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Xzyliac avatar 12:17 PM on 06.14.2010  (server time)
33 Random Songs for Rock Band 3

33 Random Songs for Rock Band 3

This is gonna be quick (sorta). The EA conference is in 4 hours and in 4 hours this blog becomes irrelevant. Let's go!


1. Where Itís At by Beck

Genre: Alternative
Release: 1996
On the album: Odelay

With the addition of keyboard thereís a lot of ridiculously awesome riffs Harmonix just canít ignore and Beckís classic Where Itís At is the epitome of amazing keyboard riff. Those drums ainít half bad either.

2. Good Day by Dresden Dolls

Genre: Cabaret
Release: 2003
On the album: The Dresden Dolls

Iíve been calling for this one since RB2 and with keyboard you know Iím pushiní Dresden Dolls like a bitch. This one in particular has it all. Keyboard, bass, drums, and guitar (the last one being extremely rare for the Dresden Dolls).

3. 21st Century Schizoid Man by King Crimson

Genre: Progressive rock
Release: 1969
On the album: In the Court of the Crimson King

Prog rock is no doubt riddled with fantastic songs that could take advantage of the newest addition to Rock Bandís gameplay but few of them are as classic as the í69 hit 21st Century Schizoid Man. Itís just the right kind of insanity and challenge that will make everybody in the room want to take 5 for a bit.

4. Some Kind of Nature (ft.Lou Reed) by Gorillaz

Genre: Alternative
Released: 2010
On the album: Plastic Beach

Definitely one of my favorite tracks from this great album.

5. Sleep Alone by Bat for Lashes

Genre: Dream pop
Release: 2008
On the album: Two Suns

I like this song. Now from what I can tell Harmonix wants to push the weird little indie genres with this outing so letís get some dream pop up in here.

6. Wanderlust by Nightwish

Genre: Power metal
Release: 2000
On the album: Wishmaster

Symphonic power metal is a love of mine. Granted there arenít many good symphonic power metal bands out there but Nightwish is top notch. Wanderlust has an incredible keyboard bit right there in the chorus that synchs with the guitar. So good.

7. Little Girls by Oingo Boingo

Genre: New wave
Release: 1981
On the album: Only a Lad


8. Roundabout by Yes

Genre: Progressive rock
Release: 1971
On the album: Fragile

This is another classic prog song. It sweeps along through various suites. The bassline alone definitely makes it memorable.

9. The Wanting Comes in Waves/Repaid by The Decemberist

Genre: Indie
Release: 2009
On the album: The Hazards of Love

Love the dulcimer in this (thatíd be that one twangy instrument) song. Between that, the riff, and the awesome vocal changes and the choir this one is a given.

10. Sympathy for Devil by The Rolling Stones

Genre: Rock
Release: 1970
On the album: Beggarís Banquet

Yes! This one is easily a big one for me. Itís got everything! Great piano, great vocals, great drums (there was so much Neversoft didnít chart in GH5), sweet guitar solo, GIMMEH!!!

11. Psychotic Girl by The Black Keys

Genre: Blues
Released: 2008
On the album: Attack & Release

I love the rhythm of The Black Keys. Everything they do just has so much zazz. Theyíre absolutely perfect for Rock Band 3 in every way but if I had to ask for one itíd probably be this one. Donít get me wrong, probably all their songs deserve a spot. But this one has got that soul that just takes you away while youíre singiní to it. Especially if you can relate to it, this is one powerful song.

12. A Touch of Evil by Judas Priest

Genre: Heavy metal
Released: 1990
On the album: Painkiller

Great keyboard, great guitar, great vocals, it might not be a as great the title track but still a great Judas Priest song.

13. D.A.N.C.E. by Justice

Genre: House
Released: 2007
On the album: Cross

Another awesome thing about keyboards is the addition of more ďdance-yĒ music. I love this song and while the keyboard(s) may be awesome, and the choir of chilluns may be awesome, but the bass (itís string bass, not synth) is amazing.

14. Woman by The Zombies

Genre: Rock
Released: 1965
On the album: The Zombies (UK)

Ah, The Zombies. Great 60ís keyboard, great harmonies, great mellow British vibe, love it. And yes, I did purposely avoid Odyssey & Oracles. Because itís meh.

15. Anxiety (Get Nervous) by Pat Benatar

Genre: Pop
Released: 1982
On the album: Get Nervous

I just found this song 2 minutes ago and what is this I donít even?

16. Dr. John by Mika

Genre: Pop
Released: 2009
On the album: The Boy Who Knew Too Much

The reincarnation of Freddie Mercury, Mika makes just as much as including Queen. That is to say, it makes complete sense.

17. Love, Reign Oíer Me by The Who

Genre: Rock
Released: 1973
On the album: Quadrophenia

One of the best tracks from an incredible rock opera epic. Didnít translate too well onto film though. Wouldnít recommend it.

18. Zero by Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Genre: Indie
Released: 2009
On the album: Itís Blitz!

I LOVEZZZ THIS SONGZZZ!!!!! Oh and itís got good things for RB gameplay too.


