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Xzyliac avatar 8:01 PM on 12.08.2009  (server time)
100 Artist Rock Band Needs: Part 4 of 10

WARNING: The article you are about to read is almost 100% opinion. This means it is in no way supposed to represent artist of any legendary status. It is purely to get the ol' juices flowing. If you disagree or have a band you think should be in RB please comment (I love finding new bands) or make your own blog.

I got my La Roux vinyl yesterday! SQUEE!


Genre: Symphonic metal
Formation: 1996
Trivia: Nightwish started out as an acoustic nod to Finnish folk music and folklore before they signed onto a small label and were convinced to add heavy metal influences.

Mmm...Nightwish...tasty. Really if you don't know Nightwish you're seriously missing something amazing. Formed in Finland Nightwish has become the epitamy of symphonic metal even after the controversial firing of lead vocalist Tarja Turunen in 2006. In 2007 Anette Olzon replaced Tarja and the band has continued it's reign as lords of the symphony. The most recent studio album, Dark Passion Play, was praised by critics despite being a heavily debated album among fans.

Most Rock Band worthy song:

Not to mention...Wanderlust, Dark Passion Play, and She is My Sin

32. The Dresden Dolls

Genre: Dark cabaret
Formation: 2001
Trivia: Amanda Palmer hates it when you refer to The Dresden Dolls as goth. Seriously. They're “Brechtian punk cabaret.” Are you guys retarded? It's so obvious. Also did you know once The Dresden Dolls hosted a free concert with performers and stilts and firebreathers and such but a power outage forced them to put the show on in the streets? Awesome.

Hailing from Boston, Unofficial Badass Capital of America, Amanda Palmer and Brian Viglione make up the duo The Dresden Dolls. The band is noted for it's unique take on dark cabaret which attempts to ignore what has most famously become a “goth thing” and try instead to focus on European culture and Germanic Americana. Plus, Jim uses Amanda Palmer as a reference to defend the hotness of Bayonetta. That's just fuckin' cool.

Most Rock Band worthy song:

Not to mention...Girl Anachronism, Missed Me, and My Alchoholic Friends

33. Eagles

Genre: Rock
Formation: 1971
Trivia: Some interpret Hotel California as a song about Satanism and a Satanic church. While I'm not agreeing with them I will admit it makes the song, like, ten times more badass.

I've never been as huge of a Eagles fan as my classic rock brethren but I'd be lying if I didn't say some of their tracks and their sound wouldn't work well in Rock Band. Woohoo! Witchy woman!

Most Rock Band worthy song:

Not to mention...Hotel California, Life in the Fast Lane, and New Kid In Town

34. Eagles of Death Metal

Genre: Garage rock
Formation: 1998
Trivia: Eagles of Death Metal don't play death metal. I know I was totally bummed out too. Also, Jesse Hughes thinks Barack Obama is a communist.

Formed by Queens of the Stone Age members Jesse Hughe and Josh Homme Eagles of Death Metal are often considered the QotSA alternative in desert rock although the band themselves prefer to be called garage rock. All this genre bull gets rather confusing I know. Anyways, they were formed in the heart land of California and have enjoyed a moderate success nationwide while their presence in Palm Dessert is nothing short of fantastical.

Most Rock Band worthy song:

Not to mention...Wanna Be In LA, Stuck in the Metal, and Chase the Devil

35. April March

Genre: Indie pop/French pop
Formation: 1994
Trivia: April March performed the theme song to the early Cartoon Network show I Am Weasel. She's also a Disney-trained cartoonist, was the pricncipal animator for Ren and Stimpy, and worked on the set of some shitty Madonna movie.

