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Xzeon's blog

5:31 AM on 03.23.2009

DSi and Nintendo

Well I thought about something to blog about. Sorry if its not very good or if I messed something up. Anyways...

is it worth it? There was no reason to get rid of the GBA slot at all. I think Nintendo just wants to leave it behind. Wich begs the qustion, do I want to feed the monster? Why the hell would you take out the GBA slot when your Guitar Hero, a game selling like sugar cookies imbued with the cure for cancer, NEEDS it to play!!!! I'm also getting very angry with having to get a new DS every year. Why do we need a new version of your handheld every year! Game Boy did it, thers like 4 version of the Game Boy Advance and now a second version of the DS, I just got my DSlite and its allready outdated. Then with the Wii... nothing remotely good since Brawl... well maybe Madworld but jeez. Nintendo was on top becuase of amazing first party titles. Now what do we get? Gamecube rehash and more minigame/casual/oddball garbage. Ive been loyal since the Super Nintendo and this is what I get? WTF NINTENDO!

Why do I want the DSi anyway? Because they improved the DSlite just enough to warrant getting it. I like the new look and feautres, and Ill have my Lite still.
I dunno, what should I do? At this point I dont know if I even want another Nintendo product. But the DS still has amazing games coming out...

I gusse Im wondering what do you guys think, Is it worth getting the DSi?

Uh, sorry again if this is like, not what your supposed to post on Destructoid. And sorry if this appears twice I dont know how to workd this site yet.   read

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