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My name is..well it isn't but I'm going by Xhumation in this board.

I am a psychologist who happens to enjoy gaming a lot.

Fighting games, a solid story these are things that just make my day.

I've always wondered how playing games since the age of 4 has influenced my personality but I'd rather not think too hard about that.
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1.- [b]I worked in a psychiatric hospital for almost two years:[/b]
I'm a psychologist and for the first two years of my professional life I was tasked with preparing occupational
therapy for patients for patients of said hospital. I was in touch with some pretty interesting personalities and I
managed to come out with my sanity and some great experiences.

2.- I'm a writer
For the past 4 years I've been doing some freelance work for local newspapers and magazines. I'm more
well known for writing about the psychosocial implications of hard rock.

3.- I probably think too hard about comic books
I've been reading comic books since I was 8 (I'm 22 right now) and I keep wondering how they influenced my
life. I think that the Fantastic Four thought me the concept of family and that "Xavier's Dream" thought me to
be tolerant and respectful of my fellow man.

4.- I'm somewhat of a cliche
I live in Guadalajara, México. I love Futbol (soccer) particularly Club Deportivo Guadalajara A.C. and I had
dinner at a taco stand last night.

5.- I can die happy
I've seen my three favorite bands live. Black Sabbath, Judas Priest and Iron Maiden.

6.- I'm a victim of medical stupidity
5 years ago I was diagnosed with an unusual form of epilepsy that was causing me a speech impediment.
around 6 months ago another doctor discovered that I was never epileptic. The first doctor I saw was an idiot
that misdiagnosed me.

I was wrongly medicated for 5 years and 18 years of suffering from an speech impediment went away with 3
months of speech therapy, this also means that my voice changed when I was 22 which is just weird.

7.- I'm Straight Edge
Since I was medicated for so long I couldn't really drink or smoke. so I never really bothered and really have
no interest in it.

8.- I'm single
That one is for the ladies.

9.- Love and Shadow
"De amor y de sombra" (Of love and Shadow) by Isabel Allende is my favorite book ever. It's a paranormal,
political, historical love story.

10.- Apparently I'm a procrastinator.
I just realized that it took me almost a year to write my first Destructoid C-blog.[b]


-This C-blog was written while listening to Bloody Kisses by Type O Negative which is the sexiest metal
album ever.[img]

- Xhumation. is the name of a series of X-men stories I started writing when I was in high school

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