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Xzyliac avatar 5:02 PM on 02.02.2010  (server time)
100 Artist Rock Band Needs: Part 6 of 10

WARNING: The article you are about to read is almost 100% opinion. This means it is in no way supposed to represent artist of any legendary status. It is purely to get the ol' juices flowing. If you disagree or have a band you think should be in RB please comment (I love finding new bands) or make your own blog.

Annnd we're back!

51. Johnny Cash

Genre: Country
Formation: 1955
Trivia: Did you know Shel Silverstein wrote A Boy Named Sue? It kinda makes sense now.

It hurts me ever so much that of all the country we've gotten thus far we haven't gotten Johnny Cash. Cash is my favorite country musician by far. His voice is absolutely frightening. He's amazing. He lived a full life as well. He's credited with being a musician, songwriter, author, and Biblical scholar. He's known for contradicting himself and getting into more than a little trouble between his persona and drug abuse. I could fill several books talking about this mans life. Seriously.

Most Rock Band worthy song:

Not to mention...Folsom Prison Blues (Live), Hurt, and Ring of Fire

52. King Crimson

Genre: Progressive rock
Formation: 1969
Trivia: The artist who painted the cover of In the Court of the Crimson King is Barry Godber. He died one year later in 1970. That painting would be his first and last.

Alongside the band Yes King Crimson is often considered the first true progressive rock band. Formed in 1969 and originally conceptualized as a pop band the band evolved into one that used complex instrumentals and experimental recording techniques. The band has become almost infamous for drawing out songs and relying heavily on improvisation in live concerts. It's even rumored that the "20 minute jazz freeform" joke from Spinal Tap is a reference to the jazz rock days of King Crimson.

Most Rock Band worthy song:

Not to mention...Court of the Crimson King, Moonchild, and Masterpiece

53. Voltaire

Genre: Dark cabaret
Formation: 1998
Trivia: While Voltaire is often credited with his cabaret band he's also a leader in the active but lesser knowm NY new wave band The Oddz.

Voltaire is easily one the most lovable out of this 100. It's just as difficult to pick out only 4 of his songs as it is to forget him when forming this list. Aurelio Volaire Hernandez was born in a place (I'm assuming hell) before his family moved into New Jersey (worse than hell). As a child his first love was Duran Duran. His love of new wave would later segue him into the goth scene. He wasn't too popular as a kid either. Imagine that. An unpopular goth kid in the 80s. Anyhow his first job was an animator for toymaker Parker Brothers which would help lanuch his career in graphic novels and short films. Somewhere in between being awesome Voltaire found the time to be even more awesome and started his self-titled cabaret band with cello, violin, drums, and himself providing vocals and singing. Within a year his awesome stock rose 1200% when he was signed on with the equally awesome Projekt Records. He still performs and makes us all jealous that we don't live in New York.

Most Rock Band worthy song:

I'm posting a second just because it's hilariously offensive and can not be ignored:

Not to mention...Goodnight Demon Slayer, Bomb New Jersey, and Ex Lover's Lover

54. The Stooges

Genre: Punk
Formation: 1967
Trivia: The Stooges were actually signed on to Elektra Records as a byproduct of scout Danny Fields trying to lock in MC5.

Originally named The Psychedlic Stooges the band would become known as The Stooges (and to some Iggy Pop & The Stooges) it was a tough road traveled by Iggy Pop and the crew. From personal injuries to property damage and restraining orders the band proved to be both their own blessing and curse as people would flock to see their outrageous shows but few endulged them by letting them play their venues. Luckily a show with MC5 would prove their winning ticket when scout Danny Fields would stick around after MC5's set and find what would be his best catch ever. The band would repeat the process of self-destruction and redemption all the way until today and along the way they would see some brilliant solo hits during their hiatus' and maybe find out the true meaning of love.

Most Rock Band worthy song:

Not to mention...1969, 1970, and Loose

55. Bat for Lashes

Genre: Dream pop
Formation: 2006
Trivia: Bat for Lashes is not a band name. It's actually Natasha Khan's stage name.

If I had to put Bat for Lashes on a plane with anyone it would probably be Dolores O'Riordan's solo career. The music she writes is just so mystical and her voice is so excellent. What more can I say? Yet another Biritish musician who doesn't get her due here in the states. You all should be ashamed. Plus she's weird. Lawd knows I like weird.

Most Rock Band worthy song:

Not to mention...Daniel, Pearl's Dream, and What's A Girl To Do?

56. A Tribe Called Quest

Genre: Jazz rap
Formation: 1985
Trivia: Chuck Eddy of Rolling Stone said of the debut album, People's Instinctive Travels and the Paths of Rhythm, "[this] is one of the least danceable albums's impossible to imagine people will put this music to use." What?

Jazz hip hop is so fucking good. I mean sooo fucking good. WHy don't we have more of this in Rock Band? It's a fucking travesty. I'd argue I'd rather have this shit in Rock Band before DJ Hero.

Most Rock Band worthy song:

Not to mention...Go Ahead in the Rain, Can I Kick It?, and Electric Relaxation

57. The Cardigans

Genre: Pop rock
Formation: 1992
Trivia: The Cardigans starred in an episode of Beverly Hills 90210. That officially makes them cooler than anyone who'll read this blog.

I really dunno what to say about The Cardigans. They're a band. They play music. It doesn't suck.

Most Rock Band worthy song:

Not to mention...My Favourite Game, Erase/Rewind, and You're The Storm

58. The Decemberists

Genre: Indie
Formation: 2000
Trivia: The Decemberists refers to an attempted communist revolution in Russia.

Geez Harmonix what have you been up to? This is another band that I am completely shocked isn't in the Rock Band library. The Decemberist are a fine bunch of folk. I'd say they're like The Flaming Lips except a little closer to earth. Much like The Flaming Lips their songs are typically stoires and sometimes are stories within larger stories. The singles Always the Bridesmaid: Volumes I-III come to mind.

Most Rock Band worthy song:

Not to mention...The Mariner's Revenge Song, The Rake's Song, and Sixteen Military Wives

59. Anthrax

Genre: Thrash metal
Formation: 1981
Trivia: Before becoming the Anthrax we know today guitarist Scott Ian's 14 year old brother was the lead singer.

The Big Four. Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, and Anthrax. Of the big four Anthrax has always been, in my mind, the more fun of the four. They've just been a little sillier, a little more ridiculous, and a little more lighthearted than the others. Maybe it's that crazy Madhouse music video.

Most Rock Band worthy song:

Not to mention...Only, Caught in a Mosh, and I Am the Law

60. War

Genre: Funk
Formation: 1969
Trivia: War is the brainchild of producer Jerry Goldstein and Eric Burdon. The two are responsible for My Boyfriend's Back, I Want Candy, and the darkwave band The Animals respectively.

With a little bit of funk, a little bit of Latino, and a little bit of soul War was one of the standout groups of the 70s. While pretty muich anything else from them after that era is shit their oldies are still good times all around.

Most Rock Band worthy song:

Not to mention...Low Rider and Spill the Wine

---------- feels good to be back in the groove. Let's keep things consistent this time shall we?

Also, did anyone watch the Grammys? I know it's old but this immediately came to mind.

Steal a Grammy from my Queen GaGa? Fuck you Taylor Swift. Fuck you.

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