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Xzyliac avatar 11:45 AM on 12.10.2009  (server time)
100 Artist Rock Band Needs: Part 5 of 10

WARNING: The article you are about to read is almost 100% opinion. This means it is in no way supposed to represent artist of any legendary status. It is purely to get the ol' juices flowing. If you disagree or have a band you think should be in RB please comment (I love finding new bands) or make your own blog.

41. Michael Jackson

Genre: Pop
Formation: 1964
Trivia: Did you know Michael Jackson was a beat-boxer? Is that seriously a profession?

I’m not even going to waste your time. If you haven’t heard enough about this guy I’m assuming you have no internet.

Most Rock Band worthy song:

Not to mention...Beat It, Black and White (This Is It version), and Bad

42. The Temptaions

Genre: R&B
Formation: 2001
Trivia: The Temptations are two other groups, The Distants and The Primes, combined. They were originally called The Elgins but that was considered unmarketable by Motown Records.
Didn’t expect this did you? The Temptations are probably one of these most influential groups of soul and R&B and, by ripple effect, are second to The Beatles as one of the most important artist of our time. What other credentials do you people need? I’m actually a little upset I don’t have more songs to share because apparently they have some good live albums.

Most Rock Band worthy song:

Not to mention...Cloud Nine, I Can’t Get Next to You, and Masterpiece

43. Minor Threat

Genre: Hardcore punk
Formation: 1980
Trivia: This band is loud and fast and fast and loud.

AUUGH!!! I love this band!!!! Minor Threat is a hardcore punk band in a style sort of similar to the Dead Kennedys and Bad Brains. They began the “straight edge” movement in the punk community that did, and still does, try to make sobriety look “cool.” I don’t know how successful they’ve been.

Most Rock Band worthy song:

Not to mention...Salad Days, Minor Threat, and Steppin’ Stone

44. Queensryche

Genre: Prog metal
Formation: 1981
Trivia: Lead singer explains the name a bit: "The umlaut over the 'y' has haunted us for years. We spent eleven years trying to explain how to pronounce it."

Formed in Bellevue Queensryche was formed with the intent of playing long epic ballads that told stories of stuff. Within two years the band had a mildly successful EP and enjoyed some fame on the metal circuit until 1988. In ’88 the band released their rock opera Operation: Mincrime. Then the band exploded and joined the ranks of Dream Theater, Pink Floyd, and The Who as masters of storytelling.

Most Rock Band worthy song:

Not to mention...Revolution Calling, Jet City Woman, and I Am I

45. The Black Keys

Genre: Blues-rock
Formation: 2001
Trivia: The Black Keys played alongside Devo for a benefit concert for Barack Obama’s election.

Oh, The Black Keys. Often considered the rival to The White Stripes Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney have been strong forces in the indie community both with their influential style and their actions such as joining the panel for the 9th annual Independent Music Awards (these people get their own awards show now?). Most recently they’ve begun working within the hip-hop industry going so far as to create a Gorillaz-esque project called Blakroc where the band will come together with several hip-hop artist to do things musicians do and record.

Most Rock Band worthy song:

Not to mention...Strange Times, The Wicked Messenger, and Your Touch

46. Patti Smith

Genre: Alternative
Formation: 1971
Trivia: Patti Smith’s mother, Beverly Smith, was a jazz singer. Also, Patti Smith was briefly considered to lead Blue Oyster Cult.

Where to begin with Patti Smith? One of the more interesting characters in rock she was a huge player in the protopunk scene. She took the typical three chord progression of punk and applied beat poetry to it. She’s kind of, in my head, a female Iggy Pop. So take for that what you will. She hite a chord with critics, fans, and would be punks with the album Easter in 1978 which featured her fantastic and most successful single Because of the Night which was co-written with Bruce Springsteen. Nice. Patti has remained an activist in the Green Party and is still an active musician with her most recent album, a live album called The Coral Sea which spans one huge epic (epic as in poem), earning her universal praise among critics and fans.

Most Rock Band worthy song:

Not to mention...Gloria, Hey Joe, and Ask the Angels

47. Tracy Chapman

Genre: Folk
Formation: 1988
Trivia: Name an artist. Any artist. Chapman has played with them. These trivia facts are get lamer and lamer.
If Bob Dylan and Joan Baez had hit it off and has a kid I’m pretty convinced that kid would’ve been Tracy Chapman in some form. Probably the epitamy of “coffeehouse folk” Tracy Chapman has enjoyed a booming amount of success among the Godfathers (and mothers) of folk like Bob Dylan and legends like Eric Clapton. Her first big hit, Fast Car, continues to be one of the most emotional songs this writer has ever heard and you really owe it to yourself to listen to it and try to not feel like running away.

Most Rock Band worthy song:

Not to mention...Give Me On Reason , Talkin’ ‘Bout A Revolution, and Crossroads

48. The Kinks

Genre: Classic rock
Formation: 1964
Trivia: Waterloo Sunset is almost universally accepted as the most beautiful song in rock. Seriously, it is.

The Kinks! Whoo! Often considered the Who alternative The Kinks were probably just as important as The Who in many ways. In fact even in some of the ways The Who is so famous. For example, The Who are credited with creating the most successful rock opera but did you know it was The Kinks who actually created the first rock opera a year earlier? And it itself was pretty damn successful. And of course we’ve all heard some version of The Kinks’ wildly popular song You Really Got Me. And did you know only band could ever knock The Beatles out of #1 in the UK? It was The Kinks. I’m not gonna give you a history lesson but the omission of The Kinks in Rock Band is almost a crime.

Most Rock Band worthy song:

Not to mention...All Day and All Of The Night, You Really Got Me, and Waterloo Sunset

49. Martina Topley-Bird

Genre: Alternative rock
Formation: 1983
Trivia: Topley-Bird made an apperance with Common on his album Universal Mind Control in the song Everywhere. She also made an appearance with Gorillaz on the track All Alone as well the unreleased track Snakes and Ladders.

If you've played Indigo Prophecy (or Farenheit or whatever) you've heard Topley-Bird's stuff. Don't recall? Okay remember the scene when you're playing as Carla and you're in her apartment and there's that radio blasting through playing that song you knew was the sexiest song you'd ever heard? That was Martina Topley-Bird and that song specifically was her fantastic track Sandpaper Kisses. We need more sexy in Rock Band.

Most Rock Band worthy song:

Not to mention...Anything, Baby Blue, and Need One

50. Death from Above 1979

Genre: Awesome, I mean dance punk
Formation: 2001
Trivia: Cansei De Ser Sexy references Death From Above in their song “Let’s Make Love and Listen to Death From Above.” HOLY SHIT I JUST GOT THAT!

I have no idea who the hell these people are. No clue. All I know is this was originally supposed to be another band who I decided didn’t deserve the spot so finally I pulled up my trusty “Artist I must check out” list and went to the the bottom where my most recent suggestions, the ones you guys have been offering, were. The first one I listened to was Death From Above 1979. I am hooked. Thank you guys.

Most Rock Band worthy song:

Not to mention...Romantic Rights, Sexy Results, and Blood On Our Hands (JUSTICE Remix)


Question of the post: We’re halfway through. What genre have I missed or failed to promote equally? Of that genre who is the best? Prepare for me to prove you wrong with the next 50.

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