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Xzyliac avatar 9:45 PM on 04.05.2010  (server time)
Chocolate/Vanilla Vanilla/Chocolate: To RonBurgandy2010 With Love Edition

A while back (on my birthday no less) my good friend RonBurgandy2010 demanded I make a new mash-up blog. ya go.

1. Walk Close To Me

Artist: The Bangles vs. The Cure

Let's start things off smooth shall we? I love this mash-up. It never ceases in making me feel good all over and even better you can't really ask for much better quality.


2. Sandopolis Inc.

Artist: Gorillaz vs. Hiroshi Kubota

I never saw this coming in a million years. The first time I wasn't too impressed but it really has grown on me. Especially after Plastic Beach came out and I started drawing similarities to the the 16-bit tunes of Sonic and the crew with the direction Plastic Beach went into.


3. Get It On My Mind

Artist: Marvin Gaye vs. The Pixies

How can you not like this!? I swear! Okay, so maybe the quality if a little iffy and the drums are a little awkward but it just sounds so good and infectious. This is another that I hated, mainly because the sound quality is so bleh, but I braced it once and I haven't been able to get it out of my head since.


4. Back to Life

Artist: Amy Winehouse vs. Stevie Wonder

Oh, Amy Winehouse. I'm so legitimately scared of you, yet I admire you so. And there's another guy in this mash-up too. He's okay too, I guess. Seriously, though this mash-up is awesome. Back to Black has been put to a lot of blues and old R&B but for my money this is the best thus far.


5. Go It Alone Mercedes

Artist: Beck vs. Janis Joplin

You read that right. A mash-up with Janis F. Joplin. You're welcome.


6. Somebody Told Me Hollaback

Artist: The Killers vs. Gwen Stefani

Wow, how did this slip past the DJ Hero Hollaback Girl lovefest? It's actually really good. Apart the songs are okay but together I can learn to love them both.

Njuta av:

7. Shout "I'm Not Your Toy"

Artist: La Roux vs. Tears for Fears

I was soo close to featuring this the first time and now here it is. Some people say La Roux sounds 80s-ish. I still don't see it.


8. The Good, The Bad, Erase, Rewind

Artist: The Cardigans vs. Ennio Morricone

This mix is a bit subtle (if you ask me, others have said different) but I think it really works well.


9. 99 Scar Tissue Problems

Artist: Jay-Z vs. Red Hot Chili Peppers

First I will put the rumours to rest. Yes, I like Jay-Z. Not all of Jay-Z but a lot of his songs definitely stick out in mainstream hip-hop even if the radio tries to kill them by playing them every other song. I urge everyone though to give this mash-up a listen. It's such a clean mash-up with some high caliber quality as well.


10. I'm Only Happy In The Ring

Artist: Garbage vs.Jurassic 5

Why is it that every time J5 get remixed with something I never know what J5 song it is? Aw, fuck it. Garbage gets a lot of mash-up action but in my opinion it usually has very bad results. I can't tell you the number of times I've heard bad I Think I'm Paranoid mash-ups. This one I think ispretty damn good though. It's certainly not as unique or special as a good mash-up can be but I like it.


Bonus track: The Joker's 21 Guns

Artist: Steve Miller Band vs. Green Day

Let's go out on a good note. Not a big fan of either band but it sounds too good to ignore.

In joi:

The best thing about the last track? You can download it right from the player. I might actually start using that player next time I do a mash-up blog.

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