19. Cherry Lips by Garbage

Genre: Alternative
Released: 2001
On the album: beautifulgarbage

It always surprises me that this song hasnít reappeared in the music gaming universe after Amplitude (or Frequency or whatever). Such a great simple little song. I would love to play that synth.

20. Gratitude by Beastie Boys

Genre: Alternative hip-hop
Released: 1992
On the album: Check Your Head


21. Get Off the Internet by Le Tigre

Genre: Dance punk
Released: 2001
From the album: From the Desk of Mr. Lady EP

Kathleen Hanna is one of my lifetime heroes. Sheís totally awesome both as a punk and as a musician plus I totally lived near where she was raised. That makes us, like, soulmates and shit.

22. Heart of Glass by Blondie

Genre: New wave
Released: 1978
From the album: Parallel Lines

This is one of my all time favorite songs of all times ever. Itís soulful, catchy, and totally dance-y.

Sorry for the creepiness. Couldn't find another video of the full song.

23. The Bomb by New Young Pony Club

Genre: New wave
Released: 2007
On the album: Fantastic Playroom

Absolutely perfect. Great drums, cool synth, good party vibe, just scream Rock Band to me. Hell for my money get all their songs in there.

24. Will You Remember by The Cranberries

Genre: Alternative
Released: 1996
On the album: To the Faithful Departed

Itís getting down to the wire and Iím tryiní to make sure I havenít forgotten anyone. How could I almost forget The Cranberries!? The greatest rock band of all time! This one was crazy hard to decide but I really like the carnival-esque riff going through this one.

24.5 October by Dolores OíRiordan

Genre: Pop
Released: 2007
One the album: Are You Listening?

I always like to throw a little ďhoweverĒ when talking about The Cranberries and Rock Band just as much as I want more of The Cranberries (see: a fuckton) I would love to see some stuff from lead singer Dolores OíRiordanís solo career. This comes from one of those albums that would absolutely perfect in Rock Band but weíll probably never get due to a lack of popularity. Truly a spectacularly made album.

25. Rock Lobster by The B-52s

Genre: New wave
Released: 1978
On the album: The B-52ís


26. Burning Down the House by Talking Heads

Genre: New wave
Released: 1983
On the album: Speaking in Tongues

They tell me I need to include this or my list is invalidated.

27. Letís Make Love and Listen to Death from Above by CSS

Genre: Indie
Released: 2005
On the album: Cansei de Ser Sexy

I like this song and stuff.

28. Better by Regina Spektor

Genre: Anti-folk
Released: 2006
On the album: Begin to Hope

I love Regina Spektor. So much so that I think even after recognizing 70% of her songs are piano and vocals I still wish she would get her own full game. We canít get too much Spektor. Ever. As it stands this is the only song that I can recall that uses a full band and piano. Which is good because itís awesome.

29. Learning to Live by Dream Theater

Genre: Progressive metal
Released: 1992
On the album: Images and Words

Thereís a lot of great keyboard to choose when talking about Dream Theater. Almost anything off of Images and Words, Metropolis Pt. 2:Scenes from a Memory, or Octavarium just oozes epic prog keyboarding. However one of my favorite tracks, and keyboard performances, is Learning to Live. Itís hard to ignore how many shifts the song goes through. I mean it doesnít beat the Octavarium title track but do you want to play a 20 minute song? Yeah me too but thatís only like two of us.

30. Doorway by IO Echo

Genre: Alternative
Released: 2009
On the album: Doorway (single)

They still donít have a full album (or 5 songs) but IO Echo is so one of my favorite bands. Theyíre a really cool group of people, they opened for La Roux that one time she came to the states, they have a synth cover of I Want You (Sheís So Heavy), and this one song thatíll be on their album (2010 release hopefully *crosses fingers*) is totally kickass.

31. Misty Mountain Hop by Led Zeppelin

Genre: Rock
Released: 1971
On the album: Led Zeppelin IV

One of my personal favorite LedZep tracks, especially for the piano riff. I know I always say I donít include LedZep in my list because itís a pipedream but I figured this was appropriate. Also, Iím tired and donít quite give a fuck.

32. Mickey by Toni Basil

Genre: Pop
Released: 1982
On the album: Word of Mouth

Awmigod I love this song. I just realized it has some heavy synth alongside extra doses of awesomeness. You canít fight me on this one.

33. Jerk It Out by Caesers

Genre: Indie
Released: 2003
On the album: Love for the Streets

Much like All I Want was to Crazy Taxi Jerk It Out always takes me back to SSX 3. Every time it came on, shit got real. This just feels like such a natural fit considering all of the indie already announced for RB3. And that piano riff is somethiní else.

Oh wait I forgot Through the Fire and Flames by DragonForce

Genre: WTF speed metal
Released: 2006
On the album: Inhuman Rampage

BWAHAHAHA! You fools! You complained about this song because it used guitar to play keyboard! Well now you have a keyboard so let's see you go! The only difficulty is Pro, there are no pauses or restarts, and failure kills your HDD! GO!


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