April March is awesome! Seriously if you can't fall in love with Chick Habit you simply are incapable of loving or being loved. April March was born and raised in California and was an animator for several years before forming her two failed bands, the Pussywillows and the Shitheads (a name I'm sure went over well with the labels), and then went solo as April March. She has since been writing English and French music heavily influenced by 1960's French pop and jumps from Europe to America so frequently I still can't figure out where the hell she actually lives and records. Dammit April. Most recently she's released an album with Steve Hanft. I have no idea who he is and haven't listened to it yet. I am ashamed.

Most Rock Band worthy song:

Not to mention...While We're Young, Stay Away From Robert Mitchum, Somewhere Up Above, and Laisse Tomber les Filles

36. The Go! Team

Genre: Noise rock
Formation: 2000
Trivia: The Go! Team is composed of two bassist, two guitarist, two drummers, and one crazy ass black chick.

Take a little bit of Sonic Youth, throw in some cheerleader style chants, and a dash of hip-hop. You've got the insanity that is The Go! Team.

Most Rock Band worthy song:

Not to mention...Ladyflash, Grip Like A Vice, and Milk Crisis

37. Heart

Genre: Hard rock
Formation: 1973
Trivia: Thanks to the genius label Mushroom Records rumors flew that Ann and Nancy were lesbian lovers...which is weird because they're

Heart was one of the first heavy rock bands featuring not only a female lead vocalist but even one of the first to feature a female guitarist. Ann and Nancy Wilson, two sisters from British Columbia, first started playing guitar together as children and went on to form Heart as young adults in Seattle. The band has numerous hits spanning from the 70s even to some mild hits in the 90s and a recent VH1 concert that, if I may be so bold, fucking kicked ass. Ann, Nancy, I love you guys.

Most Rock Band worthy song:

Not to mention...Barracuda, Magic Man, and Straight On

38. Le Tigre

Genre: Dance punk
Formation: 1998
Trivia: While Le Tigre has yet to be featured in Rock Band the bands lead singer, Kathleen Hanna, has been featured as she is the lead singer of punk band Bikini Kill.

After Bikini Kill Kathleen Hanna went on to create two (amazing) side projects. One, Julie Ruin, would be a short lived experiment. The other, Le Tigre, is still with us to this day. Preceding the recent new rave uprising Kathleen Hanna's Le Tigre took the take no prisoner riot grrl message of Bikini Kill and applied it to electroclash. Le Tigre has since had three albums and been featured on several mixtapes both remixing and being remixed. Most recently Le Tigre backed Christina Aguilera on her new album.

Most Rock Band worthy song:

Not to mention...Deceptacon, Sixteen, and Hot Topic

39. The Flaming Lips

Genre: Alternative rock
Formation: 1983
Trivia: The Flaming Lips' rock opera Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots is coming to Broadway and is rumored to have a 3D movie in the works.

You guys know Coldplay right? Okay imagine Coldplay but, well, good. The Flaming Lips have taken the spirit of alternative and added on layers and layers of delicious depth. Their rock opera, Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots is considered one of the few successful rock operas of this era. If you haven't checked out The Flaming Lips I would highly advise you do yourself the honor.

Most Rock Band worthy song:

Not to mention...I Can Be A Frog, Do You Realize??, and She Don't Use Jelly

40. Cibo Matto

Genre: I don't even know...let's see what Wiki has to say...Acid jazz. Okay we'll go with that.
Formation: 1994
Trivia: Cibo matto is “crazy food” in Italian. All their songs really are about food.

If you've played Jet Grind Radio (or Jet Set Radio depending on where you are) you are probably familiar with Cibo Matto's Birthday Cake. It's an insane little diddy fo' sho.Cibo Matto was formed in NYC by Yuka Honda and Miho Hatori who would later go on to feature on a few Gorillaz tracks. Alas the experiment came to an end in 2001 but the sound still lives on. Let's get this shit in Rock Band folks.

Most Rock Band worthy song:

Not to mention...Sugar Water, Know Your Chicken, and Viva! La Woman


Question of the post: If you absolutely had to add an instrument to the Rock Band staple what would it be? Why? Consider rock off sockability when answering.

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