quite a while before I can get into a game (>2min).

The festival event, Greevilings, is quite fun ! :D
It is played on the traditional map but random camps spawn on the map and it is up to you and your team to defeat these camps in order to get presents. The presents provide you items which by the way does not always compliment your chosen hero, so it is a bit of a gamble to see what you get.

During this game mode you can also turn into a creature called a Greeviling which has three abilities based on the essences applied to the egg you receive for the event. It is quite helpful to seek a guide to understand what these essences provide the egg so I think you should refer to one to fully understand what you could receive once you choose to hatch the egg.

This festive event provides all participants with a gift even if you lose although the gift is lower end item, as you would expect.

Essences and gifts can be sold on the Steam Market and traded.

That is all for the moment,
hope you enjoyed reading as I will be back for more.

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