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Xzyliac avatar 2:13 PM on 03.16.2010  (server time)
Happy Birthday Niero & Destructoid!

What kind of loyal DToid community member would I be if I didn't show some birthday love?

Unlike a lot of the really well known DToiders I actually haven't been here that long. I've known about DToid for about 2 years. I made my first post last July and I officially considered myself a "member" in October when I began blogging fo' realz. However in that time I've managed to make some really good friends here, have some ridiculously awesome conversations, and generally found myself enjoying video games again.

When I joined Destructoid it was because I wanted to get back into the hobby I left almost 6 years ago. DToid has made the process of getting back in even more memorable then when I first got into gaming in the first place. Seriously all of you guys, all of the editors included, have made me feel so welcomed I really can't imagine myself anywhere else.

Thank you all you sexy studs and studesses! Happy 4th Destructoid! All you bitches is timeless!

And now a question I've been wanting answered forever:


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