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5:51 AM on 07.10.2012


Once upon a time, starting up a game was a simple task; you placed the cartridge into the machine, pressed Power and pushed a button on the controller to get started.

That's all there was to it.


I have a Wii, which I barely touch and to this day I cannot find a reason to get a PS3 as its exclusive games simply do not appeal to me.

I'll focus on the Xbox 360 for this example; It is my main video game console, yet it manages to exemplify everything that I hate about the modern era.


Let's say I feel like playing a few rounds of Pac-Man.

First, boot up the console. Wait for Xbox Live to register.
Now navigate ad-ridden menus until you get to 'my games'. Sort the list of XBLA titles to find Pac-Man.
Click it. Oh...a 4 MB update is needed. Okay,'s probably critical...
Wait for the game to restart, Choose a device between your hard drive or cloud saving.
AH Here we are! Pac-man!

Or not...

Unfortunately, this sort of abuse quickly became routine and I barely notice it anymore. They know they can get away with it, so they do it, which brings me to my next point!

I was dumb enough to even buy a Kinect. I hate myself for it but couldn't resist the promise of this peripheral.

In my mind, the Kinect could have brought us back to the years of 'Push Start', finally bridging the gap between my old-school gaming memories and the modern era!

In my utopian dream, I can simply walk in front of the Xbox, shout out a cordial 'Yo' to turn it on, have it
recognize me and allow me to enter a world of symbiosis with my console. Since even the most obscure games are updated every few weeks, SURELY they would release compatibility updates to add some Kinect functionality, right? No.

Again, you boot up the whole thing, hoping to experience a controller-free play session when suddenly, the Kinect ceases to register certain moves. The room's lighting is the same, everything in the room is in the same place it was last time but the Kinect simply decides that you should recalibrate it. And of course, to recalibrate it properly, you need to end your play session and grab a controller.

The Kinect doesn't liberate the player, it adds yet another burden to an already cluttered system.
I really thought it would be like having Jarvis from the Iron Man movies...


The only promise I can think of from a new Xbox is even more obstacles between me and the games I want to play and more ways to monetize pointless gimmicks.

Consoles used to be easy to use; sit on the couch, start it up and play till your eyes bleed.

As the Jimquisition pointed out, gaming on a PC is now simpler and arguably cheaper than console gaming, and that's all kinds of messed up.
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