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Xzyliac avatar 5:02 PM on 11.16.2009  (server time)
All Aboard the Hype Train: Next Stop...Xzyliacville

Yesterday the badass Jack of Spades named Electrium posted a top 5 most wanted list for 2010. I've decided to pass the buck. Please, join us.

At first I thought this was premature. Thanksgiving hasn't even passed yet. Then I though about it: all the good games are out as of this week so why not? I mean 2010 is looking like the bomb. Especially for PS3 owners who are (finally) getting their Final Fantasy and Gran Turismo as well as that extra helping of Metal Gear and Halo to ruffle up the feathers of famous franchises. So here's my personal top 5 in the best order my heart will allow.

5) Project Needlemouse - Platforms TBA - TBA 2010

I fucking love Sonic. Even now after all the poor hedgehog has been through I will admit that I am proud of my blue buddy. Sonic will always be welcomed back with open arms by this fan.

So when rumblings of Project Needlemouse first erupted I was ecstatic. Could this be the one? The one!? Alas, we don't know anything about this project yet so I'll sit tight anxiously but this easily makes my list because seriously? I love Sonic the Hedgehog. Come back to me baby. You don't have to put on the red light.

4) Halo: Reach - Xbox 360 - TBA 2010

So again I'm gonna let my own excitement get the better of me and throw caution out the window. Now I'm not a big Halo fan, I consider the franchise lovable at best and tolerable at worst, but I have read the books out of curiosity and The Fall of Reach was easily the best book of them all. Not only the best of them all but a damn good book overall.

Now if you don't know The Fall of Reach is the first Halo novel and it covers the creation of the superfreak Spartan-117 also known as Master Chief. The book follows him as his emotions are gutted out of him, Cortana befriends him, and his fellow Spartans (seriously they're like his family) begin their first fight against an unanticipated invasion of Covenant.

It's a really good book and I really have faith that it will translate well into a game. According to the leaks the game puts an emphasis on your team which fits the novels theme perfectly. Again I am the last person to freak out about Halo but it was an exceptional book.

3) Metroid: Other M - Nintendo Wii - TBA 2010


I haven't turned on my Nintendo Wii all this year. Seriously. It's fucking pathetic. And here comes the most unexpected people to bring me back to last years addiction: Team Ninja.

Seriously it's a 2D/3D hybrid Metroid game made by Team Ninja. Holy shit. It's like somebody jizzed perfection onto a disc and put it into the Wii. This, Epic Mickey, maybe something Zelda related, I'm pretty excited for the Wii in 2010.

2) Mass Effect 2 - Xbox 360/PC - Xzyliac's birthda...I mean January 26, 2010

Mass Effect was one of this fans most lovable games I've played this gen. Even with all it's faults ME was a shining example of why Bioware got me into gaming in the first place. And ME2 looks to capitalize on all the lovin' of it's predecessor.

First I love the darkness of it. This is one of the rare occurrences where darkening a series actually helps rather than hurts. Even with the removal of my sexy blue lover (and the replacement of my new female rapist girlfriend) I'm still having a hard time not gushing over this title. While some may downplay the decision of emphasizing the shooter over the RPG I think the RPG aspect was perfect in ME1. It was just enough to be interesting but not so much that it took over the game.

At the end of the day all I care about is ME2 keeps that steamy plot a-boilin'.

1) Heavy Rain - PlayStation 3 - Early 2010

I remember all those years ago when the PS3 was first announced and they announced Heavy Rain. Not even the tech demo from which the above pic is taken. Just the name and developer. I orgasmed...twice.

If you don't know Heavy Rain is developed by Quantic Dreams and if you don't know who Quantic Dreams is they made the batshit crazy Indigo Prophecy. A PS2/Xbox game that was, in my opinion, far ahead of it's time. The technology to recreate their vision of a video game thriller simply was premature. Plus, the writing was bullocks.

Well now it seems QD has gotten their footing. Last E3 Heavy Rain got a surprising amount of praise despite huge criticisms of Indigo Prophecy and the above tech demo which had a animations to say the least.

Bonus - All the music games

Okay now I know we all know my stance on music games but hear me out:

Neversoft made a good Guitar Hero. So we all know the next 50,000 spinoffs will be based off this Guitar Hero as it is the most recent one but that's actually a good thing! Harmonix has put out two great Rock Band titles plus the mysterious Pear Jam Project next year all clashing into the big Rock Band 3. DJ Hero kicks ass. So how can next year suck for music games? Oh it's doable but it's mighty hard.

So what about you guys? Can I get a ditto?

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