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Xzyliac avatar 7:10 PM on 12.04.2009  (server time)
100 Artist Rock Band Needs: Part 3 of 10

WARNING: The article you are about to read is almost 100% opinion. This means it is in no way supposed to represent artist of any legendary status. It is purely to get the ol' juices flowing. If you disagree or have a band you think should be in RB please comment (I love finding new bands) or make your own blog.

Awmigod! It's our 3rd part anniversary! What'd you get me!? It better be good! Or else.

21. IO Echo

Genre: Darkwave/Electroclash
Formation: 2009
Trivia: Korn's old guitarist plays in IO Echo. That's about the best I can come up with

You ready for new? IO Echo is probably the newest and in this list so if you wanna be the first kid on your block to claim you liked 'em before they were cool click on the rather badass music video and ask yourself this: “Why aren't these guys selling millions of albums yet?”

Most Rock Band worthy song:

Not to mention...Doorway (IN AUDIOSURF!)

22. Cansei de ser Sexy (CSS)

Genre: Indie rock
Formation: 2003
Trivia: CSS is the highest charting band in Brazillian history and are considered a valuable asset to Brazil. Cool.

Completely by random this list is gonna feature a lot of indie. Just as a warning. So anyways CSS is one of the finest among the quickly growing new rave genre (which includes bands we've already covered like New Young Pony Club). The band's first album, Cansei de ser Sexy, was an initial flop until the band sold their album on CD-R so that it could be copied and freely distributed among it's local fans. Finally the album (then untitled) was picked up by Seattle label Sub Pop, titled Cansei De Ser Sexy, and quickly gained popularity in the UK where the new rave scene has been flourishing every since.

Most Rock Band worthy song:

Not to mention...Off The Hook, Alala, and This Month, Day 10

23. The Cramps

Genre: Gothabilly
Formation: 1976
Trivia: The Cramps were the product of the punk scene that brewed in the NY club CBGB. Other bands that became popular thanks to this club were The Ramones, Television, Blondie, Talking Heads, Patti Smith, and The Police during their punk days.

Gothabilly is probably one of the sexiest combinations ever I the history of anything in foreverdom. It's the combination of real 80s goth and the ol' psychobilly popularized by the likes of Dick Dale. They're one of the unsung forces in punk and in the goth community. The band spread their love of surf, zombies, and the color black until this year when singer Lux Interior died of an aortic dissection.

Most Rock Band worthy song:

Not to mention...Bikini Girls With Machine Guns, Garbage Man, and Surfin' Bird

24. Reverend Horton Heat

Genre: Psychobilly
Formation: 1978
Trivia: The Rev has been featured in many games in the past including two Tony Hawks, Motorstorm, and Guitar Hero II.

Speaking of psychobilly I got one more name for ya that you should know: Reverend Horton Heat. The man is a modern day guitar hero who came out of Texas and moved into Seattle to show the grunge lovin' kids how real shredding is done. The Reverend is noted for having one of the most difficult guitar charts of the Harmonix-era Guitar Hero games and for having a scream that's..well...listen.

Most Rock Band worthy song:

Not to mention...Psychobilly Freakout, Party in Your Head, and Reverend Horton Heat's Big Blue Car

25. Dire Straits

Genre: Rock
Formation: 1977
Trivia: When Dire Straits first rose in popularity Bob Dylan was so impressed he asked frontman Mark Knopfler and drummer to play on his album Slow Train Coming.

It's a rarity nowadays that a band can come out with any schtick or any blatantly self-conscious experimentation. However in the late 70s Dire Straits came out of Newcastle, England with Sultans of Swing and a multi-platnium debut album. Not bad for your first year on the scene. Especially when the punk scene was trying to change the face of rock. The band continued to play good ol' fashion tunes until 1995 when the band broke up due to touring strain.

Most Rock Band worthy song:

Not to mention...Brothers in Arms, Money for Nothing, and Walk of Life

26. Graveyard BBQ

Genre: Heavy metal
Formation: 2004
Trivia: Graveyard BBQ claims to play “southern metal” but they're based in Boston. Hehe, weird.

One of the first bands to become Guitar Hero legends Graveyard BBQ won the Be A Guitar Hero contest way back in the heyday of GH1.'s some tunes!

Most Rock Band worthy song:

Not to mention...BBQ Nation, The Clothes That Make the Man, and Ride the 'Stache

27. The Living End

[/i]Genre: Punk
Formation:[/i] 1994
Trivia: The Living End has toured with AC/DC. How much more Aussie can you get?

If you've been to the Rock Band forums you know there is a HUGE audience for more Aussie punk. Why haven't we gotten any? I have no clue. The Living End is probably, in my opinion, the epitamy of Aussie punk. The Living End's debut self-titled album would make for some incredible Rock Band fun. Can I get an ahem?

Most Rock Band worthy song:

Not to mention...Carry Me Home, Roll On, and State of Emergency

28. The Sex Pistols

Genre: Punk
Formation: 1975
Trivia: Despite having one album the Sex Pistols have 13 non-studio albums and 18 singles. Seriously?

Remember when I said Tool was my least favorite band ever but they had some mad skills? Well here are the Sex Pistols: my other least favorite band with no skills. And yet they're a big deal. Dunno why but far be it from me to stop a popular artist from appearing in RB. Especially since we already have The Ramones, The Clash, and the Dead Kennedys. Why not?

Most Rock Band worthy song:

Not to mention...Anarchy in the UK, God Save the Queen, and My Way

29. Cream

Genre: Psychedelic rock
Formation: 1966
Trivia: Recently Cream has been receiving a considerable boost in popularity as well as Rolling Stones coverage of the bands early year and heavy airplay on FM and Sirius radio which has led to heavy speculation of a reunion

Considered one of the first true supergroups, and the pioneers of metal, Cream was founded by drummer Ginger Baker, bassist Jack Bruce, and guitarist/vocalist Eric Clapton. The band became known for their heavy riffs and classic Eric Clapton solos. In the bands short 2 year lifespan they released 4 highly successful albums and even made a comeback when four of their reunion shows in 2005 were released as Royal Albert Hall London and the album went 5x Platnium.

Most Rock Band worthy song:

Not to mention...Crossroads, Tales of Brave Ulysses, and Spoonful

30. The Doors

Genre: Psychedelic
Formation: 1965
Trivia: In the song Craigslist by Weird Al, a song parodying the style of The Doors, Doors keyboardist Ray Manzarek actually contributed to the song.

Known the world over for “that band that Jim Morrison was in,” The Doors were probably one of the most energetic and stimulating bands to hit the scene. Fusing poetry and madness (as if the two aren't the same) the live stage antics of The Doors, and especially Jim Morrison, have been unsurpassed by any band.

Most Rock Band worthy song:

Not to mention...Backdoor Man, People Are Strange, and Spanish Caravan
Question: What's more important to you in a Rock Band song? Fun to play or fun to listen to?

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