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Xzyliac avatar 11:08 AM on 06.29.2010  (server time)
A couple of dudes Skype during E3; these are the recordings

So this E3 was a lil' different for me. Usually my E3s are a somewhat lonely affair seeing as I'm the only person I know within a 100 mile radius who cares. So I watch the conferences and join in on the blogs and forums to give my totally pointless two cents and continue with life as usual.

This year was different however because this year I have Dtoid. A community that absolutely refuses to let me go a day without reminding me of all the wonderful people I've met.

It's been in this spirit that Skype and Twitter have become such common staples in my life. All my Dtoid buddies and I have grown pretty damn close outside of things like videogames and such. It really is, how do the kids say, fuckin' awesome. But when E3 rolled around all the talk of our little digital neighborhood was focused on the event. I actually found myself getting more excited than any E3 before. Pretty much my entire week that week was spent on Skype chattin' it up and having some really great and insightful conversations about the common love that brought us all together.

So needless to say this E3 was anything but a lonely affair for me and for that I want to first thank all the guys and the girl (singular noun, a shame I know) who made Skypin' and Tweetin' such a blast during this E3.

Guncannon, Kraid, Mark Griffiths, Beverlynoelle, Scion of Mogo, Aurvantoid, FalconReaper, vApathyv, Trevkor, Antwahn, Daxelman, ArcticFox, power-glove, Monodi, and ALL THE REST many thanks. You guys are pretty damn cool. Someday I hope that we all will be able to get together and do whatever the hell those guys in my header are doing.


I actually recorded all of our Skypings, not intentionally actually, and after getting the proper permissions and doing some very quick and rough edits I am dumping them here for the raping of your ears. You can hear me swoon like a pussy, here Scion of Mogo do Scion of Mogo things, Kraid's awesome accent, Mark Griffiths' adorable accent, and Beverly telling us all to shut up (When will she learn she can't win?).

Skype recording link

It all started on Monday with Microsoft's event. I actually had no real intentions of hopping onto Skype but Guncannon invited me so I did.

MS' conference was a snoozefest for sure. It started off well enough. Actually I was surprised by how it began. Nothing new but decent enough. Some Halo: Reach, Gears (not my thing but cool), I was pretty comfortable. Then they brought out Kinect. I was scared at first, like meeting a girl who your friends can't shut up about. It wouldn't be so weird but your friends keep raving about her so now you're gonna sit there and judge her the whole time. When all was said and done I was actually impressed. Kinect has obvious flaws and it'll die in 2 years or so but I think I saw, and can forsee, enough decent software to warrant a purchase sometime post-release.

It was decent.

Download Skype recording

EA was actually pretty good. I liked it. The sports bits not so much but that was a given. Focusing on the parts aimed at me (i.e. everything else). It was a surprisingly decent show. They had more than I had originally realized. Need for Speed looked awesome, as did Bulletstorm, and oh hey another Vietnam placed Battlefield. I can dig it.

Skype recording link

Ubisoft's conference was so bad it was amazing. Seriously, the greatest conference ever. It topped Konami's by a mile. And it even had decent looking games like Shaun White's Skateboarding and Child of Eden along with the hilarious shit like that laser tag thing and the Michael Jackson game. That's why it's better.

Skype recording link

Next day was Nintendo. Now I was expecting Nintendo to be better than Microsoft but worse than Sony. I really didn't expect much from Nintendo. The 3DS, some tech demo for it, and a bunch of games I expected. What I was thinking was literally the stone cold opposite of what happened. It was awesome. A new Kirby (YARN!?!), Kid Icarus, Donkey Kong, it was amazing. Some would say it's Nintendo traversing familiar territory, and in a sense it is, but it's territory that for a long time has been totally ignored. So for that I think Nintendo deserves major props. Love 'em or hate 'em they did what the other of the Big 3 didn't and that was deliver what the fans wanted. Not go off on your own thing and hope the fans stick by you.

Double irony? I expected Zelda to be the high point of the show and it was actually the lowest point. Go figure.

Skype recording link

It was shit.

Note: My connection craps out about 3/4 through. It comes back but just so the elevator music doen't lose you.

Skype recording link

This one actually was intentional. We'd recorded all the others so we figured we might as well go on and record this one. No doubt you've heard enough about it via memes and such so I won't dwell on it. My memory is actually a bit different from others. If you nitpick it apart it was a hilarious meme factory filled with ridiculousness and lulz. However the last 30 minutes were absolutely boring. So while I did enjoy the funny bits and getting to see MGS: Rising again, the rest was pretty lame and didn't live up to the meme filled hype.


And that's it! This is super late because real life tries to keep from doing things and I was overcomplicating things a bit but here you go. The E3 post to end all post, not because it's awesome, but because nobody cares anymore.

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